Casabella Prologue


?{The revenge of an Angel}?

???By: Author Zuyuki {Humie}???


Casabella Smith, a twenty-five year old young lady with beautiful looks, free-spirited and an orphan. After the death of her parents, her uncle took her under his care but made life miserable for her along with his wife and their twenty-three year old daughter.

Her looks was that of a goddess which made everyone love her instantly by staring at her but something happened which in turn changed her life forever and she decided to take revenge but with a new identity, name and lifestyle.

Mark Clinton, a business tycoon in his early thirties and still a bachelor, a hard man from the surface but a softy from the inside.

He has searched and yearned for true love but to no avail until he met Casabella.

She came as an angel and filled his life with true love, care and happiness to the point he decided to do a deeper research on her but what he found out about her made him…


Will Casabella get her revenge and how will she cope with her new identity but with whose identity?

What did Mark find out about Casabella? Will that still make them be together?

Will Casabella face obstacles along the line with her new identity?

So many questions that needs answers right?

Join me, let embark on the journey to reveal all the mistery in the book. ??

I’m finally back sweethearts ✌️✌️✌️

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