Crippled CEO (He's My Husband)

Crippled CEO (He’s My Husband) Episode 10

CRIPPLED CEO ( he’s my husband ) 😳 🔞


By Chioma Miracle

Wendy ( pov )

I fluster my eyes open slowly as I sat on the bed.

I meditated for few minutes before getting up…. Fuck!… I so much miss Ana and my baby boy Nicholas

I can’t wait to see them tonight… I picked my phone and… What?!

How.. how…come..??! the money in my account gone ?!.. how possible ?!

I rushed out of the room and ran downstairs

Boom!… I missed the last step and fell to the floor

“ ouch!” I whins as I looked up to see Damon’s cold eyes on me.

He wheeled his wheelchair close to the big table in the sitting room and grabbed the remote.

I scoffed mentally as I stood up

“ good morning mastar” I bowed but got no response

I looked up to see him wheeling towards me.. with a glass cup in his right hand…

wait. What’s he doing ?!

“ I hope you saw the deduction on your bank account… that’s for barging into my room which you’ve got no right to! ” he said coldly glaring at me.

While I stared at him speechlessly not knowing what to say at that moment as my heart seemed too heavy

“ get me a glass of water ” he ordered authorityly.

I gave him a little glare before leaving towards the kitchen

I came back and handed it to him which he gluped once.

“ again… ” he growled lowly

I left towards the kitchen and got some water from the fridge.

I came back and handed it to him which he did gluped once

“ again…”

“ again…”

“ again…….”


Fuck!… I’m tired right now.. this the tenth time I’m going to and fro to get him water.

Doesn’t he get tired huh?!

I handed him another cup which he took… He stared at the water for few minutes and


He poured the cold water on me!.. I quickly wiped the water off my face and glared at him

While he stared expressionless at me…. I tried saying something.. but my mouth seemed tied

How could he?!… he poured the water on me after sending me several times to get him water

And worst still deducted my whole money from my account!.

I’m still wondering how he did that?!

“ you will do all the laundry.. wash all the cars in the parking alot.. clean every crook and crannies of this mansion…. Including the study room and also outside the mansion…..” he said authorityly


“ you will water the garden and all should be done in……..”

He paused

“ one hour! ”… He glared at me with a smirk

* I give up!.. let him take the money for all I care.. I’m not working anymore… He’s evil… How does he expect me to do all that in one hours?!*

“ and don’t even think of quiting… Cause I will make sure you don’t ever get any job anywhere…” he added with a Stern look before wheeling back to the center table

I watched him with heartbroken heart.. as tears dropped and I quickly wiped it off.

“ get of my sight!! ” he yelled.

I flinched as I quickly turned and dashed into the laundry room.



I just finished washing all the laundry… It took me three hours!!… You don’t really expect me to do all he told me within one hour!

That’s absurd!

And I’m so hungry right now!

I went to the study room to clean it up… It’s sparkling but he still ordered me to clean it up!


I give up!… I can’t any longer… My bones are weaken…my head turning… I wiped the beads of sweats off my forehead

I’m done with the study room… also the big garden….. and the cars at the parking alot

Fuck!…. how can someone have over twenty-five different cars…

I already clean all the crooks and crannies of the house including his room which was five times bigger than mine.

Everything in this house looks so expensive!

I checked my wrist watch… 9:59pm.

What do you expect?! and my eyes is becoming blurry… can’t even walking properly

And the flower horn is not yet back from office since he left in the morning.

I decided to rest for awhile… I dropped the bucket and the mob on the floor.

I laid on the sofa in the sitting room and slept off.


DAMON ( pov )

The securities wheeled me into sitting room and I gestured them to leave.

Tara came in holding my office files which I needed to work on at my home office.

Tara?.. the little doll I was drilling.

I sighted someone on the sofa… I wheeled towards the person.

“ Wendy?! ” I exclaimed mentally

Geez! She looks so stressed up but still look beautiful

I wheeled closer and tapped her but she wasn’t waking up instead snoring softly

I grabbed the bucket of water she used in cleaning and pour it on her. I quickly wheeled back

She got up in a flash and removed her top trying to clean the water from her body

she looked around and sighted me and Tara staring at her like some sort of movie

“ ma-master ” she shuttered with a shock look.

