Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 23

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) πŸ”ž 😳


By chioma miracle


I picked up the pack bag from the dining table as I made my way out of the sitting room.

I was locking my door when I saw Jayden’s car drove in. I stopped as I rushed towards him and englufed into a hug the moment he stepped out of the car.

β€œ sorry ” I muttered as I desengaged quickly but surprisely he drew me back and gave me a tight hug instead

β€œ I should be the one saying sorry. I’m sorry Ana . I’m sorry for everything ” he apologized while I nodded

β€œ it’s fine jayden. I understand ” I said as we desengaged

β€œ please let’s go in ” I offered as we walked back into the house


I offered him some juice which he accepted while I sat beside him and clasped his hands with mine together

β€œ I love you Jayden. never doubt that. never doubt my love for you ” I said as tears rolled from my eyes

β€œ victor was my first love. my first whole and everything. Our loved looked so real and lively not until when Cecilia his ex came back to him which he continuously kept telling her he move on already ” I sniffed while he stared at me

β€œ I was pregnant for him around then ” I continued

β€œ he never rejected my baby. Infact he was happy about it not minding if we were still young. not until one day I went to his place and was told he moved out and wasn’t in the country anymore by his best friend who also told me he got engaged to Cecilia. I felt betrayed and abandoned! alone and shattered! ” I cried slowly as Jayden handed me his handkie which I took and wiped my face

β€œ I had no parent either anyone to go too. I was an orphan. I engaged in hard labour which lead to my miscarriage.i lost my baby Jayden and ever since then I swore never to love again but your broke that oath which I made. ” I blew my nostril before continuing

β€œ I’m sorry for your loss. ” he said while I mouthed β€œ thank you ”

β€œ I slept on streets and orhanange home until I met Wendy. The only one I consider my family ” i sniffed as I cleaned my face and Jayden drew me closer and hugged me tight

β€œ I’m sorry Ana. I’m sorry for all that happened to you. wished I was there to….. ”

β€œ it’s fine jayden ” I cut him short

β€œ it’s fine.. you’ve already….. ”

β€œ Ana!! Ana where are you?!! ”

We heard a loud voice as we ran outside and met victor in a drunken state

β€œ victor ?! ”

how did he know where I live!

β€œ Ana. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all I put you through ” he knelt as I looked away

β€œ it wasn’t intentional!. I never choosed Cecilia over you I swear. I only went for a trip to see my grandma urgently and when I came back I was told you were gone! ”

β€œ I searched for you Ana. I searched for you every where. I never choose to move on cause I believe I’d see you one day. please Ana forgive me. you and my child should please forgive me ” he wept as I felt the old pains flowing through my vains

β€œ your child is dead ” I blurt out staring at him as he looked at me shockly

β€œ m-my child is dead!.. ho-how ?? ” he shutters as jayden moved closer to me and held me

β€œ he died when I tried to fend for the both of us after you abandoned us. He died when you also neglected him you animal! ” I yelled as he shook his head

β€œ no no no I never did Ana. I swear have always had you in my mind ”

β€œ please victor! I don’t wanna see your face here anymore. now leave! ” I yelled as he stood up

He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out my ID card

now I know how he got to know where I stay!

urgg! probably it fell purse the day I met him at the hospital!!

He handed it to me which I took from him slowly as he stylishly brush his fingers on mine and I felt a spark as I quickly withdraw my hand

β€œ thank you. you may leave now ” I said as I stared coldly at him trying to control my tears from falling again

β€œ Ana ple…. ” he said as jayden yelled at him

β€œ she said leave!! ” I flinched as I looked away while victor stared at me for few minutes before leaving

I looked at him as he walked away. Tears flowed freely eyes as Jayden englufed me into a tight hug.




I walked into the restaurant as I saw my bestie Elena waved at me.

