Casabella Episode 5


?{The Revenge of an Angel}?

???By: Author Zuyuki {Humie}???


?Casabella’s POV ?

“Is everything almost done Bella?”
I heard Lora yell from the living room which made me leave what I was doing to attend to her call.

“It’s almost done. The meal is all ready, it’s just left to set everything on the dining table.” I replied.

“That’s better, go take your shower now and get dressed before the guests arrive and find you in this mess and again, don’t act stupid like my husband had instructed you or you’re going to face hell from him and also from my side.”

“I understand.” I mumbled and left her presence.

What does she think of herself? I won’t take any shit likely with her if she tries coming in between the matter. After all, it is between my uncle and I, she clearly has no right over me.

“Watch where you’re going!”

Annie’s stupid voice brought me out of my spacing. What the hell does she want this time? It’s not like I bump into her or something.

“Obviously, you stood in my way so you can start ranting like always. It’s best if you try staying on your own rather than making trouble with me.”

“What the hell bitch? You stood on my way lost in your stupid thought and almost ruined my pretty dress which you think I’ll let that happen. You’re really freaking dumb then. Out of my way.”

Who the heck did she think she’s talking to? She just crossed her limits and I won’t let her go off just like that.

“Get back here.” I objected, dragging her back by the arm.

“Did I hear you well saying, I’m freaking dumb?”

“You heard it right and that’s what you’re or ain’t you?”

“From my own aspect you’re the freaking dumb one here and as a matter of fact who don’t know how to live her own life. Isn’t that the dumbest thing from someone like you, who claims her father is so wealthy yet can’t even get employed in any company. What should that person be called? Yes, a pompous spoiled brat.”

I got her time tonight and I’ll make sure she gets every bit of what she deserves for acting bitchy towards me. I just can’t keep watching her parents making me feel low and watch her do the same, it has got to stop.”

“Watch what you say Casabella. You just got so lucky with the interview but here you’re still unemployed. You’re nothing compared to me. Don’t forget you’re nothing with nothing. My life is still perfect because I’ll take over my father’s company soon unlike you with nothing.”

“Do I need to remind you that your father stole all my properties for himself but not to worry I’ll get it back and make you all pay dearly with all this ill treatment you and your parents have been treating me.”

“I would love to see you try. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got other things to do.”

“You ain’t going anywhere until I’m done with you.” I uttered and pulled her back but this time by the hair.

“F**k bitch, why do you have to pull my hair.” She cried out.

“I want to change all the trash you utter and the only way it can sink into that head of yours, is by causing pain to you.”

“You’re just so evil. I’ll surely inform my mum about this and you’re going to pay triple the price of what you did and said.”

“Your parents taught me that after all and moreover I ain’t afraid of your mother but my fears are for you. The wealth you claim belongs to your father won’t last long because it only belongs to me and I’ll definitely gain possession of it soon enough. Secondly, I’m only tolerating your shit because of your father, if it wasn’t that, I would have shown you your place a long time ago and lastly, you’re just useless for my liking.”

“Bella, did you say all those words to me?” She uttered in shock.

“Are you surprised I can’t say all those words before? You shouldn’t be because it’s just a tip of what is coming. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got something to do.” I huffed and took the stairs to my room.

It’s a good thing I gave her a real piece she needs to hear and change her ways around me or I’ll show her my other side.

Keeping cool isn’t for me anymore, she has got to be put in her place.

I walked into my new room which is so beautiful with glittering walls and a comfortable bed with an extra chamber for a quiet moment alone.

I brought out the dress I was going to put on and laid it out on the bed with the stiletto and unclad making my way to the bathroom to take a nice bath.

After spending almost an hour in the shower, I came out to see the dress glittering and beautiful. It was as if the dress was made only for me because I’m so much in love with the dress.

“Casabella, will you round up whatever you’re doing and get down here before the guests arrive.” Lora yelled outside my room.

“I will be downstairs soon aunt.”

“You better be, because I can’t take the way Andrew is yelling to my face to come get you like you’re some kind of princess when you’re not.” She drawled as her voice fades away.

I don’t have much time left, so I got to dress up now and do my makeup which shouldn’t take long or I’ll get in trouble with my uncle.


“OMG! Mother, she’s trying to get the guests attention just like she did at the party.” Annie gasped.

“I can see that dear.” Lora responded as they both kept staring at me as I made my way downstairs.

I love the looks on their faces when the fun just begins. Tonight will be so much fun to watch and I can’t take any chances to miss the priceless look on their faces.

“Why must you have to look so beautiful all the time?” Annie cussed with rage.

“Is this the reason why you took so much time getting here? You have got to go wash the makeup off before the guests arrive.” Lora complained.

She’s only going to ruin the fun I am expecting. I just hope the guests arrive this minute.

“It took me so much to make myself up so I can’t wash it off so easily when the guests haven’t arrived yet.”

“Are you defiling my order you wretched fellow?” She roared wanting to slap me as we heard loud chatter coming from the door which made her drop her hands down and compose herself.

“I’ll deal with you later.” She added and walked over to the door while I stayed behind with Annie who kept staring at me with jealousy.

You haven’t seen anything, just wait and watch how I’ll get all the guests’ attention towards me.

“Casabella, Annie come over here and greet our guests.” Lora called out with a voice someone will think she’s a nice woman.

“Okay mother.” Annie replied and headed first before I joined her.

“Casabella, you’re looking so elegant and beautiful.” Mr Henry, the same man who had complimented me from the party and also offered me help, uttered walking up to me with a warm smile.

“Thank you sir.” I reciprocated with a warm hug as my uncle, Lora and Annie were all staring weirdly at us.

“Shall we head to the dining area.” My uncle uttered, clearing his throat.

“Of course Mr Smith.” One of the guests with bald hair answered and we all headed to the dining dimension.

“We’re very pleased to have you all here. I hope you do enjoy our hospitality.” Lora argued with a fake smile.

“It really a pleasure Mrs Smith.” Mr Henry responded as we all took our seats and the caterers begin dishing out our meals which were four varieties: Corn and coriander fritters, beer-battered lemon and prawns, ham and potato cakes with rocket pesto and finally crisp squid with saffron and green apple aioli which was part of what I settled for.

“The meal is so good. I’m sure Casabella also has a hand in this. The meal tastes so perfect just as she’s looking right now, am I right?” The older man among the guests remarked with a satisfied look.

“You have said it all Mr Flex.” The next man beside him supported and they all laughed except for my uncle, Lora and Annie whose eyes were all facing towards me.

I know I’m in big trouble with my uncle for sure but I ain’t to blame for receiving all the praises and attention of his guests.

“Can you tell us about yourself dear?” The bald man among them asked me.

I was so speechless knowing where the question was heading. It was the question my uncle had instructed me to avoid at all cost.

“I really don’t know what to say to him? How do I avoid the question?” I ruminate.

“We can talk about business Mr Flex, knowing everything about her isn’t important.” My uncle announced trying to dismiss the talk.

Mr Henry, who saw that I wasn’t comfortable answering the question, supported my uncle and that’s how the question was closed as they began discussing about business.

As much as I’m having fun seeing them so intense and angry, I can’t just expose them even if I want to but I believe they will get exposed one day by their own act.

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