Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 18

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) 🔞😳


By Chioma Miracle

Authoress pov 💅💅

The cab kept driving slowly and suddenly started driving in a full speed

Turning left and the right. Seemed as if he was been chased at.


“ what’s wrong ?!!…please stop we might get into an accident!! ”

“ we are been followed ma’am.. and they are chasing after us! ”


I looked back and saw two black cars chasing after us.


But why?!

I clutched my chest tightly in fear. As the driver kept driving in different routines. He was damn skilled!

Until we got to the city filled with people moving around.

Phew!…. I looked back and the cars were gone. already

The driver as well stopped speeding as he drove gently

“ take me to FORSE ENTERPRISE please ” I muttered

I wondered if he barely heard it cause I was too scared to speak

I was almost kidnapped by unknowen men but why?!!

“ yes ma’am ” he replied as he stared at me from the mirror in the car.


“ here we are ma’am ” I heard the driver say as I looked out from the window car

I stepped down and brought out some dollars notes

“ please take this . I know it’s not enough but this the only dollar on me. I don’t really know how to show my appreciation on how grateful I am for life ” I said in a pain tone.

He really risked his life for me.

He shook his head side ways

“ no ma’am. I’m fine. Besides what are friends for ” he said with a genuine smile.

Friends ?!….then I was right. I knew him from somewhere

“ take care ma’am ” I heard him say as he drove off

“ hey! Wait!! ”

Fuck he’s gone already

I looked the big building as I signed…. I wasn’t planning on coming to this place ever again

I cleared my throat as I walked into the big building some male workers drooling at me and females evny eyes

Hahaha… My perfectly perfect shape!

I took the elevator and pin pom. I got to the 55th floor which was Damon’s office.

Flowerhorn!. I stepped out as I walked towards his office

To be sincere i feel nervous as I opened the door . He seemed busy on his computer in front of him

He looked up and shot me a surprise stare


“ hi ma-master ” I bowed

Damon pov 😳

I was surprised to see her. I gave the securities a warning never to let her out.

David men I’m sure will be on the lookout to get her and use her to against me.

Those pathetic idiots.

I gestured her with my hand to sit and she sat facing me with face down

Huh?! When did Wendy become the shy type….. this so funny

“ why are you here ? ”

“ huh?! ” she snapped her head towards me

“ umm mas…master ” she shuttres

“ Damon….call me Damon ”

she stared at me with mouth open

“ Da-damon ” she shutters again head bowed

Fuck! I like how my name rolled my name rolled from her mouth

“ get me a coffee please ” I said calmly

She looked up at me and nodded as she stood up and left the office

Phew! I intentionally sent her away for a while. Can’t believe I had a hard on just her calling my name

This girl will be the end of me

Wendy pov

What just happened just now ?!!!…. Like is that really Damon ?! No …no.. this a dream

I clutched my chest as I walked out of the building to the restaurant across to get him.a coffee which he ordered.

Few minutes. I left and went back to the building and I took the elevator and when it opened fuck.!

Guess who I bumped into?!

Tigress pov

I was shocked to see her again. geez!

“ look who we have here ” I smirked as she shot me a cold stare

“ Chicken been awhile ” she said as I clutched my fists

Chicken?! She dared call me a chicken ?!

“ watch your mouth slut!. I’m not a chicken! You are! ” I gritted as she laughed loudly which added salt to the injury

“ awwnn baby I’m sorry ” she mocked at me as she left.

“ I will see to it I make her pay for this ” I said mentally with anger as I left for my office

Wendy pov

I dropped the coffee on Damon’s table and sat back on the chair facing him

He rubbed his forehead before taking the coffee

He firstly sniffed it and shot me a confused stare

“ where did you get this coffee? ” he questioned

What’s wrong with the coffee? I thought

“ um the restaurant across ”

“fuck! ” he spat as he threw the cup across the office

I flinched.

“ clean that mess now! ” he ordered as I stood up quickly and ran out of the office

Damon pov


I didn’t wish to that… I had a reason

I hope I didn’t scare her that much


Damon take time

Who knows that taxi driver

I pity Wendy… Damon and his yeye attitude

Tigress is chicken oo 😂😂😂😂

Click on the link for episode 19👇👇👇



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