I waved back a little as I walked towards her and sat in front of her

β€œ hi best it’s been quite ages ” she said winking at me while I chuckled

β€œ I don’t need anything. Just get me water ” I said to the waitress coming towards me as she bowed and turned back before walking away

β€œ you said you wanted to see me urgently ?? ”

I heard Elena say as I turned back to face her and I smiled softly

β€œ yes ” I nodded as I placed my hand on the table

β€œ there’s someone I wanna get rid of.. she’s just a pain in the ass and….. ”

I stopped when the waitress came in and dropped the water on the table before bowing and left

β€œ and…..” I turned back to elena

β€œ wants to take away what belongs to me and I wouldn’t want to let that happen… please help me best friend… you can’t see seat and watch someone hurts your best right ? ” I pouted my lips with a sad face

I just need to elena to agree with me. she’s a badass and would help me alot in dealing with Wendy

β€œ fine tigress. I will help ya. noone hurts my bestie and goes scot free ”

she said while I smiled widely towards her. Just what I wanted. Ohhh I can’t wait to get Wendy off the way.




I watched as Lucas stepped into my home office and dropped the documents on the table as he bowed and sat in front of me.

β€œ when is the next conference meeting coming up ? ” I asked as I took the documents from the table

β€œ in two weeks ” he replied short as he brought out his phone typing on it

β€œ good! you may leave. I will get back to you whenever I need you ”

He looked up at me as he nodded and stood up before bowing and left my home office

I picked up my phone and dailed a number.

β€œ come to mansion right now. be quick about it ” I said before hanging up and stared at the documents in my hands before chuckling.




I was sitted on her bed as I stared at her face while she laid on the bed eye closed.

β€œ please wake up Wendy. I’m so sorry for all I caused you huh ” I said mentally as I caressed her forehead and she hummed in her sleep

β€œ wake up ” I say softly as she flustered her eyes open slowly

Huh?! I wasn’t expecting that??

β€œ how are you feeling ?? ” I asked in a low tone while she simply just stared at me

β€œ I’m sorry ” escaped my lips but she stared at me like I’m so sort of movie

β€œ wendy….” I called lowly again as she tried to sit up properly on the bed resting her back on the bed board.

β€œ what do you want ? ” she asked as she frown

this lady with some guts! not scared if I would punish her again for her rudeness but will I punish her ???

β€œ have you come to kill me already ?? ” she chuckled as she stopped and stared at me coldly

we stared at each other deeply into the eyes. next mintues I grabbed her face and placed my lips on hers

she tried pushing me away but I was too strong for her as I held close to myself and kissed deeply into her mouth.

she stopped few minutes as she responded to my kiss and I stopped and stared at her face and used my finger to brush her lips

β€œ I love you ” I blunt out as she her eyes widen and she looked away and got off from the bed.

β€œ um I’ve got some work to do ” she said as she quickly left the room before I could say a word

Fuck! I can’t run after her. I’m damn crippled! can I still keep up with this???


Wendy ran into the kitchen and met Jerry making some breakfast

β€œ good morning ma’am ”

he greeted with smiles as I frowned at the odor I’m smelling

β€œ ginger soup ? ” I heard him say as I shot him a stare and he chuckled

Why is he chuckling?!!!

β€œ you need this. you caught a cold I know for sure. here please take it ” he said with a worried while I shook my head sideways

β€œ nah. I don’t want tha….” I sneezed loudly

β€œ so-sorry ” I sneezed again as he handed a napkin and shot me a β€œ I told you look ”

β€œ fine! ” I took the soup from him and gluped it once and tighten my face

ahhh!! this tastes horrible!!!

he laughed loudly at my funny face as I got annoyed and chased around the kitchen till he ran out of the kitchen and I couldn’t go on as I was already tired and panting heavily

I walked towards the gas to continue from where he stooped.




β€œ I called him ”

β€œ you called him ?! what did he say?! ”

β€œ nothing ” I shrug

β€œ nothing?! ”

β€œ yeah nothing. tho I didn’t let him say a word before I hanged up ” I signed

β€œ you need to go see him babe ”

β€œ I don’t think it’s the right time. There might still be danger out there! ”

β€œ don’t be silly. your going and Its tommorow night! ”

she said as she stood up and walked towards the closet while I slump on the bed with a worried look.

I hope all these gets over soon.


Who else pitied victor ?!!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

Damon finally admitted he loved Wendy πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

David no dey tire πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯±

Hmm TIGRESS won die o😬😬😬😬😬

Who’s. This unknowen again sef πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Click on the link for episode 24πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡



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