Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 12

CRIPPLED CEO ( He’s my husband ) 🔞 😳


By Chioma Miracle


Wendy ( pov )

My heart kept pounding as I sat down outside the ICU room with Ana beside me as she consoles me

The doctors are still attending to Nicholas inside the ICU

“ Wendy!.. Ana!! ”

We heard as we looked up and sighted Jayden running towards us panting.

He had a worried look and he gave me a brief hug before sitting beside Ana and giving her a peck on her head

I signed as I cleaned the tears at the Conner of my eye

“ I’m sorry Wendy… I heard Nicholas was admitted….what happened to my baby boy ? ” he asked worriedly as he stared at the both of us

Ana sniffed in deeply… She has been crying as well

We heard the door open as we all got up to see a nurse coming out but she walked away in a hurry from us without saying a word

We sat down back again as I bent my head weeping

Ana ( pov )

“ I..I … don’t know how to explain it Jayden ” I shuttered in a cracking voice


Walking down the stairs… I called Nicholas’s name but got no response… That’s unlike him

I panicked as I ran towards him room. Only to find him under the duvet

“ Nicholas honey what’s wrong? ” I asked as I rushed to him on the bed and laid beside him

He kept staring at the ceiling without saying a word nor moving his body

“ baby don’t you want to go to school?… It getting late already ” I said as I smiled to him but still he didn’t move nor say anything

Just staring blank at the ceiling.

I held his hands then I heard my phone ringing downstairs

I stood up and ran out of the room to answer the call…. Only to hear a loud thud in Nicholas room after few minutes

My hanged up quickly and ran back to the room only to see him lying on the floor looking lifeless with blood flowing from his head

Panic attack shook my heart.

“ Nicholas!!… Nicholas baby wake up please!! ” I shook him as my eyes became blurring with tears.

#flash end.

“ that was all that happened Jayden.” I concluded as I sniffed in my nose while he patted my back softly

I held Wendy hands in-between mine as I tried to calm her down.

The ICU door opened and the doctor stepped out while removing his hand gloves

We rushed to him as Wendy grabbed his clothes

“ my son!… How’s my son doctor?!! ” she yelled shaking him roughly

We tried stopping her but she won’t stop.

“ take it easy ma’am… Please let’s go to my office ” the doctor replied as Wendy let go of him and we followed him behind towards his office

Damon ( pov )

I bent my head and signed fraustratedly as I stared at the computer on front of me.

I’m currently in my office.

I kept drumming my fingers on the table as the thought of Wendy clouded my head.

I must admit i feel like seeing her right now. Fuck! What’s wrong with me ?!!

I heard the door open and raised my head up to see tigress coming in with a file.

she walked to the table and dropped the file on the table and smiled seductively while I stared speechless at her

She walked to me slowly and sat on my laps as she caressed my neck nape.

“ Mr Damon.. what’s wrong ? ” she asked seductively as she took in the bottom of her lips in her mouth

I wasn’t moved by seductive acts but I can see the desperation in her eyes… I knew she liked me

And Who wouldn’t want to have me huh?!

But Wendy was the one I want right now!…her image kept on appearing on my head. F**k!

Tigress zipped down slowly as she brought out my tool smooching it

I slide my hand into her bra and began giving it a little sensation.

Soft mø@ns escaped her lips as she kept sucking and licking my lips as if her life depends on it.

I wasn’t enjoying anything but decided to get Wendy’s thought off my head.

she stood up and and bent low on my laps guilding my big tool into her v

I used my hand to grab her small a** as she kept riding my tool slowly as she kept mø@n like a crazy sl*t she was.

“ oh yeah baby!!”

Who’s her baby?!… I slap her ass hard

“ Damon! ” I growled as she nodded as she held unto my neck

“ sir Damon..” she mo@n… “ oh f**k.. so sweet” … “Oh yeah sir Damon”…. “ deeper… Deeper” she mø@n louder

Deeper to where??… With her big hole?!!

She shut her eyes as she riding faster on my tool while I grabbed her breasts as low groan escaped my mouth.

Fifteen minutes she c*m…not me… I didn’t even enjoyed a thing!

“ mmm so sweet sir Damon” she said licking up her c*m

Gross!… So smelly

I kept a disgust face as she stood up smiling as she went tide her self up while I wheeled the wheelchair towards the private room in my office.


Wendy ( pov )

“ COMA!! ” I exclaimed with eyes wide open and my mouth shivering as tears dripped from my eyes

Nicholas in coma?!!!… Oh my God?!!..

“ but…but… How doctor?!… I thought it was a minor injury! ” Ana exclaimed with shock

“ please doctor talk to us!” Jayden said staring at the doctor…. who signed head bent

“ I’m sorry but… he’s in coma as a result of the injury he got in his head. ” the doctor replied

“ oh my God?!.. my son!! ” I wept burying my head in my palms

“ and the child has anxiety disorder which lead to his dizziness… He misses someone whom he was very close to ” the doctor added

I stared at the doctor with a frown as I stood up

“ anxiety disorder?!. Are you saying I caused my own son’s health issue! ” I said as I starggered back

Anxiety disorder?!!

Kept ringing in my head as my eyes lid got heavier

Ana ( pov )

Anxiety disorder?!!! I yelled in my head as I stared at the doctor

Was that the reason why he always kept staring at the ceiling without saying a word

He even sometimes refuse eating and talking… Always moody cause he misses his mom!

My heart kept pounding as I heard a loud thud only to turn and see Wendy on the floor

She fainted

“ wendy?!!” I yelled as we all rushed at her


Hmmm poor Nicholas 🥺

I pity Wendy Sha

Problem here and there

Click on the link for episode 13👇👇👇



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