Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 5

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) 😳 🔞


By Chioma Miracle


“ oh my God! Wendy!! ” Ana exclaimed as she sighted Wendy stepping into the sitting room

“ fuck!. My head aches so much! ” Wendy whine s as she slumps on the cushion close to her

Ana ran into the kitchen to get her a glass of water

“ ahh! my head! ”

“ here take some water ” Ana offered as she approaches Wendy

Wendy took the glass of water and gluped it once. she signed heavily

“ thanks Ana ”

“ it’s fine.. uh Why ? you look weak and tired ” Ana asked worriedly

Wendy chuckled softly as she began telling Ana what transpired between her and Damon

Ana opened her mouth wide with shock.

“ what the fuck?!” Ana exclaimed angrily as she stood up

“ I’m so gonna kick his ass and break his spinal cord.. how could he do such to you huh?! ” she yelled furiously roughening her hair

Wendy stood up and walked closer to her and held her arm

“ forget it Ana. Remember I’m doing this all for Nicholas okay ” Wendy said softly

“ so?!” snapped Ana as she scoffed loudly

“ your not the reason he’s crippled okay.. so why is he begin a pain in ass huh?! ” she yelled again

“ you know what I’m gonna go his place right now and finish off his two legs and he’s be bedridden.. maybe then he will learn how to be nice to people! ” Ana tries running out of the door

“ Ana. Calm down please okay….” Wendy pleaded as she quickly held Ana back

“ why are you defending him?!… this not the Wendy I know of.. tell me why are you defending him ?! ” Ana asked curiously as she stared at Wendy with a big frown

Wendy signed

“ I’m not defending him Ana. I just don’t want to get fired… you know how much I met through before you helped me out with opportunity.. I don’t want to loose it okay ”

Ana spank her forehead hard and rubbed it softly… She signed and shot Ana a stare

Wendy knew how Ana can be cool outside but inside she doesn’t take a shit from anyone who tries to hurt her in anyway

“ go upstairs and take a rest.. I will make lunch now okay ” Ana said as Wendy nods

She picked her purse on the chair and left for her room.


He walked around the penthouse.. his hands clutched at his back.

The securities bow at him as he stood looking around the penthouse and smirked

“ father! ”

He heard a voice and turned.

“ son!…. Your here ? ” he smiled as they both brief hugged

“ yes father… how are you doing ? ” they desengaged

“ I’m fine.. I’m fine.. ” he laughed softly

The son chuckled.

“ so how’s the FORSE enterprise… Damon’s not yet coming to the office ? ” he asked curiously

“ the FORSE enterprise is going well father and Damon’s not yet coming the office.. and I’m already begining to buy the shares of the company secretly ”

The man nods in satisfaction

“ before some few shares I will be able to overthrow him father and become the CEO of the company ” the son added proudly and determined

The man laughed sarcastically and patted his son back

“ great!.. just great!!.. your doing well son! ” he remarked

“ thanks father….” his son smiled as he bow lowly

“ uh but?!… you seems to forget something Lucas? ” he frowned

“ What’s it father ? ” Lucas asked curiously with arching eyes brows

“ you must not let Wendy and Damon meet each other.. you know what that mean right ?!” ”

“ oh! yes father.. I know.. i know… and I’m also working on that… so don’t worry much ”

The man nods severally

“ I’d would like to take my leave now father ” Lucas bowed

His father gestures him to go ahead

He walked hurriedly towards the parking lot while his father stared at him.

The man laughed creepily

“ just soon enough… everything will be under my control ” he smirked widely

He turned walking towards the house while his securities trails behind him


“ Damon I’m tired can I go and sleep now ?! ” Jayden cried out

He’s been helping Damon at his home office for hours none stop

“ no! ” Damon snapped at him and shot him a hard stern and looked away

“ for goodness sake I need rest huh!.. and I’m hungry! ” Jayden whines

“ glutton! ” Damon cursed still staring at the computer in front of him

“ I’m not! ” Jayden snapped faking anger

Damon chuckled softly and immediately wore a n expressionless face.

“ fuck! ” Jayden cursed as he exhaled and inhaled deeply.

He shot Damon a stare as if recalling something.

“ Damon don’t you think David is still alive ? ” he asked curiously

“ He is ” Damon answered shortly still staring at the computer.

“ huh?!.. he’s still alive?! then why ain’t you doing anything about it?! ” he asked curiously as to why Damon ain’t doing anything about his arc enemy

As far as he knows David killed Damon’s father and raped his mother to death right at Damon’s presence when he was just 16!

The police came lately as David already escaped with his men at the sound of the police vans and knocked Damon out with a gun.

David was shot by unknown gunmen and was buried few days later and…….

“ what are you thinking little prick?! ” Damon asked typing on his computer

Jolting Jayden out his thoughts

“ yo…you…yu…you asshole!… my stuff is big huh! ” Jayden shutters with a face of horror

“ really? ” Damon looked at him and smirked widely

“ yes! ” Jayden snapped at him throwing his arms wide dramatically.

Damon shook his head left and right at Jayden

“ show me boy ” he said smirking at Jayden who’s face has turned pale with shock

“ da..da..Damon yo…you… fuck you! ” he yelled standing up

“ I want to use the restroom excuse me ” he said faking anger as he left the home office and barged the door hard

Damon flinched pretentiously as if afraid and chuckled softly as his trailed back to the computer in front of him and started replying some few emails.

Ana get crazy too for head too oo 😂😪


Damon and Jayden Sha 😂😂😂😂😂

Click on the link for episode 6👇👇👇



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