Casabella Episode 6


?{The Revenge of an Angel}?

???By: Author Zuyuki {Humie}???



?Madison’s POV?

“Boss everything is all ready. Shall we head to the meeting now?” Mary, an average middle woman with spectacles who happens to be my adviser and personal secretary cut me out of my spacing.

“Oh Mary, when did you get here? I clearly forgot about the meeting. Have you prepared the speech I’ll be presenting?”

“Yes boss. It’s all in detail just like you want it.”

“Okay, let me have a glimpse of it for a minute or so. You can head to the conference room first, I’ll join you all soon.”

“No problem Boss, I’ll be waiting for your arrival. Boss, you look lost a while ago. Is everything all right if I may ask?” She asked.

“Everything is good Mary. Thank you for caring.”

“If you say so Boss.” She replied and left.

I can’t believe Derrick would cheat on me after all what we’ve shared together. I shouldn’t have given him so much attention, love and care to the point I’ll only get hurt in the end. It was really a good thing I ended it with him last night but I just can’t forget the scandal, lies and misuse of my wealth on someone who already has a family with three kids.

Men are so inhuman and cruel, In fact love is worthless. It only causes pain to everyone. I’m never falling in love with any man in my life. I’m good looking, successful in business so what else do I need a man in my life for? Obviously, I don’t need one because I can be happy on my own. I have got my parents and friends so what more can I seek in a man.

Derrick you can enjoy your life to the fullest but know one thing, I ain’t gonna cry over you. I’ll move on with my life and be much happier than you can ever imagine.

I don’t need to dwell over you. I can be much more than happy even before I met you.

I picked the file Mary dropped a while ago containing the speech I was going to present to the board members of my company and quietly went through it before heading to the conference room to start the meeting.

I’m Madison C Williams, a successful businessman of twenty five years of age and the only child of my parents. My father is a renowned businessman while my mother is a well known judge all over London.

They’re simply the best people I can ever ask for. They brought me up with good virtues and treat both poor and rich equally which made me stick to staying single without a man in my life since they’re enough for me but they both confused me, that having a man who will truly love me and they will get to see their grandchildren as well.

At first, I declined the thought but when I had an encounter with Derrick, all my thought to remain single changed and that’s how I fell in love with him but he never made mention of being a married man with kids to me until yesterday, a woman showed up at his place and said his children are missing him and wants him back to them.

I was so devastated and angry he could betray me after all the secrets and promises we made to each other but it is all gone now. I need to forget about him and this time around, I’m never falling in love with any man ever again.


“Your speech was so wonderful Boss. You’ve really made all the board members speechless and marvelled with the new business idea.” Mary remarked trailing behind me to my office.

“Thank you Mary, it won’t have happened if you haven’t been so hardworking and for that I’ll double your salary.”

“Whoa Boss. Thank you so much, I’m really grateful.”

“It’s nothing, Mary. You deserve the credit as well.” I commended giving her a little tap on the shoulder for a job well done.

“Thanks once again Boss.” She chuckled.

“You can take a break now, I’ll call you when I need anything.”

“Sure Boss but can I say something Boss?”

“Yes, go on Mary.”

“You look sad and hurt. The moment I called you to inform you about the meeting I knew something was wrong. What is it Boss? You can always share your problems with me like you always do.”

“Thank you Mary. Well, you see it Derrick. We finally broke up.”

“My conscience wasn’t right with him in the first place but when you said he loves you so much and you also do, I thought I was wrong perhaps. No one ever knew he had an aim by getting close to you. Boss, you don’t need to keep thinking about him, someone better and worthy of you will find his way to you soon. You just have to move on and be happy, Boss.”

I can’t stop loving her. She really knows when I am happy or sad and sure knows how to lighten up my mood.

“I’m so lucky to have some as you. You really can tell each time you are in a good or bad situation. Everything is all fine now Mary. I’ve made up my mind to live by myself as before and never have to deal with any man again. I’m good at being single and always will be.”

“Thanks for the compliment Boss but saying you aren’t going to have anything to do with any man again is something no one can decide.”

“I know Mary and even if it happens I won’t accept any of them. Go take your break, we shouldn’t talk about it anymore.”

“Sure Boss.” She replied and left while I engaged myself going through some files.


“Welcome home ma’am Madison.” The gatekeeper uttered as I came down from the car.

“Thank you, rhhm… Are my parents back?”

“Yes ma’am, they arrived not quite long as well.”

“Okay, thanks.” I answered and went into the house feeling extremely exhausted.

I walked into the living room and dropped everything in my hands and fell flat on the sofa as Alicia, one of the maids, walked up to me with cold water on a tray.

“Good evening ma’am Madison. You must be tired, that’s why I brought you something to cool off the stress.” She said politely.

“That’s so sweet of you, thank you.” I answered and took the cold water from her gulping all down my throat before giving her the glass cup back.

“You’re welcome ma’am Madison.” She responded and left.

“Sunshine, you’re home.”
I heard my mum’s voice from the other end of the living room and saw her approving me along with dad.

“Yes I just came in not quite long. Good evening dad and mum.”

“Good evening sweetheart. How was work at the company?” Dad inquired, taking a seat right next to me while mum was standing.

“Stressful dad. How was your outing?”

“It was fun darling, you should have seen how your mum was holding on to me throughout the exhibition.”

“Really?” I asked bursting out laughing along with dad.

“Yes honey, she was acting like a teenager.”

“Will you both stop teasing me already? Sean, you know pretty well I’m really scared of wild animals yet you insisted we should go on with it.” Mum cried out.

“I’m sorry heartthrob but you do need to get over your fears with wild animals. They aren’t going to come after you after all.”

“That’s right mum, you really need to get over that fear but I really missed how your reaction was this time.”

“I’ll get over my fears soon enough and show you both who the boss is.” She boasted.

“I guess that is a challenge.” He responded with a smirk.

“That’s okay dad, mum. I’m so exhausted right now, I need a lot of rest so I’ll head to my room now.” I mused, dragging myself up and heading for the stairs when dad asked after the man who betrayed me.

“I broke up with him, dad. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” I answered and with that I took the stairs.

I walked into my room and fell flatly on the bed so weak and worn out. I don’t know why dad had to ask about that betrayer when I just don’t want to even think or ever see him again in my life.

“Honey, are you in there?” Mum asked, knocking on my door.

“Yeah mum, come in.” I replied sitting up straight.

“Sunshine, is what you said a while ago true and can you tell me what happened? You know I’m your mum, you can share your feelings with me even if you don’t want to share it with your dad.”

“Where should I start telling you mum? I still can’t believe Derrick would fool me when he is still married with kids.”

“I’m sorry about that darling but that doesn’t mean you won’t find someone better than him.”

“Mum at this point, I don’t want to have anything to do with any man again. I prefer to be single than get my heart shattered again. I have got you and dad with me and I am happy that way.”

“But honey, you can’t take a big risk like that. Please have a rethink over it.”

“I’ve made up my mind mum and I’ll be happy if you and dad will support my decision.”

“Okay sunshine, your dad and I will always go with what will always make you happy.” She accepted and pulled me into a warm embrace.

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