Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 24

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) πŸ˜³πŸ”ž


By Chioma Miracle


The car halted in front of FORSE ENTERPRISE as Wendy stepped out while the securities helped Damon out of the car

They all went into the company as the workers could be seen bowing at them while they moved towards the elevator.

They got to 55th floor and stepped out and walked towards Damon’s office while tigress approached them with a smile.

she frowned on seeing Wendy beside Damon and quickly wear it off with a smile.

β€œ good morning sir ” she bowed her head but Damon ignored her greetings as they moved into his office

β€œ what are my schedules for today ?? ” he asked as he demissed the securities and gestures at Wendy to help towards his table

β€œ uh you have a meeting with the….” tigress opened her files to check

β€œ cancel all my schedules for today. you may leave now. ” he said coldly staring at his computer as tigress glared at Wendy and. Wendy smirked

β€œyes sir ” she replied and turned to leave

β€œ get I and Wendy some coffee ” Damon said as she halted and turned

β€œ sir ?? ”

Damon looked up from the computer and stared at her

β€œ get I and my wife some coffee. You may leave now if you don’t want to get fired ” he added as he looked back at his computer typing on it

β€œ uh ye-yes sir ” tigress replied as she clutched her fists and left the office


she got to a half way and halted before releasing a loud scream as everyone stared at her

β€œ wi-wife ??.. his wife??? when?? how?? No way!!!! ” she roughen her hair as her cut the people staring at her

β€œ don’t you people have works to do or than to stare huh!!! ” she yelled at them as they all looked away and few ran away

β€œ geez!! What do I do?! I need to call Elena now!! Things are getting out of hand!!! ” I thought as I quickly walked towards my office instead




I was shocked to hear him say β€œmy wife!! ” I looked down at him while he typed on his computer

β€œ why are you staring at me ? ” he questioned still typing

I scoffed

β€œ I’m not your wife. Why did you tell her that?? ”

he signed as he rubbed his forehead

β€œ can’t say. I kind of just blunt it out. I really love you Wendy ” he turned towards me as I stared at his beautiful eyes and well carved eyebrows

β€œ I know you can’t be mine but I wish you could be mine ” he said in pain voice as he took my hands rubbing it softly

is this really Damon like right now???

What changed him???

No I must be dreaming right?!

β€œ why do you think I can’t be yours ?? ” the question slipped from my lips. I don’t really know why I asked that

β€œ cause I know you belong to someone else. nicholas. it’s hurts ” he whins while I bursted into a uncontrollably laughter holding my ribs tightly

β€œwh-what wrong? Why are you laughing ?? ” he frowned as he looked away

β€œ you…you OMG ” I couldn’t say a word as I kept laughing

β€œ Nicholas is not my boyfriend you punk! ”

β€œ huh?! ” he asked confusedly as he raised his eyebrows

β€œ Nicholas is not my boyfriend. I don’t have any boyfriend. I and Jayden just you know….”

I stopped before looking away

β€œ prank you ” I added as he picked a pen to throw at me while I ran towards the door which got opened and it hitted on

Oh no!!! Jayden!!!

I fell on the floor and laughed loudly as Jayden whins

β€œ Damon what the fuck!! ” he yelled as he walked towards Damon and sat in front of him glaring

I stood up as I tried controlling myself and walked towards them

β€œ hi jayden. It been awhile. Where’s Ana ? ” I asked dusting myself properly while Damon stared at us

β€œ at the hospital. I’m sorry if I’m not checking up on ya. Been busy ”

β€œ okay. I need to her urgently for something. Gotta go now. Um sir take care of yourself okay. See ya ” I winked at him as I rushed to the table and picked my purse before leaving the office


I watched as she left as I moved my eyes at jayden

β€œ hey what’s wrong ?? and why do you have to throw the pen at me huh! ” jayden yelled feigned anger

β€œ why did you lie to me she had a boyfriend ? ”

β€œ what are you taking about ? ” jayden questioned staring away

β€œ you know what I’m taking about. Nicholas ” Damon replied placing his right hand on the table

β€œ oh that. well I’m sorry but Nicolas is not her boyfriend like you found out but he is her son ” jayden blunt out as he adjusted his tie

Damon’s eyes widen






I carried the coffee as I took a left turn and got bumped into someone and the hot coffee poured on me

β€œ ouch! ouch!! Ouch!! ” I yelped in pain quickly cleaning my dress as I looked up at the person – Wendy


” look where you going next time chicken! ” she said as she brushed her hair with her fingers

I rolled my eyes

β€œ you should be the one watching where your going peacock ” I yelled as I crossed my arms together around my breasts while she laughed softly

β€œ peacock!. are you so dumb!! you should know peacocks are beautiful creatures so oh yes! I’m peacock. you know beautiful as a peacock ” she said as she blushed and twirled around and stop looking at me

β€œ your ugly! ”

β€œ like as you are ma’am ” she said back to me as she rolled her eyes and walked away not before wispering into my ears

* I know you want Damon but sorry he wants me instead and not you chicken. so stay back*

she left while I turned to the way she took and chuckled

* I will watch and see how long your gonna be with him witch * before smirking and left immediately before anyone sees me in my stained dress!

Damn you wendy!!


β€œ are you ready ?? ”

β€œ yeah I am but I need to say something ”

β€œ what? ”

β€œ I know someone who could meet before getting to see Damon ”

β€œ really who ? ”

β€œ don’t worry about that. let’s discuss about something else leave that to me ”

β€œ uh okay but why can’t you just go meet damon straight than meeting this person you talking about ”

β€œ I have a bad feeling going to meet him. I need someone to help out. Who knows spy’s might be around his house. I know what I’m saying ”

β€œ hmm! Alright. As far as we are meeting him tonight. I gat no issue with that ”

I chuckled at her while she pouted

β€œ I know you love him but don’t be surprised Roseline. he might have someone already ”

she glared at me while I looked away

β€œ Damon is for me thats why I’m helping you out so I could meet him. Be it his married or not his mine ”

β€œ hmm okay ma’am ”

I simply said to avoid issues.


Damon and Wendy sef πŸ˜‚ sorry o Jayden πŸ˜‚

Sorry this episode is short. I dey class write this one. Next episode coming by evening time

Who is this unknowen oo😳 and is like another person wants Damon

I pray tigress plan don’t work on Wend o

Click on the link for episode 25πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡



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