Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 6

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) ??


By Chioma Miracle


Wendy walked out of the bathroom towards the closet to dress up

Few minutes she stepped out dressed in plain black gown… she walks towards the dressing mirror

She packed her hair ponytail and applied little lipgloss on her lips

she picked her black purse and left the room.

“ mummy!! ” Nicholas called happily as he ran to hug his mother.

“ awwnn my sweet baby boy ” Wendy hugged him tightly as they both giggled

They desengaged after few minutes.

“ how’s my prince doing ?! ”

“ fine mummy.. how was work mummy ?”

Wendy furrowed her eyes brows in confusion. How did Nicholas knew she’s got a job

Nicholas noticed her curiousity and chuckled

“ aunty told me ” he said smiling

“ aunty told you what ?! ”

“ aunty told me your working.. you’ve got a job ”

Wendy mouthed an “ oh ”

“ where’s Ana ? ” she asked staring at him while holding his arm

Nicholas pointed towards the kitchen…

“ I’m here baby girl.. come eat before you leave for work ” Ana said smiling widely as she dropped sandwich and fries on the dining table

Nicholas and Wendy walks towards the dining and sat down as they both picked up their plate and cutlery to dish out their food

Ana sat beside down facing Nicholas

“ um Ana please I’m gonna send you some dollars to pay Nicholas’s fees today…..” Wendy said as she poured some juice for Nicholas

“ no problem ma’am. at your service always.. Jayden will be coming to pick me up later so we will both go to Nicholas’s school together ” Ana said as she picked her phone up on the table typing something on it

Wendy stared at her and rolled her eyes

“ Jayden ? ” she asked in a mocking tone as she averted her eyes to food in front of her

“ yes… Why ? ” Ana asked arching her eyes brows staring at Wendy

“ nothing ma’am ” Wendy chuckled

Ana scoffed and rolled her eyes


The company was cool and calm as everyone was discussing and smiling

The receptionist was busy discussing with some few staffs as they all laughed loudly and hitting each other’s arms playfully

A lady dressed in a plain office wear approaches them with head raised high and walking majestically towards the receptionist and few staffs

“ tigress is coming ” one of them wispered as they all averted their eyes to the lady who got to them and smirked

“ don’t you guys have work to do or than to gossips?! ” she yelled but they ignored her as few scoffed at her.

“ you ain’t the boss so quit pretending like your one! ” one of the female staffs snapped at tigress who’s face has changed into a cold one.

“ really?… you Kno…….”

“ BOSS IS COMING!! ” one of the staffs shouts to the hearing of everyone in the company as they all despatch quickly off to their duty posts

Some rearranging their files and documents needed to be arrange on the table

While does who dressed indecently started adjusting their clothes properly and some females packing their hair in ponytail

Tigress smirked as she looked over to the receptionist table and found the staffs already long gone.

She shook her head left and right as she turned cat – walking towards the boss.

?“ gosh boss is back?! ”

?“I hope he doesn’t fire me ”

?“shoot me.. I’m dead! ”

Damon was sitted on his wheelchair leg crossed as he was seen dressed in a complete cooperate black suit and black sunglass with his chin rested on his palm keeping a cold face.

He looked across each and everyone as everyone was standing head bent.

Jayden stood behind him as he’s hands were on the wheelchair handle. While few securities were behind them.

“ Mr Damon! ” tirgress said as she bow professionally with a smile plastered on her face

Damon ignored her as he’s eyes roamed around

“ you….! ” he pointed towards a staff

“ you!… and you! ” he pointed two more

“ your fired! ” he said coldly as the staffs gasped

Damon gestures his hands up to Jaden

“ Jayden… ” he called lowly as Jayden signed softly

He rolled Damon towards his office while tigress and the securities trial behind them.

Wendy ( pov )

I arrived at Damon’s home and was told by the securities he went to the office.

I decided to do something to keep myself busy.. the house was already clean and sparkling but I still did some few clean up

After which I went into the kitchen to make some food and an ideal stuck into me

I decided taking it to his office.. who knows if he’s hungry and hadn’t taken anything

But wait… What?!

Why do I fucking care if he’s hungry or not?!!

Geez this so frustrating!!!

I roughen my hair as I began some food preparation.

I heard my phone ringing as I went back to the dining to pick it up and I looked at the screen


Hmm what relationship is between Lucas and Wendy ?

Wahala oo Damon ?

Click on the link for episode 7???



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