Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 9

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) 😳


By Chioma Miracle

Lucas ( pov )

“ dad! ” I called walking into his home office. He was standing close to the window

He turned and smiled softly before walking to his chair and gestures me to sit.

“ you don’t really look worried about the news I told you ? ” Lucas asked curiously as to why he’s father seemed less worried about the news of Damon coming back

“ I’m to old to worry son. And besides I expected him to show up soon ” his father laughed loudly

“ but dad we’ve got to do something quickly before things get out hand ” I said placing my two hands on the table with a worried look

“ keep buying the shares… Leave the rest to me ” dad said calmly

“ leave the rest to you ?!.. but dad Damon mustn’t know your alive and besides I’m sacred Damon might know of my plans and I’m.scared of what he might do to me ”

Dad banged his hand on the table loudly. I flinched.

“ No son of mine is a coward.. I DAVID WILSON is not scared of anyone!.. so you shouldn’t be! ” dad growled

I nodded with frighten face.

I must confess I’m really scared of Damon. I only got into this mess cause of dad. I had no choice to than help him cause he has always been there for me when mum left us.

“ I’m sorry dad ” I apologise head bowed

Dad signs and nods with a frown

“ it’s fine.. you may leave now! ” he said as he stood up and walked to the window with his hands clutched back

I stood up slowly and turned as I left the office.

I mustn’t be a weakling.. I must be strong.. I can’t let dad down!.

Wendy ( pov )

I just finished talking with Ana over the phone. I just asked how’s Nicholas doing.

I’m currently at Damon’s Mansion.

I can’t possibly tell her what happened at Damon’s office… She’s really gonna freak out.

Can’t believe that asshole.. f✓✓k!

I got up and walked into the bathroom.. after few minutes I stepped out. I cleaned my body and wore my cloth

I felt so weak and tired!!

I fell on the queen size bed and slept off.


“ f✓✓k… Oh my God… Harder.. yeah baby.. harderrrr… Oh yeah baby….mmm.. your so sweet ”

I heard loud m®@ns in my ear.. what the hell?!!

I fluster my eyes open and sat up… I looked to the wall clock… 10:79pm

What?!! How long have I slept?!!

“ oh baby.. yeahhh… your tool is so big!!!.. deeper… Deeper.. faster!! ”

What’s that?!!

*Wait… Did Damon bring a sl✓t home?!.. I thought he’s crippled right?! or is it Jayden ?!*

Several thoughts ran in my head. I got up and walked out of the room. I got to Damon’s room… The bitch was really moan like a goat!

I scoffed

*He’s crippled but still fl`√t around.. pervert!!*

And this bitch won’t keep her voice low.. I can’t go home now… It’s late and this slut won’t let me sleep!

I got angry at them for making me lose my beauty sleep.. I turned the door knob and bragged in.


Damon ( pov )

The bitch was on me.. riding my rod out!.. yeah I’m crippled.. you don’t expect me to ride her


I must say her pothole is too sweet!… and she kept moaning my name out

I grabbed her two b**bs… Caressing it hard and touching her lips with the tip of my fingers

She’s so good at bed!.. I don’t even know her name.. just saw her and just a look at me.. she jumped on me

Haha!! all the ladies in country of London and worldwide! wanna have a taste of my big tool. Not minding if I’m crippled!

The door barged open and….. Huh?!


Wendy ( pov )

The bi*ch was riding on his di… Yuck I can’t even say it!! And she even looks like a doll!

“ hey you doll!!.. Will you keep your voice down and stop mo@ning like a goat! ” I yelled at her while she muffled like a cat

my eyes moved to Damon

“ ugly fat flowerhorn! ”

He was stared at me with a face of surprise and horror when I called him… * FLOWERHORN*

I eyed him and left immediately barging the door loudly

I felt the girl gasped inside the room. and when I got to mine.. I no longer heard any loud moans

I smiled widely as i picked my phone.. I texted Ana I won’t be coming home for the night.

I tossed my phone one side in the bed and slept off.

Ana ( pov )

I yawned sleepily as I walked down stairs towards the kitchen to drink water.

I just finished talking with wendy before Jayden called..

F✓✓k! He didn’t want to hang up.. I had too

I really enjoyed his company but I was already getting dizzy and I tried staying awake but couldn’t.

What ?! Nicholas?! Crying?!

I quickly rushed to Nicholas.. he was Sitted in a Conner of the kitchen on the floor

His head on the wall.. he was weeping quitly

“ oh my God Nicholas… What’s wrong ?! ” I panicked as I hugged him tightly

He held me and wept into my chest.

“ aunty Ana I miss mummy ” he said in cracking voice

“ awwnn baby boy.. mum just gone for one night okay.. she’s coming tommorow morning.. she couldn’t make it tonight.. I’m sorry ” I said in a sad tone as I desengaged and wiped his eyes

He’s sniffed

“ aunty ever since mummy got a job.. she no longer have time for me.. I miss her every moment.. I missed her goodnight kisses and storytales” he sniffs

“ ever since she started working.. she no longer stays home…this making it second night she’s not sleeping at home and I’m beginning to get sad about it… I’m sorry if I’m being selfish.. I.. I ..know.. she’s doing it for my own sake ” he added in a cracking voice

I felt a tear drop on my laps

Fuck! I didn’t know I was crying as well!… I quickly wiped my eyes as I also cleaned his face

“ come.follow me ” I said as I held him up.. we walked upstairs towards his bedroom..

I laid him on his bed and laid beside him. I cuddle him

While he signed deeply

“ Nicholas baby.. please don’t get angry at mummy okay.. don’t worry I will talk to her okay.. but that’s if you promise not to cry next time.. ” I said lowly

“ I promise aunty I won’t cry next time ” he said more like a wisper

I smiled

“ that’s my baby boy… and if mum is busy.. aunty is always here for you okay.. if you need anything.. just let me know okay? ” I said sweetly

He nods

I smiled as I sang Disney song * moana* was his favorite

Before I knew it… He already fell asleep. I signed sadly as I watched him sleep.

A low yawn escaped my lips as I slept off as well.


Awwnn Nicholas … Thanks Ana. For being there for him 🥺♥️

Damon don see fire for Wendy hand 😂

So David is Lucas father 🤔😏

Click on the link for episode 10👇👇👇👇



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