Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 4

CRIPPLED CEO ( He’s my husband ) 😳


By Chioma Miracle


“ good morning aunty Ana ” Nicholas greeted sleepily as he came down the stairs towards Ana who was watching the TV in the sitting room

“ morning Nico.. come sit with me ” Ana gestures with smiles

Nico strolled towards her and sat beside her. He rested his small head on her shoulder

“ aunty where’s mummy ? ” he asked curiously

Ana signed as she stared at the TV.

She was expecting Wendy’s call but got none yester-night and didn’t know when she slept off

“ um nico… Mummy went to work ”

Nicholas raised his head and shot her a surprise stare

“ uh Aunty mum’s got a job now ?! ”

“ yes my cupcake”

” yeahhh!! … Mummy’s got a job now!! ” he raised his little hands up and got down the cushion jumping happily

Ana chuckled softly while staring at his dramatic dance steps.

He suddenly stopped and shot her stare.

“ what’s wrong Nicholas ?…. Why frowning ? ” Ana furrowed her eyes brows in confusion

“ why isn’t mum back yet aunty ?… It’s being long she left I guess and it’s Sunday today ” he said in a confused tone.

Ana tilted her head one side.

Nicholas is right? Ana should be home by now right ?… Hope nothing went wrong.. she wondered worriedly

“ aunty ? ” Nicholas tapped her

She gasped… And signed deeply… She was lost

“ um nico.. go upstairs.. I will call Wendy now.. don’t worry she’s fine okay ” she assured roughen his hair

Nicholas nod and ran upstairs. Ana picked her phone to call Wendy.


“ Wendy!!.. Wendy wake up! ”

“ hmmm” wendy hummed sleepily… She flustered her eyes open slowly as she raised her head

She rubbed her eyes sleepily as she took in her environment only to see Jayden staring at her worriedly.

She jumped on her feet immediately

gracious lord!… She slept on the dining

“ um.. um… Jay… Jayden I didn’t mean to sleep on the dining.. I.. I… I’m sorry ” she apologized embarrassedly

Jayden looked away and signed heavily before staring back at her.

“ Wendy why did you sleep on the dining.?.. for Christ sake there’s lots of room upstairs which you could lay for the night! … And you shouldn’t be apologising.. I’m not angry or offended.. I’m just worried ” he said concernly

Wendy heaved a sign as she sat down back on the chair clutching her head between her palms

Her head hurts!

“ do you mind telling me why you slept here ? ” he asked curiously

Wendy tilted head left to right

“ no..nothing Jayden… I..i… I just didn’t know when I slept off here ” she shutters

Jayden stared at her eyes to look for lies but couldn’t find none. He nods

“ you can go home and come back later okay.. you need some rest.. Ana tried your number but was not going through so she called me and I had to rush down here ” he said as he brought out his phone typing on it.

Wendy nods.

“ okay ” she replied lowly as she walked upstairs or get her purse.

She passed through Damon’s door. She recalled last night event and waved it off as she trolled off.

Jayden ( pov )

“ fuck I was sacred Damon might have hurt her” I said mentally as I locked my phone screen and heaved a sign

I turned and walked upstairs towards Damon’s room.

I met him lying on his bed staring into the space on the floor expressionlessly

“ Damon ” I called lowly as he lifted his head up and smiled softly

“ I thought your in office already ”

“ cut if off Damon. Today is Sunday. Was thinking it’s Monday ” I replied with a scoff as moved closer towards him.

I held his hands as I helped him sat on his wheelchair.

I rolled him slowly towards the window to have a view.

He loves watching the garden through the window Every morning.

“ the maid ?” he asked still staring at the garden through the window

“ she left ” I blunt out. He shot me a cold stare

I shivered as he’s eyes were really scary

What’sup with him and his maid.?.. Damon never asks about anyone or anything!

“ why ? ” he asked with a deep frown

“ uh.. don’t get me wrong. She only left to take a rest since it’s Sunday.. she’s still coming back to work or do you want to fire her ? ” I asked Arching my eyes brows

“ no! ” he snapped at me. I flinched

“ o- okay ” I replied looking away.

Something is strange with Damon.. he behaves differently now.

“ you’ve got to stay here tonight.. I will be going to the office tommorow ”

I shot him a surprise look

“ off…office ?!… Damon your going to office to.. tommorow ?! ” I asked not sure of what I heard just now.

He nods still staring at the garden.

huh?!… When last did Damon go to the office?! Let’s say months now!

“ okay.. I.. I… Will go make you coffee now ” I said lowly as I left the room

I felt him sign before closing the door behind me

this doesn’t look good … I thought hard as I walked towards the kitchen

Hmm Damon wentin do you ? 😏

Wendy sorry dear for the stress 😪

Awwn Nicholas is happy for his momma 🙈🤗

Click on the link for episode 5👇👇👇👇



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