Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 15

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) ??


By Chioma Miracle


Ana pov

“Fuck! I’m so tired….” I exclaimed as I and Wendy walked into the sitting room while I rushed and fell on the cushion with a loud sign

Wendy walked slowly towards it and sat beside me signing deeply placing her palm on her chins

“ so what’s next ? ” I asked staring at her

“ I don’t know wendy.. I’m confused right now.. the hospital gave me some bills to deposit ” she replied in a tired tone.

“ how much it is ? ”

“ $9000 deposit ”

“ what?! $9000…. That’s much! ” I exclaimed with eyes wide open

$9000 is a whole lots of money huh!

“ I don’t Ana and right now I don’t have anything on me ” she said in a cracking tone

I knew she’s gonna cry any moment from now…. so I moved closer to her and patted her back

“ don’t worry it’s fine Wendy… Everything will be fine okay ” I said in a assuring tone.

She nods with a sniff.

“ still working for Damon ? ” I asked stylishly

Who knows…she might want to stop working for him because of Nicholas’s health.

She chuckled softly

“ do I have a choice…. ” she replied as she gave me a small stared

“ but Nicholas… ”

“ you don’t have to worry Wendy.. I will always be with him ” I cut her short

I knew she wouldn’t want to leave Nicholas behind alone at the hospital

“ but your job ? ” she asked with her eyes raised brows

I looked away as I kept quiet for awhile… I have always wanted to keep it away from her

And didn’t want her to feel sad or something.

“ Ana ” she called placing her hand on my shoulder with a questionry look

I signed as I looked at her sparkling eyes… Indeed Wendy is beautiful

“ I lost my job ”

“ WHAT?! ”

Damon pov

Staring at the TV with a glass on my right hand while i kept waiting for Jayden. He promised to bring Wendy back to work today.

Fuck! Have missed her soooo much!

I snapped my head back to the door as I heard the door knob being turned


I tried to stand up.. fuck I forgot I’m crippled!

He came in with a smile… As I looked behind him to see an awkward girl with him

My face turned to an instant frown.

“ Jayden where is Wendy ? ” I asked angrily as I stared at the ugly girl who’s face was bent and body shaking with fear

“ uh…um… You see Wendy… She’s not feeling fine ” Jayden shuttered as he kept avoiding my eyes

“ who’s she ? ” I asked referring to girl who’s face brightened with smile

I scoffed mentally

“ I’m Sophia master ” she said a tiny voice

It was melodious but no!… I want Wendy as my personal assistant

“ Sophia your fired.. Jayden take this trash away ” I growled as I turned my face back to the TV with gritted teeth and clutching fists

I heard Jayden signed and the the girl – Sophia sobbing.

Few mintues gone both were still standing. I got more angrier and the girl’s sobbing was getting louder

What the hell?!

I picked the remote beside me… Turned to stone it at her but guess who it landed on!

“ Wendy?! ” I exclaimed shockly with eyes wide open as she was standing at the door

“ ma-master! ” she called in a shuttered in a scary tone.


David puff some smoke on air as he stared at his son who was closing his nose with a disgust look.

He scoffed mentally as he looked away staring at the little garden around them.

They were at his little garden at the back of the penthouse

What a weakling for a son! he commented in his head

“ my plans to get my hands on the SAFE BOX proved abortive ” he said breaking the slience as he poured himself some wine on the table

He felt lucas gaze on him with a curious face

“ you sent your men to get the SAFE BOX ?! ”

“ yes! ” David answered looking up at him

“ but father you should know Damon’s men are really well trained! ”

“ so are mine”

“ and they couldn’t get just a SAFE BOX ” Lucas scoffed

David clutched his fist tightly… He was suddenly getting angry at Lucas choice of words

“ who’s side on you on?! ” he growled as he narrowed his eyes at Lucas

Lucas snapped his head at his father as he adjusted with uneasiness on the chair

“ yo…you…you father ” he shuttered avoiding david’s eyes on him

“ good!… and now on the next plan… We need to use someone close to him to get him ” david said with a smirk

Lucas stared hard at him with a curious look.

“ who father ? ” he asked questionly

“ .. If it’s Jayden.. forget it…you know he would never betrayal Damon.. he would rather die ” I said with a scoff

How could father think Jayden would betrayal damon… Using Jayden against Damon that’s a lame ideal

David chuckled as he looked away

“ your wrong son ” he said as he looked back at Lucas

“ not Jayden but someone whom you as well cherished at alot ” David said with a creepy smile

Huh?! Lucas exclaimed in his head

Someone I cherish?.. who could that be?.. is it Wendy ?.. but Wendy doesn’t know Damon!

“ but father why still trying to bring Damon down… Ain’t We are already getting the shares of his company!.. isn’t that what you want ?”

David gritted his teeth as he picked the glass cup on the table and smached it on the table

Lucas flinched as he held his chest

His father father’s hands was dripping with blood. And some tiny bottles stuck in his hand

“ fa .. father ?! ” Lucas shuttred loudly as he stared at his father who’s face was filled with – anger!

“ you stopped buying the shares ever since Damon came back to the company… Your scared of that crippled ass you idiot! ” David growled as he stared hard at his son who’s face was filled with fear

“ get out of my sight!… Get out now before I do something stupid! ” David yelled as he looked away

Lucas face turned sour as he stood up slowly

he turned and walked away slowly…. Truth be told… he has always been so scared of Damon

He’s dangerous! And he doesn’t want to be in a trouble with damon

How did his father have found out he stopped buying the shares?!

David on the other side kept growling angrily as he breathed heavily

He stood up and took the napkin on the table to clean his hands as he’s eyes darken

He dropped the napkin on the table as he walked away out of the garden.

Tigress pov

I sat in my sitting room thinking about Damon.

Fuck! that s** at the office was so hot!

I have always wanted to have him in me and I successed…. I knew he won’t resist me!!

I’m pretty for sure huh!!

I laughed loudly as I took the teddy bear beside me and hugged it tightly at the thought of what transpired between Damon and I at the office

He’s got a huge tool between his legs!

Fuck!… I have always loved him. He was the reason I choosed to work at FORSE ENTERPRISE at all cost

Too bad he fell for my crocodile tears when I lied of losing my parents at a plane crash and had no source of income

Actually he’s driver hit on me the day he was being taken to the office I guessed..

Well as for My parent?!…. they ain’t dead but dead to me when they threw me out of the house and diswoned me when they discovered I was pregnant for my ex who was a mafia boss!

Fool!… He rejected me and also denied the pregnancy… I lost the baby to miscarriage when I had rough threesome just to get money to fend for my self and my child!

Ever since then my goal was to being tied with Damon which meant a huge achievement to avenge those who despised me and treated me as nothing!

Making me feel like a bad luck?!

Besides Damon is rich and handsome… he’s got everything any lady ever wanted in a man

Despite the fact he’s crippled!

I don’t care… I just need to look for away to get him on my palms

I chuckled happily as an ideal clickhead…..I stood up and walked majestically as I ascended the stairs towards my room with a – sweet plan!


Damon Wendy don come… Sha no do anyhow

Hmmm David

What’s wrong with tigress Biko nu

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