Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 3

THE CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband )


By Chioma Miracle

Authoress pov 💅

“ Ana!… Ana!! ” I called banging into the sitting room and rushed towards the upstairs.


“ mummy. you’re back ? ”

I heard Nicholas voice halfway and turned back to see him standing close to the downstairs. I walked back towards him

“ hi baby. I didn’t see you when I came in. where were you? ”

“ I was here watching movie. you were in rush so you didn’t take notice of me. hope no problem mummy ”

“ awwnn. no my love ” I moved closer to him and pecked his cheeks

“ where’s Ana ?” I asked arching my eyes brows

“ in her room sleeping. it’s best you don’t wake her up. she seem so tired after coming back from work mummy ” Nicholas said with a concern look.

Wendy smiled.

“ don’t worry cupcake. just go ahead and watch your cartoon okay. mummy will join you in few minutes ” I said roughening his hair as I turned and ran upstairs towards the room

I turned the door knob. opened it and walked into the room only to see Ana sleeping and snoring softly

I shooked my head left and right as I closed the door.. I walked towards the bed and tapped her softly on her back

“ Ana.. Ana.. wake up.. ”

“ hmm ” she hummed sleepily as she sat up slowly signing and rubbing her eyes

I sat beside her on the bed.

“ I’m sorry for waking you up ”

“ no it’s fine Wendy ” she replied smiling sleepily.

I now regret waking her up. she looks tired. But I’m so curious about the job she was talking about and the boss

Damon Davis?!

The popular young billionaire here in London and worldwide!

Who doesn’t know him.

“ um Ana you were saying something on the phone ” I said staring at her

“ oh yeah. Job!.. you will be working as Damon’s personal maid. I don’t really know how to explain things but his best friend Jayden will be here any moment to come pick you up ”

I gasped loudly

I will be leaving for Damon’s house any moment from now ?!

I guess Ana noticed my uneasiness

“ Wendy you don’t need to be scared okay. I heard how the popular Damon Davis is handsome but cold and arrogant!. but you’ve got to endure it and I believe you can handle him ”

I scoffed

*Who’s Sacred of him?*… *I’m not scared of anyone* I said mentally

“ I’m not scared Ana. I’m just surprised I will be leaving so soon. but what about Nicholas ? ”

Ana shot me a stare and smacked my forehead

“ ouch Ana. That hurts ” I whin rubbing my forehead trying to ease the pain.

“ how can you be worried about Nico. When I’m here. you don’t need to be worried about him Wendy. I’m gonna take good care of him and besides he’s like a son to me and your also trying to do your responsibility as his mother ” Ana said softly

Wendy smiled weakly. She moved closer to Ana and gave her a hug whispering * thank you for Everything *

Ana’s phone rang and they desengaged. She picked her phone up – Jayden

She declined the call and sent him a text instead.

* I will join you soon in two minutes* …. She turned to Wendy who was staring at her

“ you’ve got to get ready now.. Damon’s friend is here to pick you up ” Ana said as she stood up from the bed

“ alright ” wendy replied as she rushed to the bathroom to freshen up.

Ten minutes later. she was done and she rushed downstairs. she couldn’t find Nicholas. She rushed to his room and met him on his bed sleeping

She smiled and walked over to his bed and pecked his forehead. She signed as she turned and left the room closing the door quietly behind her.


“ she will be here soon.. sorry for the delay ” Ana apologized as Jayden shook his head and smiled.

“ it’s fine Ana ” he replied as they stared at each other in silence.

They heard someone cleared the throat as they quickly looked away and turned to Wendy who stood akimbo watching the two love birds

“ hope I’m not being a kill joy ” she teased

They chuckled shyly.

Geez what the fuck!… she looks so hot and curvy! Jayden exclaimed mentally as he looked away when he discovered he stared at her too much.

“ um Jayden this my best friend.. no not best friend.. sister.. my elder sister Wendy!.. Wendy meet Jayden ” Ana introduced

Jayden and Wendy shooked hands briefly and smiled at each other.

“ it’s nice to meet you miss Wendy ”

“ same Jayden ”

“ uh Ana. We will be leaving now.. I’m gonna call you later okay ” Jayden said as he turned to Ana who nodded.

Wendy turned and gave Ana a brief hug before walking towards the other side of the car and hop in.

Jayden hop in as well as he drove out of the compound.


“ incredible! ” escaped Wendy’s lips as Jayden drove into Damon’s mansion

Jayden parked at the parking alot as they both alighted from the car. The securities all bowed

Oh em gee! This paradise oh earth!!

What would you expect from a man like Damon Davis!

No wonder Damon’s mansion has been the talk of the city.

I opened my mouth in bemusement as I looked around the mansion.

Just the external appearance is great!.. I wonder how the interior would be.

I heard Jayden chuckled as he walked towards me and gestures me in.

I nod as I walked behind him towards the house.

We got to the the door and it automatically opened after Jayden pressed the password.

We walked into the dazzling and spacious sitting room.

Jayden turned to me and whispered;

* Ana already sent me your account details.. you will receive your $7000 payment monthly in the morning! *

I stared with mouth open wide.. $7000!.. I’m so rich!

I nod which he returned with a smile.

We walked upstairs and passed through series of doors and got to one which was made with pure Gold!

Jayden turned the door knob and pushed it open.. We walked in and he closed it behind me.

