Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 1

{Academy for billionaires…but she’s poor}


He’s hot
He’s so damn cute …
He’s every ladies dream guy
He’s a bit of a spoilt brat but jovial
He’s the one and only heir of the richest billionaire all over the country

Skyle that’s his name……..

Skyle Brandon is a 19 years old student who attends Diamond high after high school
Yes he’s every ladies dream guy,but doesn’t like any lady

Now let’s meet Luna……18 years old lady who works as a waitress after high school

Her dad is the only family she got after her mother’s death

Unable to afford sending Luna to college…she works as a waitress

But luck smiles on her …… winning a scholarship into Diamond high which was sponsored by the B &M company…. skyle’s dad company

Diamond high is known for billionaires only ….but Luna fortunately finds herself in the school

Also we have the Kbc girls ( Kira ,Betty ,Cindy ) three best friends and school nusiance with the same arrogant characters

They are known for oppressing people…and getting away with their evil deeds ….they all come from a rich home especially Kira ……their presence brings trouble

Their leader Kira the smartest crushes on skyle so much

But after being admitted into Diamond high.luna encounters so much adventures ,pains and meets different people……….her pains becomes worst when she becomes the mortal enemy of the Kbc girls all because of skyle

How will she survive in Diamond high with so much pain which awaits her ……and so much truth behind her past ……..

Sooo how many likes and comments can I get in this story ..





{Academy for billionaires, but she’s poor)

Solely written by mhiz Vivian ??
Do not copy or repost …..‼️‼️‼️

Episode 01****

Luna pov
I woke up after hearing the annoying sound of my phone ring …..

” Ahhhhh” I screamed trying to hit the phone. But couldn’t……..where would o get money to buy I new one if I do

I picked up the call placing the phone on my ear
” Where the hell are you ….get your a*s over here now else the boss will skin you alive ” Nicole shouted so loud on the phone my ear drums nearly busted

Looking at the wall clock in my room ….I screamed….
” Oh my goodness,,,am late …God am so dead ”

Quickly taking my bath and brushing my teeth I ran out of the room

” Good morning Dad …..how was your night ” I said as I placed a soft kiss on his cheeks

Dad is all I got …..and more then anything I love him so much …more importantly,he loves me too a lot

Won’t you eat before you go ” Mr Richard asked his daughter

” Am so sorry dad but am so late ….I promise I won’t stay too long ..I’ll come back early and eat with you okay ”

I love you so much dad ……….you’re the best ” Luna shouted as she kept on running outside the house

” Hmmm what a daughter… always getting her way ” Mr Richard said as he smiled to himself sitting down to eat


May I take your orders pls ” Luna asked politely with a pen and a small book in her hand

” I’ll be right back ” she said with a smile on her face after taking the customer’s order


” Woahhhhh” student screamed praising skyle
” Go skyle ..go skyle..go skyle….” They kept on shouting while he danced professionally
Breaking with swag

He had this perfect dancing body ….which made ladies drool over him the more

Daniel sat down with his book while everything was happening……..

Talk of smart and brilliant………it’s Daniel..being the school best student has been his thing ……

He’s smart ..
But the silent type who doesn’t make friends…. and gets bullied by most of his mates most especially skyle …

“Kyle moved towards Daniel hitting his table so hard

” Can’t you for once leave your book and come have fun …..look at it bro ,this is the life …not this ??? He said closing the book while Daniel looked at him without saying a word to him

He stood up taking his book from skyle …..he left the classroom in peace without saying a word

While his mates laughed at him
” Fool ” that was skyle’s voice …..as he laughed too

” Hey Luna …can’t believe the B &M company sponsoring scholarship for students willing to make it to Diamond high

” Do you know what this means ???? Nicole asked excited

” What ?? Luna asked feeling interested after hearing the word scholarship

” You get to meet so much handsome guys of your choice…not only that ….. billionaires they are all billionaire….for me ,it will be a dream come true ” Nicole said as she kept on imagining herself in Diamond high

Luna shaking her head looked at her friend in a pitiful manner

” Keep on dreaming Nicole ….do you think billionaires are meant for us ….they won’t even be able to stand the sight of our background talkless of our us ……just forget about that dream cause it’s not gonna happen” Luna said standing up to continue her job

” Am not gonna stop dreaming Luna ….I won’t …..” Nicole shouted while Luna walked away

” Yeah whatever Nicole ” Luna said leaving

” Dad am home ” that was Luna’s voice as she greeted her dad ……

” Am so hungry dad…. anything at home ???

” Don’t you trust dad anymore” Mr Richard said to his daughter

” Ohh I do dad …I loveeeeee yoouuuu” Luna shouted running towards the kitchen to dish her meal

” Dad ….I wanna discuss something with you ,I wanna apply for a scholarship dad …I really wanna make it to college .I wanna continue my studies..just like what mom had always wanted for me dad ..plssss” Mr Richard heaved heavily.looking at Luna

She had forgotten to tell him that B & M were sponsoring the scholarship

” I wish your mom were here to see how you’ve grown to become a beauty” Mr Richard said silently to himself as he kept on looking at his daughter

” I support you Luna ….I want the best for you but it’s all because I don’t have money … sometimes I wish I do ,I would have made you a princess my dear ..cos you deserve it all ” he said holding his daughter

” It’s fine dad ….it isn’t your fault ….I still love you no matter what hmmmm? Luna said while Mr Richard nodded

Later it was bedtime…..
Luna stayed up a bit with her books reading so hard

After reading,she closed her books and faced the ceiling while on top of her bed

” DIAMOND HIGH here I come .. because am gonna make it ” she said and drifted off to sleep

To be continued……….

Written by mhiz Vivian…??
Do not copy or repost ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Much love ❤️❤️

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