Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 11

{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 11

By:: .mhiz Vivian

” Hey Nicole “” Luna greeted,she dropped her bag

Took it again , without saying another word left for the dressing room

” Heyyyy babe” Nicole replied to Luna who kept on walking

” Are you okay Luna ?? Nicole asked but didn’t get any reply,instead Luna ignored her

About 30 minutes later …………..

” I’ll take you order sir ,what would you like to have ??? Luna asked still feeling a hit sad

” Just get me coffee ,,,

” If that’s all ,then give me a minute” Luna said leaving

” Spill it out girl …..I can see it ,,,it’s so obvious something is bothering you ,,?

” What is it ?? Or did you get bullied again?? Nicole asked

Just hearing that word ,Luna burst out in tears

” What’s the matter with you babe ….,,,, Did I say something??

She patted luna who cried on her shoulders

” It’s fine ,,,I promise I’ll teach those fools a big lesson,,don’t cry ,,,ya making me sad too ..,,,yunno how I hate seeing you cry huhh??

Sniffing Luna looked up at Nicole..,,,,then she smiled

” Nicole definitely wasn’t like her ,she was strong,,brave …she’s an iron lady …..

The memories of their high school days refreshed into her head

” How they became friends ,how Nicole would always protect her from bullies
She had really dealt with so many boys in school …..she was a girl so many boys feared back then in school”

” Have you ever liked someone?? Luna finally asked breaking the silence

” Let me think ,,,,I don’t think so ?? Why the question Luna ?? Nicole asked feeling suspicious

” Nothing just asking””” Luna replied

” That’s a big lie Luna ,,,,,you should know am your best friend..,,,,I know you say better than anyone I’m this world,,,,,,,

” Now spill it out ,,,,who’s the lucky guy ?? Nicole asked winking trying to tease her

Luna inhaled deeply as the thoughts of Daniel refresh back into her head

” I really think I like him ,,,,,but he seems cold towards me ..,,,,,,he helped me when I was in trouble Nicole….”

” He seems lonely,,,,I tried getting closer to him ,but he’s so mean ,,,,he doesn’t want me too

” I don’t know why he keeps helping me ..,,,,he had even helped me with his books the first day ,,,,,it was like he could read my mind ,,,,,and now I really like him ” Luna said almost in tears again

” Who’s that jerk making my Luna cry ?? Am gonna break him into half if I get him …,,,,he should be glad and happy my Luna likes him ,,he’s such an arrogant jerk !! Nicole said hitting the table hard

She felt like she could kill Daniel that instant

” Don’t worry Luna ..,,,, he’ll notice you okay ,,,,even if I don’t like him at all ,,,,,,just give him time he’ll like you ” Nicole said

” Now let’s go back to work ,,,, ohhhhh wait ….I forgot to ask “”
” Are they all handsome,,,,,,gist me a little Luna ,,,,,,how many cute guys did you meet there ,,,,rate them plssss”” Nicole begged while Luna laughed so hard

” Did you meet the heir to the B&M company,,, I heard he’s also a student there ,,,,ohhh I really wanna meet him ,,,,,I even heard he’s so so handsome,,,way handsome than the rest ,,,,””

” Incase if you meet him next time pls tell him I love him so much ,,,,,tell him your best friend loves him a lot ,,,,,,am a big fan plsssss” Nicole said while Luna kept on laughing

” You’re so obsessed with cute guys Nicole,,,,,I don’t think I have met him ,but if I do ,I’ll surely deliver the message Nicole”” Luna said

” Now let’s go back to work ,,,,,and enough of cute guys for today “” Luna said dragging Nicole away

” I don’t think I can ever get enough of them “”” Nicole said while both laughed


” Am home ,,,,,,”” skyle said hugging his nanny

” Go take a bath okay ,,,I’ll serve your food okay ??

” Thanks nanny ,,,love you “” skyle said as he blew a kiss

He sat on his bed ,,,,,
” Ouch ” skyle winced in pain as he treated his wounds

He had gotten injured a bit while helping Luna

Again he smiled thinking about her ……

” Skyle ,,,,aren’t you coming down ” he heard his nanny

” A minute nanny “” skyle said , bandaging his wound in a hurry

He was about leaving his room when his eyes caught hold of the picture he took that day

He raised it up ,stared at it again

” Looks so familiar” skyle said

He dropped it again and headed downstairs


” Dad am home “” Luna said

” Come eat dinner okay ,,,,it’s getting cold ,,,

” Give me a minute dad ,,,,wanna freshen up okay ,,,I’ll join you soon ” Luna said entering her room

” She took off her clothes,,,
Then looked at the shoes skyle had given her

” It’s beautiful,,,,” Luna said

” I guess he’s actually a nice guy “Luna said

Again her thoughts became occupied with Daniel

” Maybe I should tell him how I really feel about him ” Luna said ,,,

She left her room and headed downstairs

To be continued….

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