My eyes roamed around the big room which was five times bigger than mine.. everything here looks so expensive and must cost quiet a fortune!

My eyes settled on someone who sat on a wheelchair facing the wall backing us

I furrowed my eyes in confusion.

“ Damon.. the new maid is here ” Jayden announced lowly

Damon?!… Damon Davis ?!

Damon kept a cold silence.

“ I will be leaving now.. see you tomorrow at the office ” Jayden said as he turned to go

He gave me a *take care of yourself* look and left.

I signed deeply feeling nervous as I played with my fingers.

“ what’s your name ? ” he growled coldly

I flinched

“ my…my name is Wendy sir ” I replied getting scared and at same time irritated by his cold attitudes

But I must admit.. I have never been so scared of anyone before!

“ you call me master. I’m not your equal. got it?! ” he said coldly

“ ye- yes master ” I bowed.

I felt him signed

“ get me a cup of coffee ” he ordered authorityly

“ ye-yes master ” I shutter and rolled my eyes

I left the room and rushed downstairs. It was easy locating the kitchen.

Few minutes.. I was able to make a coffee and I carried it in a tray towards his room.

I opened the door with my right hand while the other holding the tray.

I walked into the room and closed the door behind me.

I moved closer to him. He was still siting on his wheelchair

“ here’s the coffee master ” I said dropping it on the small table beside him.

He still faced the wall. I couldn’t take a proper look of him but I knew he was handsome

He took the coffee from the tray and glup it little while I stare at him.

I can’t believe I’m gonna be this close range with Damon Davis!

Most ladies would do anything just to be in my position.

“ Jesus! ” I yelped in pain as I fell to the floor wiping my cloth quickly

He spilled the hot coffee on me!

“ are you crazy huh.. you punk! ” I cursed forgetting his was my boss!

But who cares?!

He turned to me and I frozed!.. my breath seized

This crippled cold man before me was just too sturnly handsome and I drool. lost staring into his glittering hazel eyes

“ are you done checking me out ? ” he smirked

I quickly shook my head and stood up.

“ I’m sorry mas-master ” I apologise but not because I want too but cause I don’t want him to fire me.

I really needed that money. Who knows if he’s gonna ask me to refund the money back!

He scoffed at me and gesture me to roll him to bed.

I walked behind the wheelchair and rolled him towards the bed.

I held his hand. gosh so smooth and soft!

He sat on the bed and he pushed my hands away. I shot him a stare lowly and rolled my eyes at him

I knew he saw me but ignores.

“ I will be leaving now master ” I said lowly as I bow.

He didn’t say a word as he stared at me as if I’m some sort of movie.

I scoffed mentally as I turned and walked towards the door

“ not one inch! ” he said coldly as I stopped and I turned to him slowly with a frown

“ why master ? ” I asked curiously as to why he stopped me

“ you don’t speak when your not told too.. and When I speak to you. you look at me and answer me respectfully. I don’t beg. especially people like you – so you better learn to behave or else ” he growled threateningly as he clutched his fist tightly

Is he crazy ?!

Was I bought or something ?!

For Christ sake I’m working and I can stop if I want too! I yelled in my head

First he poured hot coffee on me and now he’s giving me stupid rules.

He fucking doesn’t know me! I gritted my teeth mentally

“ ye-yes master ” I replied trying to keep my cool.

“ you may leave now! ” he said sternly

I nod

“ yes master ” I said leaving the room

Stepping out his room. I signed as I walked to the room next to his.

I turned the door knob and went in *wow* escaped my lips as I explore the room.

I rushed towards the queen size bed and fell on it with a loud sign.

I should call Ana but who knows she must have slept off and I miss my little baby boy.

My drift off to the wall clock. 9:58pm

I tossed to one side of the bed and grabbed a pillow. And slowly I drifted off to sleep.

“ what the hell! ” I yelled as I rosed from the bed with sleepy eyes.

Ouch my back hurts!

The intercom in the room was Ringing indicating Damon’s summons me.

I looked over to the wall clock – 2:35am

What the hell?! … I needed enough sleep!

I groan angrily as I stepped out of the room towards his.

I opened it and met him resting his head on the bed board and was staring coldly at me

What wrong with this dude?… He looks creepy!

“ Master ” I bowed trying to over power the sleep trying to over take me

“ make me some coffee within 2 minutes ” he said coldly with dark eyes

I shot him a stare

2 minutes?! …. And what’sup with him and coffee and it’s kind of too early!

Doesn’t he sleep?!!

I nod and left for the kitchen. I prepared the coffee which was done within 6 mintues

I carried it to his room and place it on the table close to the bed. And I stepped far away from him incase he goes crazy again and pours the coffee on me.

He gluped it once and threw the cup across the room and it crashed

I flinched and shot him a stare while he kept a expressionless face.

He laid properly on the bed and covered himself with the duvet.

Wait..what?!… What just happened now ?!

I asked mentally as i frozed for few minutes.

I regained myself and walked across the room towards the broken cup and cleaned up the mess.

After I was done I left the room and went to the kitchen to trash it

I signed weakly. I felt so dizzy and tired

I stepped out of the kitchen towards the dining. as I decided to take a rest before retiring to bed and siting on the dining chair.

I rested my head on the dining table and closed my eyes.. I drifted off to sleep

Damon is wicked o 😒

Wendy sef dey crazy for head small 😂

Click on the link for episode 4👇👇👇👇



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