Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 16

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) ??


By Chioma Miracle


I was feeling bit uneasy as I served both Damon and Jayden on the dining

Damon kept stealing glance at me before I left the dining towards the kitchen

Phew! I exclaimed as I walked over to the fridge to get a glass of water to drink… I’m so fucking thirty

“ Wendy ! ”

I heard Jayden call. I signed tiredly as I left the kitchen towards the dining table

“ I’m leaving ” he said smiling at me as he stood up and used the napkin to clean his lips

“ leaving already ? ” I asked confusely as to why he’s suddenly leaving

“ don’t you want him too ? ”

We heard Damon say as we both snapped our head toward him.

He quickly took the glass of water on the dining table and gluped it once and cleared his throat

“ Jerry!” he yelled as the young boy came speeding down the stairs like he’s life is at risk

“ ye-yes master ” Jerry replied head bowed

Damon gestures him with his head and Jerry understood the message

Jerry hurried towards Damon’s behind and held the wheelchair as he wheel it away

On getting to a point… He gestures jerry to stop and snapped his head towards me

“ how’s your boyfriend Nicholas ? ” he asked

I felt “ anger ” in his voice when he mention called name “Nicholas”

I and Jayden snapped our head at each other before bursting out laughing hardly

To be sincere we didn’t mean too laugh but he sounded funny

Damon stared at us confusely like we have gone nuts

“ I’m sorry master but Nicholas is not my boyfriend but my SON! ” I wanted to say but jayden already spoke up

“ he’s doing well Damon ” Jayden said with a silly smirk

I snapped my head towards jayden confusely

What is he doing ?!

I looked back to Damon and saw him clutching his fists and glaring deadly at jayden who’s face remained in a smirk

Okay what’s going here?!

Damon looked away and hissed as he gestures jerry to take him away while we watched in slient

“ why did you lie to him?!” I half yelled to Jayden who’s face turned into a smile

“ I just wanted to confirm something ma’am” he snapped at me with that silly smile of his which I felt like slapping off his face

Hold on… Why I’m I suddenly getting angry that Jayden lied to Damon about Nicholas being my boyfriend?!!

“ confirm what ?” I asked standing akimbo with a little frown

“ nothing!” he shrug slightly

“ Oh God save me” I muttered under my breath as i rubbed my forehead slowly

I looked up to Jayden who was chuckling

“ I’m leaving and you will get your pay today even tho it’s not yet time but I understand the fact you need some money for Nicholas bills and don’t think much… He’s gonna be fine okay” he said patting my shoulder while I nodded.

“Yes!!….at least I will get a pay today and look for the rest $2000 to pay Nicholas bills” I said mentally

Jayden is an angel!.. if Damon hadn’t taken back my pay. I would have been able to have a little bit of dollars in my account.

“ alright take care ” he said as he turned and walked out of the room.

While I signed and walked towards the dining table taking a chair.and rested on it

Damon pov

Nicholas?! Her boyfriend?!

Even jayden knows him well… Fuck like she’s really in a serious relationship with someone!!

My head feels hot and seem to burst any moment…. I thought she’s single!

Wait why I’m I suddenly getting angry about it?!… Isn’t she old enough to have boyfriend??

I need something to cool my head… I’m going crazy

“ Jerry get me some alcohol ” I ordered with gritted teeth

“ yes master!” he replied as he left the room.

Lucas pov

How can I continue buying shares in company now Damon is back. I could possibly get caught

Fuck! What has dad gotten me into.

Damon is dangerous and someone not to mess with.

I’m not a coward am I ? No! I’m.not

I shook my head left and right as I poured myself some acohol and gluped it once

Come to think of it… father wants to use someone whom I cherish most to get Damon

And whom I cherish most is Wendy!… Have Damon and Wendy met already??… Wait is it Damon whom she’s working for ?!

No…no… it can’t be!.. it’s just can’t be!!

I picked my phone and dailed Wendy’s number but she’s not picking up

“why isn’t she picking up?!” i yelled as I throw the phone across the room

I looked up as I saw the door of my office being opened

I scoffed. Victor

“ Lucas are you alright ? ” he asked raised eye brow as he sat in front of me

“ do I look alright huh?! ” I yelled as he flinched

“ sorry okay but what’s wrong ? ” he asked again as he clutched his chest

Victor behaves took girlish… I sometimes mistook him for a gay but he’s not

“ nothing ” I replied looking away

“ you know you can tell me anything ”

“ I said NOTHING! ”

“ fine … Fine … Fine … I’m leaving already.. my dad called ” Victor said as he stood up

“ okay ” I replied short.

He mouth an “ okay ” as he left my office as I rubbed my forehead slowly.

Victor pov

I walked into the hospital and asked a nurse where’s dad and she pointed towards the children’s ward

“ ward 25 ” she said smiling shyly

Yeah I gat that. she’s crushing on me.

Lots of ladies do cause I’m damn handsome. I knew I’m handsome since three.

“ thanks ” I replied as I walked away towards the ward.

I got in and met dad attending to a kid. He was the only one in the room.

Dad was still focused on him he didn’t knew someone else is in the room with him.

“ dad ” I called as he turned quickly to me.

“ oh Victor!.. gracious lord. You startled me.” he replied as he face back to the kid attending to him

“ I’m sorry… ” I replied walking towards him

I got to the kid’s bed whom eyes were open but ain’t saying anything nor moving

Huh?! He looks familiar!.. wait isn’t he Wendy’s child!

Hold on.. Nicholas?!


So Victor is doctor Anthony’s son!?

Damon sef ??? jayden is really funny

Wentin he won confirm

Eyah Lucas David is really misleading him

I’m sorry… School tie my hands o ??

Click on the link for episode 17????



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