Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 19

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) 🔞😳


By Chioma Miracle


Ana walked into the hospital as she made her way towards doctor Anthony’s office.

she knocked twice and opened the door when she heard the familiar response “ come in ”

“ doctor Anthony how are yo…..” she stop in track as her heart leap.

She stared at the face which she never wished to ever to see in her life ever again till she dies.

Victor Anthony

“ Ana ?! ” victor exclaimed with shock and eyes

“ is…is…is that you ?! ” he asked unbelievably

Ana scoffed as tears was threaten to fall.from. her eyes.

She ran out of the office while victor was still the door that can’t be her right or I’m I dreaming ??

“ you know her victor ? ” doctor Anthony asked who hasn’t said a word since Ana

“ a minute dad ”

He replied as he ran out after Ana.


He found her outside at the parking alot weeping loudly and kicking the car angrily.

She kept dragging roughly as she gritted her.teeths…. clutching and unclutching her fists.

Victor was scared to. go close to her but he summoned the courage

“ Ana ” he called slowly as Ana turned and shot.him a cold stare

“ what do you want from me you animal! ”

“ Ana please listen to me.”

“ no! ” she cut him short and pointed her index finger at him

“ you ruined my life victor… You ruined and casted me away like a nobody. You lied victor! You lied! you abandoned me and went after ….”

“ no Ana … Please don’t complete that statement… I never did and will Never do Ana … I loved you and you only” he said painfully

“ please let me explain please Ana … Give me.a chance too ” he begged

Ana scoffed as she bent and picked her bag from the floor.. she tried making her way out but victor grabbed her back and pushed her to the car and slam.his lips on her.

She tried to push him away but she couldn’t… she.tried yelling and screaming at him but she lost her voice … Victor was her first love! Her whole!

“ ANA!! ”

They both headed a loud growl as they both stopped and stared at the person

“ Jayden?!!! ” Ana gasped loudly as she pushed victor away

“ please let me explain ”

But Jayden already walked away …

“ Jayde!!n… Jayden!! ” she called.loudly as she ran after him

Fuck!! Victor clutched his fist

“ don’t believe I will ever see her again… What about my baby ?! ”

Wendy pov

I was ordered to clean the.mess but I ran home.instead.

I thought he’s changed but nah. I was wrong!

I sat sliently on the cushion… Only the sound of my sniffling could be heard as I bent my head.low on my palms

I was such a fool to believe instantly that the flowerhorn is now.a better human

He’s a cold beast!

Geez!! I roughen my hair and signed deeply

* I is doing?!*

*Have missed hell!*

*I will go see my baby boy tommorow* I smiled as the thought of seeing my child again

I wished I could remember the man who I had a one night stand with at the club

The only thing I could remember.of him was the blue chain.he wore on his wrist

How ridiculous!… I chuckled as I rest my back on the cushion feeling strangely relaxed.

David pov

“ the girl?… gotten her already ?? ” I asked as i tuck my left hand inside my pocket staring at the beautiful garden

“ no boss. she escaped. We couldn’t get her. I’m sorry boss ”

I frowned my face and clutched my hands tightly. If he was here. I would have blown off his head.

“ idiots! ” I yelled angrily

“ just a simple job you ain’t it you pathetic fools!! ” I growled

“ look! If you don’t get me that girl before tommorow night. you know what I’m capable off you weaklings ” I warned as I hanged up and threw the phone across the room

*This so frustrating!!… and my weakling of a son ain’t capable of anything!*

I brought out my phone and texted him to come over tonight.

*He’s so protective of Wendy. Awwnn that idiot I love with his cousin*

*I wonder how he would feel when he finds out the whole truth!* I chuckled

Damon pov

I rubbed my forehead slowly as I watched tigress arranging the files on the table.

She kept throwing a seductive glance at me but I wasn’t interested in that. My mind was focused on Wendy

I wonder how she felt after that stupid attitude I acted today

Geez! This so Frustrating!

I didn’t notice tigress not untill she came and a sat on my laps.

Caressing my broad chest and kissing my ear nape.

I allowed to do her thing beside it’s been quite awhile I had sex.

Something to clear my head off Wendy for now.

“ sire ” she called seductively as she take my hand and placed it on her breasts while I have it a little squeezly while she moaned out shamefully

“ take out your wears ” I ordered as she nodded and quickly stood up and in a minute went stack n@ked

She wasn’t even wearing a pant!… she so shapeless

“ you know what to do ” I said as I stared at her while she chuckled lowly

She sat on my laps and took my whole big tool easily

I said it before. she’s got a bucket of a pu**y.. so wide!.. I wonder how many guys have screw her.. maybe thousands or billions!

She came moved up and down fastly and moaned loudly… Thank God the office door is sound proved.

I kept.staring at her like movie while she do.her thing. Her eyes were shut close tightly

Fifteen minutes she cummed. Not me

she stood up and licked up her smelly juice all up. While.i wheeled away towards the private my office



What do you think happened btw victor and Ana ??😳

What baby ooo🥺🥺🥺

Hmmm David no dey tire ni😐

We go still know that taxi driver 🙄

Click on the link for episode 20👇👇👇



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