Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 14

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) ? ?


By Chioma Miracle

Wendy pov

The nurse took me to Nicholas ward as she left afterward.

I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me quietly.

I turned and walked slowly towards my son’s bed.

Tears fell from my eyes freely as I stared at his lifeless body.

Only the beeping of the machine could be heard

He was breathing with the help of the oxygen fixed on him.

I got to his bed and held his hand rubbing it softly.

“ Baby boy please wake up mum’s here”

“ You pinky promise never to leave mom…please wake up I’m here now”

“ Nicholas wake up please eee… I’m sorry for leaving you!!!” I wept as my knees fell to the floor while my tears dropped freely on the cold floor

My heart aches and beats bitterly…. as my head kept pounding as I clutched my chest with my hands

My head bent.

Damon’s penthouse

“ Boss!”

Noah called – my head of boys.

Of course! I have boys who work for me!

One of the guys wheeled me closer to the table in the sitting room as I gestures him to leave.

I turned to Noah as he bent his head low

“ boss! we got the SAFE BOX to the warehouse in Mexico”

I smiled

“ good job! ” I complemented

“ but Surprisely David’s boys knew about the SAFE BOX boss! ” he said with confusion written on his face

“ they ambushed me and manged to take me out but I narrowly escaped! ” he added while I kept staring at him

“ isn’t it suspicious boss… how they got to know about the SAFE BOX and how they manged to know which road I took ?! ” he said arching his eyes brows in confusion

“ we have a spy in our mist! ” I said clutching my fists as I frowned deeply

The SAFE BOX contained some important documents about the company and my father’s properties which he left under my care.

If David had gotten it… Geez!….It would have been my downfall!.

“ fish out the idiot who tried to betrayal me” I said with gritted teeth

“ yes boss!” Noah replied as he bow and left.

I wheeled close to the vase flower on the table…. I took it and caressed it with a small smile.

I dropped it back and tug my hand inside my pocket and brought out my phone and dailed a number – Jayden.

He picked after few rings.

“ hello baby ” he said sweetly over the phone

I scoffed

“ Jayden my maid ? ” I blunt out

“ oh yeah… Right… Right your maid…..” he kept quiet for few minutes

“ yes? …. I’m listening ” I said as I stared at the flower vase

“ she’s resuming tommorow… Don’t you worry Damon ”

I signed deeply

“ okay ” I hanged up as I roughen my hair.

*Damn this wheelchair!*

David pov

“ idiots! ” I yelled as I kicked the guy nearest to me as the rest moved away after sustaining bruises from me.

“ you all are just useless!!” I yelled again with gritted teeth.

I walked over to one of the boys and took his gun from him… cocking it and pointed It to them all

* We are sorry boss!*

* Forgive us!*

They pleaded with mercy as I still pointed my gun angry at them.

I released the gun bullet at one of the boys leg… “ arhhhhggggg!!!” …..he yelped in pain

“ get out!! ” I shouted as they all hurried out while I throw the gun across the room.

I hissed in anger as I kept clutching my fists

Fuck!.. that SAFE BOX was really important to me.. getting it meant all the company and properties of DAVIS belongs to me!

That was the only opportunity to make me whole overnight!.

I walked over to the table in the sitting room and picked up my phone and dailed a number – Lucas

But it wasn’t going through I sent a voicemail instead.

I threw the phone across the room as I walked over to the mini bar across the sitting room and picked a bottle of wine.

“damn you damon you might be lucky this time but next time you won’t be!” I said with gritted teeth as I gluped the wine and shut my eyes before opening it

“ you won’t know what’s coming Damon…watch you back! ” i added clutching my fist as I poured myself another wine.

Jayden ( pov )

Urgg!!… I signed triedly after hanging up… I was talking with him over the phone

“ what’s wrong? ”

I heard Ana asked while staring at me with worried look.

I chuckled as I shook my head right to left.

We are currently in a restaurant across the hospital

“ nothing.. it’s damon.. he requires his maid ”

She mouthed an “ oh ” as she gulped her juice in one drop into her small lips of hers.

I must say the very first day I saw Ana. I fell for her and I’m yet to confess my feelings

I don’t really know how to.. I’m shy!.. and what if she rejects me?!.. I’m so gonna be hurt.

“ are you alright Jayden? ”

I heard her ask as she tapped me jolting me out of my thoughts

I adjusted properly on the bed and cleared my throat

“ ye…yes.. I’m fine Ana. ” I shuttred

“ are you sure? ” she asked arching her eyes brows

“ yes I am ”

She mouthed an “ alright ” while nodding as she poured her self another juice into the cup in front of her.

“ how’s Nicholas ? ” I asked in a worried tone.

I must say I was really hurt when I heard his health condition

I pray he gets better.

And who knows Wendy might still want to work as a personal maid to Damon since Nicholas is in a bad state right now and needed someone beside him.

Hmm!… this somehow complicated.

I only told Damon. Wendy would come back tommorow just to get him off my shoulders

Haha… Damon hadn’t let me be ever since wendy left.

I must say he’s got quite fond of her.

Damon’s changed!… I’m glad!…. All thanks to Wendy!

I chuckled as Ana offered to pour me some juice which I gladly accepted with smiles.

Lucas ( pov )

Fuck!.. my head hurts like hell!

I sat up quickly on the bed as I clutched my head with my both hands and my eyes shut tight.

My head kept pounding as I opened my eyes and it roams across the room.

Huh?! How did I got here?!

I recalled I was drinking and then…. Victor?!.. the bartender?!… I felt a pain on my head before passing out!!.

That bastard?! He knocked me out!!

I roughen my hair as my eyes caught the aspirin and water on the small table close to the bed.

I quickly took them and gluped the drugs once.

I dropped the cup back on the table and signed as I heard the door knob sound open and Victor pop his head in

Idiot!! I growled in my head.

He stepped in and walked towards me slowly with a fearful look while I breathed heavily

How dare he knock me out?!

“ ho…how are you feeling Lucas ? ” he shuttres scaredly

“ I will kill you VICTOR ANTHONY!! ” I yelled as I rushed towards him while he ran out and I ran after him out of the room.


Wendy is okay naw… Nicholas will be fine ?

David your evil plan will not work o?

Lucas and Victor sef ??

Click on the link for episode 15????



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