Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 8

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) 😳 πŸ”ž


By Chioma Miracle

Wendy ( pov ) πŸ’…

I’m so dead!!!

Oh no no… no.. I didnt mean to say that!!

I can’t even look at him right now but I know his gaze is on me!

I didnt mean to call him a *jerk*

β€œ Wendy… ” he called in a calm tone

Uh?!…um .. I expected him to shout or yell at me!

I opened my eyes slowly as I stared scaredly at him.

He gestures me with his fingers to come forward

β€œ my food please.. I’m hungry ” he said again calmly

Wait!! What?!

Did Damon Davis just?!!… No way!!

I must go to church on sunday and give thanks giving for this miracle!!.

I moved slowly towards him.. I got to the table and placed the lunch box on the table as I brought out the food

I felt his gaze on me.. But I tried hard not to stare at him

I opened the food and moved it to his front while dropping the cutlery by the side

He clear his throat as he moved his eyes to the food and grabbed the spoon

Taking a mouthful of rice and salad.



Damon ( pov )

She dare call me a *jerk*

I’m so gonna teach her a lesson she will never forget!

I took a mouthful of spoon rice into my mouth.

Fuck! This so delicious!

I’m so hungry!

Can I ever carry out my plan with this delicacy.

No way! I must show her who’s the boss here!

I carried the plate of rice and pour it on her face.

β€œ WHAT THE FUCK?!!.. are you crazy you FLOWER HORN!!” she yelled as she held her eyes tightly…. seemed the rice got into her eyes

Wait.. What did she just call me?!!

FLOWER HORN!!… What the hell?!!

Wendy ( pov )πŸ’…

What the fuck?!! He poured the rice on my face!

My whole stress of cooking and… No way!!

I wiped the rice off my eyes as I glared hard at him.

He’s face was kind of expressionless.. He’s a devil!

I regret coming here!

β€œ what did you just call me ? ” he growled coldly

β€œ flower horn! ” I snapped at him angrily

β€œ your a big ugly flower horn!! ” I yelled at his face as he flinched

β€œ take that back! ” he grabbed my arm roughly

I jerked his hands off

β€œ never! ” I yelled again as I turned and walked out of his office.



Damon ( pov )

What just happened ?

How dare she call me a flower horn?!!!

Big ugly flower horn!!

I’m not ugly neither a flower horn!

I’m so gonna make her pay for this!!

I think I’m being too soft on her too much.

I said angrily clutching my fist tightly as I grabbed the telephone on my table

β€œ tigress come clean this mess now!! ” I yelled into the phone as I hanged up immediately



Lucas ( pov )

β€œ hello dad ” I called placing the phone on my right ear while the other on my waist as I stared outside the window

I’m currently in my office

β€œ hello son.. how are you doing ? ” dad replied calmly over the phone

I heard the door opened and I turned to see my PA walking in with a file in her hands… I glared at her

She quickly bowed apologically and left shutting the door behind her

I walked to my office chair and sank into it with a loud sign

β€œ I’m not fine father ” I replied worriedly

β€œ why.. What’s wrong ? ”

β€œ Damon is back! ” I yelled

There was few minutes silence.

β€œ what do you mean Damon is back?… Are you sure ?.. have you confirmed it ? ” his father asked anxiously

β€œ yes father.. I personally confirmed it ”

β€œ what?!.. look I want to see you now! ” dad growled over the phone

β€œ bu.. But dad … ”

β€œ no but Lucas.. I want to see you now! ” his father hanged up

β€œ Fuck! I wanted to tell him I won’t be able to come now.. I’d wanted to spend some time with Wendy!.. oh shit!.. what I’m I gonna do now! ” I groaned.. roughening my hair frustratedly



ANA ( pov )

β€œ here we are! ” jayden announced with a grin as he stepped out of the car

I stepped out of the car slowly as I closed the car door

I walked to his front with a smile… We are just coming back from Nicholas’s school and he decided to drop me back at home

Such a gentle man!

β€œ thank you jayden ” I said smiling nervously

He chuckled

β€œ your welcome princess.. ”

β€œ so where are you off to now ? ” I asked staring at him

β€œ um uh.. I’m going to the office now ” he said tucking his two hands into his pockets

β€œ alright ” I nod.

β€œ I will be leaving now… I’m gonna give you a call tonight okay ” he said as he rubbed my right shoulder softly

I blushed.

β€œ alright do take care ”

β€œ sure I will.. and my regards to Nicholas when he’s back from school ” he said as he turned and hop into his car

He ignited the car and wink at me before driving out of the compound.

I signed softly as i turned and walked back into the house.



Damon and Wendy ooo πŸ’”πŸ˜‚

Damon don see im match Sha πŸ˜‚

Lucas 😐

Jayden and Ana hope is not what I’m thinking πŸ₯°

Click on the link for episode 9πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


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