Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 20

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) ??


By Chioma Miracle


I kept staring at the text from dad. He requested to see me immediately

Dad never gives up until he gets what he wants.

I signed as I stood up and walked over to the dining table and grabbed my car keys before leaving.

*I wonder how Wendy is doing.. it’s been long I saw or hear from her *

I thought hardly with sad face as I walked towards the parking alot.

I hear the gate being opened by the security man and Victor’s car drove in full speed towards the parking alot

I had to quickly move away before he hits me.

“ hey! are you crazy?!” I yelled as he stepped out of the car and closed it with a loud bang

He seems angry as he roughen his hair walking towards me

“ I’m sorry dude ” he said giving me an handshake before looking away

“ what’s wrong? ” I questioned

I have never seen victor in this mood. Something must be wrong

“ I found her ! ” he blunt out loudly

“ sorry who ? ” I asked with a confused look.

What is he talking about ???

“ Ana. I found Ana. The girl I told you about ”

His voice filled with both sadness and joy.

“ wow… great news…at last! ”

I’m so happy for him. He sometimes do tell about his lover Ana. The girl whom got pregnant for him blabla series of stories like that.

“ and the baby ? ” I raised an eye brow

He signed deeply

“ don’t know ”

“ don’t know ?? ”

He simply nodded. he looks so worn out. Hold on is this the Victor I know?? Cant wait to see the girl whom this little prick fell for

I patted his back

“ go in and take a rest. I will be back in a few minutes okay ”

He simply nodded as he walked towards the house while I turned and hop into the car before droving off.


Fuck!! It hurts!!

I planned on making her mine. She knows my feelings towards her. And now she’s making out with another guy openly

Geez!! I roughen my hair

I drove into my apartment. As I saw her through the car mirror coming down from the cab

I signed fraustratly as I stepped out and closed the car door before walking away.

“ jayden please wait! ”

I heard her say as I halted and turned to her with a cold look.

“ please let me explain please Jayden. It’s not what you think ” she said with a pleading look.

I scoffed

“ is not what I think?! ” I yelled

“ is not what I think huh?!! ” I gritted as I looked away

“ I love you Ana. I love you so much!!.. it’s hurts seeing you making out with that guy. I wished it was me!.. I thought you loved me Ana” I looked over to her

“ I thought you do too!.. I just wanted to wait for the right moment. But Neve knew you…. ”

“ no Jayden ” she cut me short

“ I love you too. I swear. I love you.. the guy was my ex in the past. We unluckily bumped into each and…..”

“ and he kissed you huh?!. He kissed and you whole fully kissed him back as well right! ”

“ you know what Ana. Please let me be!! ” I yelled at her face before walking away.


Tears kept dropping from my eyes.

I love Jayden so much. I do.

He made me love again even when. I thought I couldn’t anymore.

Damn you Victor. I hate you so much!!!

I yelled mentally as I walked away.


I fluster my eyes open as I sat up well and rubbed my eyes

Fuck! Couldn’t believe I slept off on the cushion. I looked around and I gasped loudly with fear

Fuck! Flowerhorn! I signed.

He sat on the chair in dining staring creepily at me.

I stood up and walked towards him. As I bowed

“ get me my meal ” he ordered coldly

I simply nodded as I turned towards the kitchen to get him his food.

Fried rice and grilled chicken with vegetables.

I placed it in front of him as I heard him groan lowly

I carefully rolled my eyes at him as I poured him some juice

Crippled asshole!.

I was done and I just moved away but not far away incase he needed anything.

He took his cutlery and started eating while I heard my phone ringing.

I walked to the cushion and picked up the phone and placed it on my ear

“ hello who’s this ? ” I asked

“ hi ma’am it’s James ”

James ?! I know no James?? But he’s voice sounded familiar

“ the cab man who saved you ” he added

Huh. But how did he get my number????

“ oh hi… Um how are you doing James ? ” I asked with a confused look on how he got my number

“ I’m fine ma’am and you ? ”

“ I’m okay ”

“ glad to hear that ma’am.. I know your wondering how we met right ? ”

“ yeah. Yes! I was wondering how ”

“ actually I don’t. Think you’d remember the taxi driver who dropped you at your son’s school sometimes ago who rejected your pay and we kind of exchanged numbers.. Remember ? ”

He explained and I felt him smiling while I tried recalling and…… Yes! I do!!

“ wait I remember now. I paid you but you refused the money and…. Yeah yeah I remember… I’m so sorry I didnt rellly recongize you and I forgot to save your number… I’m so sorry ”

“ it’s fine ma’am ” he said with a soft laughter

“ and thanks for today James ” i said smiling sweetly when I heard a loud bang on the table and I flinched as I turned to see damon staring at me.with a cold look.

“ um James … I will call you later okay ” I muttered int the phone before hanging up

I dropped the phone back on the cushion before walking towards the dining and bowed

I couldn’t look at him right now. His face is a bit scary.. why is he angry now?!

“ don’t you have some dignity. you have a sick boyfriend or husband I guess at the hospital and your here flirting with another man in the phone ” he blunt out I shot him a cold stare

“ I beg your pardon” I was getting angrily already

Forgetting he was my boss.

He shook his head sideways like in a disappointing manner

“ how many guys get to screw you a day. Huh answer me ?!. ” he yelled

“ how many guys get to touch you and kissed you like animals do! ” he banged his fist on the table as I flinched

I tried controlling myself.. *what’s his business with my personal life huh!.*

“ your just a worthless slut! ” he cursed

“ and your crippled whore! ” I snapped my head at him.

Didn’t know when those words left my lips. He started this. I just couldn’t watch him insult me like that!!

“What did you say?!” he growled as he eyes darken

“ a crippled whore that’s what you are!!. Flowerhorn ” I cursed with anger before leaving the dining room toward my room.

I can’t stand his guts. His a beast. Flowerhorn!!


She called me crippled ???!!!

Crippled whore?!

Who the hell does she think she is ?

I DAMON DAVIS a crippled whore ?!!!

She crossed her boundary and I will make her pay dearly for this!!


Guys do you think Jayden overreacted ???

Who do you ship with Ana. Victor or jayden ???

Between Damon and Wendy ?? Who’s at fault ?? ????

Click on the link for episode 21???


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