Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 22

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) πŸ”ž 😳


By Chioma Miracle


I kept tossing and tossing on the bed sleepily when I heard a knock on the door.

β€œ come in! ” I replied loudly as I sat on the bed leg crossed when the person came in

Oh Jerry!

β€œ ma’am… Master seeks your attention downstairs ”

Huh?! why did he sent for me!. that animal!!

I signed deeply rubbing my sleepily eyes as my eyes moved to the wall clock


I stood up lazily from the bed while jerry kept staring at me. Maybe waiting for me to dismiss him

I snapped my head at him and gesture him with my head to go on.

β€œ I’m right behind you ” I added packing my hair hairy ponytail

” okay ma’am ” he replied with a nod before leaving while I adjust my gown properly as I left the room

Walking downstairs. I saw three securities coming towards me

Huh?! What’s wrong ?!

They held me roughly and dragged me outside and pushed me to the ground.

While I yelp in sharp pain as I shot them a angry stare as they walked away.

the heaven grumbled as the clouds formed. It’s gonna rain soon.

I grunt lowly as I tried to stand up. Which I did and dusted my self up.

I turned to walk towards the house and halted as I saw Damon sitting on his wheelchair staring at me from the door step.

β€œ not one inch! ” he warned as I shot him a confused stare

Huh?! but it’s gonna rain any moment!

Is he planing on letting the rain drench me up ?!

We stared at each other eyes until when the rain started.

I gasped lowly as it kept pouring on me.

I stood shivering with coldness while i comb my arms around me as I sat on the floor with my lips vibrating.

I looked up to Damon. Who’s eyes were somewhat filled with – worriedness but in a second cleared it off and wore a cold look.

The rain kept beating me while my still lips trumbled.

I sight Jerry at the window side staring at me with pity on his face.

I looked down to the floor when my eyes strangly became dizzy and my eyes closed in darkness.




*I need to go see Ana. I must say I was wrong for not letting her explain and also yelling at her face!*

I thought mentally as I pace around in my sitting room.

*It might not be her fault. maybe the guy forced her or something!*

*fuck! What I’m I saying?! but she was also kissing him back right?!*

I roughen my hair fraustratly.

*Geez!.I just need to sort things out with her. I must say I’m missing her already*

I picked up my car keys from the table as I left the sitting room towards the parking alot.


*I felt a sting of pain when I saw her fell. Why did I do this?!*

*issh! she drenched! and caught a cold for sure*

I watched as she laid on the cold floor why the heavy rain kept pouring down on her body.

*I only wanted to teach her a lesson for calling me crippled*

*hearing her say that. made me felt a sad!*

*Wait why I’m I even feeling this way ??*

*I’m I falling inlove with Wendy ?! No way !!*

I guestured my head at the securities beside me to take in

suddenly my phone rang up. and I picked it up from my lap – private number ?!!

I picked up the call and placed it on my ears

β€œ hello ” I said into the phone and no voice respond just slience.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion and I was about hanging up when I heard the familier voice say

β€œ Da-damon ” the voice called slowly over the phone in a feminine voice.

my eyes widen with confusion on how that voice sounded familiar

No it can’t be! How?! How possible?!

β€œ be-bella?! ” I shuttered in surprise look.

the person hanged up immediately.

I quickly tried calling the number back but it seemed as if the person blocked my number already trying to stop me from contacting her.

My phone fell from my hand as I stared at the floor confusedly with my heart pounding and beating fastly as if it would burst any moment

My head aching badly as I clutched it in pains.

No way! No!! It’s impossible!! or is she really the one?!!


I walked into the house and met victor drinking to stupor.

Huh?! When did Victor start drinking?!

I quickly rushed to him and grabbed the bottle away from him

β€œ give me that lucas! ” he yelled drunkly while I scoffed and stared at him

β€œ instead of you running after your long lost lover. Your here drinking your skull out! ”

He scoffed his face away

β€œ she doesn’t want me anymore. I saw it in her eyes Lucas. She love someone else! ”

β€œ and you think giving up that easily is the best. Instead of you trying to win her back your here blaring rubbish ”

β€œ she’s not married I guess. So go after her now before someone else does okay ” I advised as he stared at me with a surprise look.

β€œ hey what’s wrong ? ” I asked as I raised an eyebrow

β€œ never knew your this smart empty brain ” he joked.

I chuckled as he stood up stargging

β€œ I need to see Ana. sh-she’s mine and mine alone! No one can take her away from me ” victor said as he stargged out of the sitting room while I shook my head sideways

β€œ asshole ” I muttered with a chuckle as I left for my room.


Damon ooo😬😬😬😬😬

Who do you think called Damon 😳

Will Jayden and Victor meet at Ana place same time.

If yes . Who gets there first ! πŸ™„

I hope Wendy is fine πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

Click on the link for episode 23πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


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