Casabella Episode 4


💯{The Revenge of an Angel}💯

🤍🖤🤍By: Author Zuyuki {Humie}🖤🤍🖤


👸Casabella’s POV 👸

“Honey, why do you have to hire cleaners when Bella can do it herself.” Lora cajoled.

“You know I don’t have a choice. I don’t want Henry and the rest to get a leap of how we’re treating her or everything I’ve worked so hard for us will crumble before our eyes.”

I can’t believe they’ll be so inhumane and shameless to treat me this way. They only think about themselves, enjoying their life and making me pass through hell.

“Okay darling. I wouldn’t want that for us one bit and make this witch enjoy luxury.” She responded and turned to me with guffawed looks.

“You heard what he said; you ain’t cleaning the house today so go make breakfast for us and move your luggage to the dark room.”

“Okay.” I murmured and left the living room to the kitchen feeling disgusted with their act, only to see Annie, the stupid brat on the counter smoking.

“Look who is here? The last face I don’t ever wanna see on a good day.” She cackled, puffing out smoke out of her mouth.

“Well, some people need to find a space where they won’t have to see this face here.”

She’s so bitchy but I’m more of a bitch than she is. I ain’t surprised she’s engaged in smoking cigarettes after all, she took all the features from her parents.

“I ain’t got time for you right now. I’ve more important things to do and that’s smoking in peace.” She sneered and got down from the counter heading outside through the back door.

That’s what she should have done in the first place before doing it here. I had the intention of putting her in the right position but luckily she backed out without a fight.

I checked the menu for breakfast today to see it was my favourite meal: sandwich, pancake with orange juice.

I remembered when my mum was still alive, she would make it every single day for me because I don’t ever get tired of it but when my uncle came into the picture, I couldn’t have what I love so much but seeing the new menu my aunt laid out brought back the old memories.

I laid out all the ingredients and set out to work and in less than thirty minutes I was done with everything but just served it on a plate and before taking it to the dining table.

After packing it on a tray, I took it to the dining room where my uncle, Lora and Annie are all seated.

“What took you so long to make everything ready? Don’t you know we’re all starving, fool?” Lora blustered.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t easy making the two all at once.”

“Whatever, are you going to dish it out or keep standing like a statue?”

“That’s what she looks like mother.” Annie chipped in and burst out laughing like a bitch.

“Okay ladies, let her dish out the food and let have breakfast in peace.” My uncle declared as both mother and daughter’s faces turned sore.

They hate it when he interferes whenever they’re making a joke of me in his presence but once he’s away, I get to face their bitchy ways all by myself.

I dish out the meals for them and leave for the kitchen to have my own portion where I do have my meals in peace. I wasn’t allowed to sit with them in the dining room and have any meal which I’ve been okay with without any problem.

Once I was done with my portion of food which I enjoyed every bit of, I headed back to the dining room and cleared the table out and washed the utensils before going to my room to move all my belongings into my new room which I had decorated exactly as my previous room.

I packed all my luggage and was already exiting the room when Lora and her wretched daughter walked into the room holding shopping bags in their hands.

“What could they have got and want to give to me?” I wondered, staring at the shopping bags.

“Stop staring because they ain’t any of yours. My husband got all of them for my daughter and I.”

“But dad ruined everything by getting her a pretty dress which is prettier than mine just like the ones we burnt.” Annie grumbled in anger.

“Baby, your dad is only doing so to make the guests satisfied with how she’s doing under his care and not get any suspicion or doubt about anything but once they’re gone, we’re going to burn it. She shouldn’t have to wear pretty and expensive dresses, they’re only for people with class and worth it which she isn’t any of them.”

I forgot to mention, these two heartless humans burnt all my expensive dresses, shoes and other valuables but my uncle was helpful by getting other ones but not as beautiful as the ones they burnt.

“Here you go! You’re to wear that for dinner and once it’s over, consider taking it off and handing it over to me or you won’t like the outcome.” She blustered and threw two of the shopping bags to me which I caught right on time.

“Okay, thanks.” I mumbled.

“I didn’t hear that.”

“Thanks.” I uttered audibly to her hearing.

“Save that for yourself also when you’re done moving to the dark room. Go downstairs and direct the cleaners and caterers on what to do because I don’t have the time for all those stress and troubles, is that clear?” She inquired and I nodded my head in response before she left the room along with Annie who was cursing words only known to her.

“What a bitch!” I mouthed to myself and checked the shopping bag to see an off shoulder purple flawless long gown with flower designs all over it.

Whoa! This is so beautiful. I can’t believe my uncle got this beautiful gown just for me! Well, he didn’t do it by his own free-will but to impress his guests so he can still stick to my possessions.

It is so beautiful that I can’t stop admiring the dress. I took the other bag to see a black shiny stiletto heels, just beautiful and perfect for the dress.

I won’t let Lora and her daughter have this one burn to ashes. I must stand up for this particular one and fight for it even if it means taking the matter to my uncle who I am sure will support me with it.

I tried the dress and heels on and it was so fitted and nice on my body before taking it off and keeping it safe in my wardrobe. I can’t wait to make Lora and Annie beyond jealous when the guests comment on my looks. I’ll make them burn in jealousy, anger and lot of pain they won’t be able to exhibit when the guests arrive.

From the look of things, the dinner will be so fantastic and spontaneous having new faces around to compliment me on my looks.

I’ll need to set all my makeup kit and how to fit in with them as well. It’s been ages since I last had freedom to take a break from the house chores and right now I am extremely grateful to the guests showing up.

I need to go and direct the cleaners and caterers on what to do and help them out in one way or the other. I’m not as inhuman as my aunt and Annie. I’ve human conscience and that’s the true essence of being human.

I changed into less pretty clothes and headed downstairs to meet the cleaners and caterers.

“Good afternoon everyone.” I greeted.

“Good afternoon Madam.” They chored.

“I’m not ma’am. I’m Casabella and I’ll be the one to show you all where to begin the work. I’ll be joining you guys as well.” I addressed them with a smile.

“You really don’t need to join us. What would your father say?” One of the females who looks like a caterer and the head chef expressed.

“It’s alright. He won’t say a word, I bet you all so let’s get set to work.” I assured them and began to assign the positions they were going to work on, starting with the cleaners first.

When I was done assigning the cleaners where they were going to work and also giving them a helping hand, I headed to the kitchen to join the caterers in the cooking of the meal.

“How’s the preparation going?” I asked one of them who looks like their boss because she was much older than all of them.

“It’s going smoothly ma’am. Thank you for insisting on joining us. It is so rare to find kind and good hearted people like you.”

“It’s really nothing, so what should I help out with?” I answered with a smile.

“You’re so beautiful with a pure heart of gold. I hope the man who gets married to you will be just like you.”

“I’m grateful aunt. Let’s get to work fast. What are we making?”

“Corn and coriander fritters, beer-battered lemon and prawns, ham and potato cakes with rocket pesto and finally crisp squid with saffron and green apple aioli”

“Whoa, it really a lot to do but we’re going to do it together and make them delicious.”

“I’m sure you’ll be the reason the meal is going to taste super delicious with your pure heart.”

“You think so?” I asked, laughing.

“Totally sure.” She uttered and all the workers nod in response, smiling.

“Well, thanks. Shall we begin then.”

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