“ sleeping on duty ? ” I asked sternly

she kept mute as she still stared at us with shock… she looked down to her wet body and used her two hands to squeeze the water out of her cloth.

“ baby I’m hungry ” Tara said softly clinging on my body.

I signed deeply.

“ Wendy make some dinner… let’s go Tara” I said as I wheeled away with Tara following behind.

Wendy ( pov )

I watched as they left

I must say right now… I’m so weak…tired .. angry and sad

I tried saying something to myself but my lips were too heavy to move.

I sniff as I bent and took the bucket and mob to clean the mess.

Few minutes I was done… I moved towards the kitchen to make dinner

Ana ( pov )

“ oh Jayden your so funny ” I said laughing heartily

“ no I’m saying the truth okay.. your beautiful ” Jayden said demonstrating with his hands

“ okay… Okay… thank you.. thank you ” I replied still laughing

We sighted Nicholas coming downstairs. he moved closer and stood before Jayden with a sad expression

“ Uncle Jayden when is mummy coming ? ” he asked with a low tone

Jayden gave me a short stare before looking back to Nicholas.. he drew him closer and patted his hair

“ mummy is coming tomorrow Nicholas ” he said softly with a smile but Nicholas won’t buy that

“ no! ” Nicholas jerk Jayden’s hands off

“ that’s what aunt Ana told me.. but mum hadn’t come home. and now your saying same thing! ” he yelled with an angry face

He turned and ran upstairs while we ran after him.

“ Nicholas!… Nicholas baby.. wait!! ” I called but he wouldn’t stop.

Wendy ( pov )

I prepared Steak and Baked Potato for dinner… I served the meal on the dining

I walked upstairs to Damon’s room to announce dinner and went back towards the kitchen

Few minutes I heard their voices downstairs. I step out of the kitchen to see both of them moving closer towards the dining.

Wait are they dating or something ?

Tara was wheeling the wheelchair behind him. I turned and went back to the kitchen to get them some water from the fridge.

I stepped out of the kitchen towards the dining and dropped the water on the table. I turned to leave

“ um Wendy get me some fruits ” Tara ordered in her tiny voice

I snapped my head towards her while she looked back to her food on the table

I balled my fists as I left towards the kitchen to get her some fruits

I came back and placed it in front of her… I turned to leave again when I heard Damon’s voice

“ trash the laundry ” he said while pouring himself some wine.

I shot him a confused stare

“ bu..but.. why…I mean I…i…did the laundry and your telling me trash the cloths which I washed within hours! ” I shuttered almost yelling at him

Of course..I’m angry!

he snapped his head at me with a cold look. While Tara smirked widely at me which I felt like slapping off her face!

“ I can’t possibly wear those cloths which you laid your flirty hands on. and you should know Damon Davis doesn’t wear a cloth twice! ” he said proudly with a stern look.

I scoffed mentally as my body began boiling in anger. And tears threatening to fall

I’m a fragile person tho.

I nodded absentmindly as I turned to leave

“ I didn’t ask you to leave! ” he banged his hand on the table as I flinched while my back till facing him.

I turned to see him staring at me with a cold look which could send me to 10ft down the earth.

I saw Tara holding her chest with her right hand with a scared face. I guessed she must have been frightened

“ I think have lost my appetite..! ” he said angrily as he dropped his cutlery

I bent my head down trying to control the tears threatening to fall.

“ Tara.. ” he called as he picked his phone on the dining table

Tara got up and walked behind his back and held the wheelchair.

she pushed it slowly wheeling him away as she stick out her tongue at me in a mocking way while I glared angrily at her

I watched as they both left the dining. While I ran towards the kitchen….

I sat on the mini dining in the kitchen and buried my head on the table weeping sadly.

Hmmm touching

I hope nothing happens to Nicholas.. he misses his mum 🥺

And Damon fook he’s to harsh

Click on the link for episode 11👇👇👇👇



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