Casabella Episode 8


?{The Revenge of an Angel}?

???By: Author Zuyuki {Humie}???



❤️Madison’s POV❤️

“Good morning honey. You’re all ready for the office?” Dad uttered from the dining area.

“Good morning.” I greeted, joining them in the dining area.

“Good morning love.” Mum responded with a light smile.

“Sweetie, your mum and I want to have a discussion with you.”

“Okay. I hope all is fine?” I inquired, dishing out pancakes and bacon for myself.

“It has to do with your life”

“And what’s that?” I was confused.

“Princess, you’ve got to look for someone who will love you unconditionally. Not all men are the same, you need to move onto another relationship and forget the past.” He announced, making me stare at mum.

She did tell me, he’s gonna accept my wish but I guess she wasn’t so sure because dad isn’t someone who takes things easily.

“Mum, I thought we talked about this last night? You both know I just got heart broken and haven’t recovered yet and the only thing you both could be so concerned about is to find someone just like that and get my heart broken again.”

“Honey, try and understand your father and I. We don’t mean it that way. What we are only saying is that you ain’t getting any younger so you’ll need a man sooner or later and also have kids.”

“I get it now. You guys are after grandchildren, right? No wonder, you both have been on my throat to get married and settle down. I’m really disheartened to hear such words from you guys.”

“Princess, we do love you that’s why we’re saying all this to you. You really need to hear these words now or you’ll come to see fault in us for supporting you later.”

“Is that so? I’ve made my decision and it is final except you both don’t want me as your daughter anymore.”

“Never, don’t say such words ever again. You’re our only daughter and angel, we love you so much that’s why we’re trying to make you see the light in your decision.” He pointed out.

“That’s true sweetie. We really don’t want you to be sad.”

“You both know I can’t be sad when I’ve got you guys with me. Also, I’m sorry for saying those words. I was only feeling sad that you both don’t want to accept my decision.”

“It’s alright princess. We will always accept your decision to make you happy. Come over here angel.” He assured me with open arms.

“Thank you so much dad.” I uttered and ran into his arms.


“Mary, how about the deal with Clinton corporation? Is it still up or have they reject our products again?” I asked with an heavy sigh, waiting to hear the bad news as usual.

“Congratulations Miss Madison. They accepted our products this time and want to have a collaboration between the companies by next week in New York.”

“Oh my God! Finally, that’s the best news I’ve heard in a while. Mary, inform all the staff we’re organising a party tomorrow night.” I ordered with so much joy.

“Sure Miss Madison. We really deserve a party.”

“We sure do, Mary. It has been two months we’ve been sending our products to that company but no success and finally, they accept one of the products. Isn’t it so great?”

“It is, boss.”

“And before I forget, I heard the C.E.O of the company is here in London? How true is that?”

“Yes, he’s here in town.”

“That’s great. Send out an invitation to the company. I want to meet him in person and see what kind of person he’s made of.”

“Okay boss. I also heard he’s extremely handsome as a Greek god with a well fit body shape.”

“Too bad I am not chasing after any man but I do hope we can get along as business partners.”

“We can’t say boss.” She chuckled.

“Whatever Mary, just go make the arrangements.”

“Okay Miss Madison.”

I don’t care how handsome he may look, all I am after is making him see how our products can benefit his companies in a large range.

Asshh! I need to share the good news with dad and mum so they can invite some of their close friends and business associates.

I picked my phone and settled to call dad when a knock on the door distracted me.

“Come in, please.” I mused and placed the call but heard the ringtone of his phone at the door.

I looked up to see him smiling at me, “I guess, I came at the right time.”

“Dad! What brings you over to the company?” I asked as he shut the door behind and walked over to join me.

“Your mum and I came over to spend a lovely time with our baby girl.”

“Aww… How sweet of you both but you do know am not a baby dad.”

“Of course, you are. You’re my baby girl and nothing can change that.” He said, lightly.

“I’m blushing, so where’s mum?”

“Oh… She’s being welcomed by the staff but I am sure she’s on her way.”

“Okay dad. I got good news to share with you and mum.”

“What’s the good news about? Tell me princess?”

I was about to tell him when mum showed up. She never missed anything important.

“You both are having fun without me?” She inquired.

“Hey mum. You’re just in time for the good news I wanna share with you both.”

“Really? I guess it was perfect timing for me. You know how much I love to hear good news, so tell us.” She bemoaned and took a seat close to dad.

“Okay. Don’t get too blushing mum.” I said with a little chuckle and continued, “Did you guys remember the multinational company, the Clinton Corporation in America I talked about months back that kept rejecting every product we keep laying out so we get a contract deal with the company?”

“Yes, we do.” They uttered at the same time.

“The company is really a huge success, darling. I never thought of passing out the company products to them.”

“Baby, don’t tell me they rejected the products and that’s why you’re happy or you got a new offer with a company working under them?”

“Not that mum. Well, the company itself accepted our new products.” I blustered out with so much happiness.

My dream of working with a great company will be fulfilled once I get my hands on their contract paper. I’ve worked endlessly to move this company to greater heights and today, our products have been accepted by the multinational company in New York City.

“That’s great news princess. Finally, your endless work and constant determination has paid off. I’m so proud and happy for you, my darling baby.”

“Thank you dad.”

“Come here sweetie. I’m so proud of you as well.” She embraced me in a hug.

“Thanks mum.” I answered and hugged her back.

“Due to this great achievement, I’ve decided to organize a party for the county and everyone is invited from you both sides and mine.”

“We support your decision, my love. And for that, I’ll organise something special for you.”

“Really mum? I can’t wait for it.” I uttered with excitement, acting a little childish as we all laughed.

“Angel, we came here with a purpose.”

“What’s the purpose, dad?”

“We came to spend some quality time with you so why don’t we all go out and have some fun as a family?”

“Yes, sweetie. Let’s have so much fun since it’s been a while we’ve spent some quality time as a family and also we can make it more fun with your great achievement.” She suggested.

“Anything you guys suggest is fine by me. I’ll also get to take a little break with all this work.” I said, pointing to the loads of files on the desk.

“That’s more like you, angel. Pack up for the day, because it is a special day for you to have fun with your family.”

“Exactly dad. Let me assign the unfinished work to Mary to handle it.”

“Take your time honey. We’ve got enough time.”
I picked my phone and put a call across to Mary to come to my office before packing my stuff ready to leave with them.

Not quite long, there was a short knock on the door which gave me the idea it was Mary.

“Come in, Mary.”

“Yes boss.” She uttered politely and proceeded to welcome my parents.

“You’re highly welcome Mr and Mrs Williams.” Dad responded.

“Thanks for the warm welcome, Mary.”

“I hope you’re taking good care of my baby girl?” Mum asked, with a naughty smile.

“Mum, I’m no child anymore. When will you stop already, you’re making me feel shy.”

“That’s because you’re my baby girl.” She replied and I just smiled at it and turned to Mary.

“Mary, I want you to work on these two files by tomorrow. Can you do that for me?”

“No problem, Miss Madison. I can do everything today.”

“Thank you, here you go.” I handed the files to her as she took her leave.

“I’m done. Can we go now?” I said and picked up my bag and laptop.

“Okay honey.” They both got on their feet as we proceeded out of the office holding hands as a family.

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