Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 13

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband) 🔞😳


By Chioma Miracle

Ana ( pov )

I wept slowly as I stared at Wendy… It’s been two days she passed out and she hasn’t woken up yet

I clasped my hands together and pray to God to heal her.

My eyes moved to her fingers and saw them moving

Huh?!.. my eyes widen as I stood up and I saw her flustering her eyes open slowly

My hands found their way to my mouth as it closed my mouth….and tears dripped from my eyes

I thought I lost her?!… she kept opening her eyes as her eyes moved slowly across the room and settled on me

Ana?… she called more like a wisper as I rushed to her and hug her

Wendy your alive!!

Lucas ( pov )

I rested my chin on my palms as I thought of Wendy.. have been trying to get through her but couldn’t reach her.

Even Ana her best friend.

I hope she’s safe… It’s been days and I’m scared something must have happened to her.

“ hey dude.. chill okay.. your girl is fine.. you worry too much ” Victor my best friend said chuckling

I signed as I poured my self some wine.

“ but it been days been days!! ” I yelled as I roughen my hair frustratedly.

“ it’s been days I know…but I’m sure she’s alright where ever she is huh… You worry too much…”

“ why won’t I be worried huh?!.. for goodness sake she’s the girl I’m planing to get married to! ” I replied as I poured myself more wine.

I took more shots till the wine got finished.. fuck!

“ waitress!!” I yelled as victor held my hands down.

“ will you stop it!… Your drinking to much! ” he said as I jerk his hands off

“ no!.. I won’t.. I won’t stop till I see Wendy and know she’s fine!.” I yelled again as I stood and starggered to the bartender for more shots

“ more wine please ” I said with a drunk tone.

“ no!… you ain’t taking anything ” I heard Victor’s voice behind me

I scoffed as I gestures the bartender to give me a drink who was just staring at me like a statue

Fuck!! What the he…hell was that?!.. I felt something hit me head and my eyes getting burry till it closed and every thing blank.


Victor ( pov )

Geez!! I didn’t mean to knock him out!

Just he wouldn’t stop to drink!

I’m sorry Lucas…please forgive me when you wake up huh!

Wendy ( pov )

I stared weakly at Ana as she dish out some food she got for me from the restaurant.

“ how’s Nicholas ? ” I asked

I’m trying to console myself that all gonna be alright. I don’t really believe I’m the cause of my son’s health issue.

I was only trying to make him happy!

“ he’s fine Ana. doctor Anthony said he’s alright and might wake up within a week… Month or year ” she added with a slighted shrug.

“ doctor Anthony?? ” I asked questionly.

“ the doctor attending to Nicholas ” she replied with a smile as she placed the tray on my laps

I mouth a “ thank you ” as I took the cutlery by the side and began eating.

Ana phone rang as she walked over to the table.across the room and picked it up……. placing it on her ears

“ alright I’m coming ”

I heard her say as she dropped the phone back on the table and turned to me with a small smile

“ Wendy Jayden is here… I will be away for a moment ” she said as I nodded

She walked to me and peck my hair before leaving hurriedly.

I signed as I my eyes moved to the food on my laps

Nicholas pictures filled my head as I remembered the old memories we shared


* Mummy I want an icecream!*

* Oh my baby boy let’s go over there*

Flash end


# flash back

* Nicholas why are you crying?!*

* Mummy those over there called me a bastard… that I got no father!*

* Huh?!*

* Mummy where’s my father?!*


#flash back

* Mummy I love you so much!*

* I love you too honey *

* Pinky promise me mummy you will never leave me!*

* I pinky promise.. I will never leave you my cupcake*

Flash end.

I took the tray of food and dropped it on the table beside me

I stood up quickly and made way out of the room to see my baby boy.

DAMON ( pov )

Days now wendy is not here!.

Geez! I give up….i will admit have missed her alot!

I just missed seeing her face and her stubborn attitudes she’s got.

I wheeled my wheelchair towards my bed as I heard my phone ringing

Fuck! who the hell is that?!….. I picked it up and it was a – private number

I placed the phone on my ear

“ boss! David’s men are after me! ”

Huh?!… I clutched my fists

“ go to my penthouse… I will be there in jiffy” I said as I hanged up

I chuckled

*David this little game your playing will lead to your downfall I promise you*

I gritted my teeth lowly as i wheeled towards the closet.


Nicholas mummy misses u oo please wake up 🥺🥺

Lucas say he won marry wendy ooo 😂

Thanks Ana. U for being a good friend 😍

Toor abeg wentin do Damon?..did we hear him say miss 😳😏

Click on the link for episode 14👇👇👇



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