Casabella Episode 7


?{The Revenge of an Angel}?

???By: Author Zuyuki {Humie}???



?Casabella’s POV ?

“What the hell was all that you displayed out there?” My aunt ranted when we all walked back into the house after bidding Mr Henry and the rest of the guests.

“I just bid them farewell, it’s not like I hurt them or something.” I rolled my eyes.

“Just look at her attitude Smith, if it isn’t because you always caution me not to lay my hands on her I would have killed her a long time ago so she can go join her parents in hell.”

“Watch your words Lora, on no account should I ever get to hear you saying you’ll kill her because if you do, I won’t hesitate to kill you as well. Can’t you always think before you utter a word? What do you expect to say? That, I had a hand in the death of her parents and killed her to gain my late brother’s wealth all to myself? Think about that Lora?” My uncle uttered.

“I’m sorry honey but your niece’s attitude is sometimes not acceptable. Didn’t you see how she caught all your guests’ attention?”

“It’s fine by me Lora as long as she doesn’t open her flirty mouth to say a word related to us with any of them.”

“Is that all you can think of Smith? Don’t you care how our daughter felt when the guests didn’t appreciate her own beauty but had to keep praising this bitch here none stop. I’m really disappointed in you.” Lora cried out with clear rage in her voice.

“This is just the beginning of your suffering in this house. Let go Annie.” She added and left our presence along with Annie, who was all teary.

Finally, I made mother and daughter so pissed off and teary. Now they know how it feels to hurt an innocent human with their words and attitude.

“Go to your room now.” My uncle yelled sternly and I rushed out knowing he’s so angry.

I walked into my room and pulled off the dress before taking a shower and drafting off to sleep.


I got up early and set to wash all their laundry. I was really lucky the cleaners waited behind and cleaned up everywhere after the dinner was over which makes my work less stressful.

“Do I need to keep reminding you when to make breakfast?” Lora uttered standing at the entrance of the laundry room.

“I totally forgot. Good morning aunt.”

“Safe it and go make the breakfast now.” She responded and left without cursing words to me.

Whoa! That’s unusual of her? She didn’t yell or insult me after yesterday’s incident? I’m sure she’s cooking up something big and dangerous towards me. What’s she up to now?

I hurried up to the kitchen and started making the breakfast which was meatball and French fries and in time I was all done and ready to serve the meals.

After serving the meal, I head back to finish the laundry and carry out other necessary things like cleaning all the rooms in the house.


“Bella! Bella!! Where the hell are you, bitch?”
“I’m coming, aunt.” I responded and rushed to where I heard the sound from.

“I’ve been calling out your name for a long time. What the hell were you doing that took you long to respond?”

“I was working on the garden since you ordered me to chop off the unwanted tips of the plants.”

“And so? Should that take you so long to do or ruse up here the moment you heard me calling out to you.”

“Sorry.” I mused.

“I’m starving so I want you to go make me lunch.”

“Right now? But I am not done with the work you asked me to do before and now this?”

“You have no idea what I am going to do to you for causing a rift between me and my husband. You’ll never know peace in this house either, will you ever be happy for doing so.” She lamented with venom in each word she uttered.

Like I have ever lived happily with them in this house. She’s just proclaiming all her words, the least all she can do is torture and insult me which I am already used to and as far as I am concerned, she doesn’t have the courage to kill me even if she always nags about it.

“I had no hand in your rift with my uncle. You chose to blame me for it and nothing more.”

“You insolent bitch.” She screamed and gave me a slap across the face.

“How dare you talk back that way to me?”

I couldn’t move or try to fight her back with words because I know I’ll still be the one to end up hurt but at this moment, she has gone overboard.

“Lora, let’s get this straight. I’m only putting up with your attitude because you’re my uncle’s wife, if it wasn’t the case, I would have shown you your place.” I blustered to her face and left her presence.

“What the fuck did you just say? Bella! Did you just talk back that way to me? Get back here or you won’t like what I am going to do to you!” She ranted but I turned deaf and headed to my room.

I don’t know where the courage and boldness came from but I’m so proud of myself for spilling the truth to her.


“Bella!” I heard my uncle calling out from the living room.

I left the chores and rushed to the call. “Yes uncle. Good afternoon.”

“Have this.” He said, handing his credit card to me.

“Go to the King’s Plaza and get my favourite wine. I don’t know why Lora had us run out of it. Did she mention where she’s going to you?”

“No sir.”

“Okay, get the wine along with a big sized onion pizza along.”

“Okay uncle.” I responded and set to go when he called me back.

“Go change your dress and look presentable. I don’t know who might be watching over you. Also you can tell the driver to take you there with one of the cars.” He stated.

Did he just say those words or am I the one dreaming? No, this isn’t coming out from this heartless man. I think I’m dreaming.

I pinch myself to feel if it was real and indeed it was because I felt the pain.

“Don’t take it to heart. He’s only saying that to protect his prestige from being ruined.” My subconscious mind nudged.

Yeah, it is. He only said it not to make anyone suspect the way he treats me.

“Okay uncle.” I answered and headed to my room and changed into a purple off shoulder top and a black short skirt with a purple sandal to fit the dressing and packed my hair in a ponytail.

“Hurry up, girl. I don’t have much patience again.” He rumbled when I walked to the living room.

“Okay uncle.” I responded and hurried outside.

The driver was already in the car waiting for me and without waiting more time, I got in and he took off to the mall.

Throughout the ride, I kept marvelling at the way that leads to the mall because it has already changed since the last time I visited the mall.

“We’re here Miss Casabella.” The driver, who is of middle age said.

“Oh… that’s so fast. Thanks for the ride.” I replied and dropped down from the car to see the King’s Plaza, one of the most luxurious malls in New York.

The last time I went shopping at the mall was when I was about to graduate from university.

My uncle brought Annie and I over to do a little shopping for the graduation ceremony which happened to be one of my best moments.

It was the first time I had so much fun throughout the moment I spent with them. But after that moment, everything turned into a nightmare for me.

I walked inside the mall as all eyes fell on me with a series of murmurs which I couldn’t hear.

At first, I was feeling uneasy with the way everyone was staring but after so much courage, I proceeded to the reception and met a skinny blonde lady.

“Hi, can you please direct me to the wine section.”

“Hi madam. Of course, come with me.” She answered, smiling.

“Okay, thanks.”

“This way, please.” She uttered and I followed her suit but she kept staring at me at intervals just like everyone who sees me.

Did I do something to my face or what? Because I don’t understand why she keeps staring at me.

“Excuse me, may I ask you a question?” I asked her.

“Yes, please.”

“Is there something on my face because everyone keeps staring at me including you too.”

“You’re so beautiful and pretty madam that’s why everyone can’t take their eyes off you.”

“Thanks. I see the reason why I got everyone’s attention on the way.”

“Yes madam. I haven’t seen anyone as beautiful as you look. If I am told you’re a goddess, I will instantly believe.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“It is a pleasure. Enjoy your shopping.” She uttered after showing me the section and left.

I roam my eyes going through the section to find Patria Avoyelles which was my uncle’s favourite.

It didn’t take up to a minute when I found it and made my way to grab the other items before paying for them and left.


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