Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 7

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s husband ) 😳🔞


By Chioma Miracle

Wendy ( pov ) ❣

“ Hi Lucas!.. it quite ages ” I said smiling as I placed the phone on my right ear

“ yeah baby girl. how are you doing ? ” Lucas asked over the phone

“ I’m fine… I’m fine ” I replied as I sat on the chair in the dining.

“ I no longer see you at the coffee shop.. Why ? ”

I signed rubbing my forehead

“ you know why Lucas … I don’t need to start explaining ” I said tucking my hair behind my ears

“ Wendy have told you several times.. Accept this job I’m offering you please ”

“ no Lucas… No need for that.. And besides I already got a job ”

“ really ?! ”

“ yes Lucas ”

“ tell me about it ”

“ when we see.. I have to go now ” I said standing up from the chair

“ uh.. alright.. Let’s hangout at French fries classic restaurant later in the day okay ? ”

“ no problem… Bye ” I said as I hang up

Lucas is a very good friend of mine. One day I worked late at the coffee shop and couldn’t get a cab.

Fortunately he showed up and gave me a ride home.

And we became close friends and he knew how my boss tried taking advantage of me

He even saved me from a drunk rapist one night at a club… Oh my Lucas.. He’s handsome but Damon beat him to it!

Okay… why I’m I comparing both and besides Damon is too rude and arrogant!

I tossed the phone on the dining table as I walked back to the kitchen to finish up with the food I was preparing.


Jayden opened the door as they stepped out of the conference room.

While tigress trialed behind them.. Here is the thing

Tigress is personal assistant to Damon.

“ where are we headed. Mr Damon ? ” tigress asked as she stared at him

“ third floor! ”

Tigress moved quickly to the front and pressed the elevator button. They walked in and waited as it moved down.

Few minutes it stopped and the door opened. Tigress stepped out as jayden rolled Damon out.

“ your dismissed tigress.. Jayden take me to the office ” Damon said while typing on his phone.

Tigress bowed and left. While jayden rolled Damon towards the office

He opened the door and stepped in. He closed the door behind him.

He rolled Damon towards his office chair and held his hands as he sat on the office chair with a low grunt.

“ you haven’t said a word jayden.. what’s wrong ? ” Damon asked as he typed on the computer in front of him

“ nothing Damon. I’m just tired ” jayden said weakly while rubbing his forehead

“ sorry.. You may leave now ” Damon said staring at jayden

“ alright ” Jayden replied as he nods and steps out of the office

Jayden ( pov )

“ ugh my body hurts.. ” jayden whins massaging his neck with his palms

He stopped as if recalling something

“ Ana asked me to pick her up at home and I really need to go to the office for something urgent.. Fuck! ” he cursed under his breath

As he continued walking… He bummed into someone and he fell on the floor

“ oh my God!.. sorry miss ” he quickly looked up as he saw Wendy staring at him with shock

“ we…Wendy!.. What are you doing here ? ” he asked arching his eyes brows

“ um jay..jayden I came to give Damon some food ” she shutters as she bent her head low

Jayden chuckled

“ alright… His office is towards there ” he pointed at a conner as he quickly stood up

“ is he in ? ” she asked raised an eye brow

Jayden nods

“ sure.. He’s in.. See you later ” he taps her shoulder and left quickly

Wendy signed nervously as she walks towards the door

she knocked twice and waited for a response but got none.

“ what are you doing ?! ”

Wendy heard someone said in a harsh tone and turned to see a pretty lady standing in front of her

“ um.. Uh.. Sorry… I’m here to see Damon ”

The lady scoffed

“ what are you to Damon?! ” the lady asked coldly

Okay what’s wrong with her attitudes?!

She’s rude!! she doesn’t know what I’m capable of! Wendy yelled angrily in her head

“ ask your past generations! ” Wendy replied with a smirk

She could see anger flash through the pretty lady eyes

That serves her right! she scoffed

“ come in! ” she heard a cold voice inside

She turned to the door and heaved a sign as she pushed the door opened

she saw Damon staring at the computer

Even in office wear.. He looked so sexy!!

She turned to close the door and smirked at the pretty lady before closing the door at her.

Tigress ( pov )

“ who does she thinks she is huh?! ” I gritted my teeth in anger

“ how Dare she talk to me like that?!.. I wonder the kind of relationship she has with Damon!..” i clutched her fists tightly in hatred

“ Damon never entertain any female visitors.. Then how did she manage to get through him?!.. I must carry out my plan before she takes what’s rightfully mine! ” I smirked widely as I left the office door.

Damon ( pov )

I knew she was the one. The new maid!

But I pretended like I didn’t know cause I stared focused at the computer in front of me

I must say she was one carzy.. I had always wonder where jayden got to pick Someone strong headed as her.

The only person who has the guts to called me ” punk ”

I was really surprised that night but didnt show it.

Thats why I punished her by waking her up by 2am and I could see the dizziness in her eyes

but I don’t care!… Damon never cares for anyone or anything!

And I must quite confess. she’s a pretty one!… curvy, round big butts and sexy lips which I felt like crashing my lips on hers anytime I see her.

Fuck Damon stop thinking dirty!

Tho yeah I maybe crippled but I’m flirty… Lots of girls fall for me and I don’t mind giving them what they want!


Wendy ( pov )

I stood staring at him as he typed on his computer not even a little glance at me


“ ma…master ” I shuttered as my hand tightened on the lunch box I was holding

Why I’m I feeling this way whenever I’m with him

“ yes ” he replied still typing at his computer

“ umm ” I gluped my throat

“ I brought you food ” I said as he snapped his head towards me

“ Wendy…” he called

“ yes Mastar ” I replied nervously head bent

“ what are you doing? ” he asked coldly

I shot him a stare

“ huh?!… Um i.. I brought you food Master ”

Fuck! why I’m I shuttering

“ I didn’t ask for it! ” he growled banging his hand on the table

I flinched

Wait why is he getting angry all of a sudden!

“ stop begin a jerk!!.. I only thought you might be hungry that’s why I brought you something huh!! ” I said glaring at him

Wait.. What?!…when did I say that??!!

oh no!!

He looks so scary now!

Shoot me.. I’m DEAD!!

Wendy your mouth don put you for trouble 😫

So Lucas and Wendy knew each wella… Isn’t that wonderful 😬

This tigress sef 🤯

Click on the link for episode 8 👇👇👇



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