Casabella Episode 2


?{The Revenge of an Angel}?

???By: Author Zuyuki {Humie}???


?Casabella’s POV?

To say I’m not shocked and speechless as everyone is an understatement. My uncle, Lora and Annie kept glaring hard at me with hatred which I can’t relate to.

“What’s wrong with this man? He just got the attention of everyone right on me or did he know me from somewhere?” I conceited staring speechlessly at him.

“You’re such a beauty dear, I wish you were my daughter, I would have being the luckiest father of an angel as you.”

I felt cherished and loved at the mention of those words, my dad always utters words as that to me, I just wish he was right here with me.

“Thank you for showing kindness to me.” I uttered slowly, bowing my head down as everyone grazed, creating an uneasy effect on me.

“Do excuse me sir,” I added and left his presence going to a path that led to the restroom as their graze on me was still following me.

The moment I got to the passage, I sigh in relief as my hands were on my knees as I kept walking slowly until my body came in contact with a firm body.

“Can’t you be more careful when walking?” The voice which was thick and firm asked but I didn’t see his face but I was sure he did see mine.

“No, you should be more careful, not me. I was sure I didn’t bump into you first.” I faltered as my back was turned against him.

“You’re really lucky I don’t talk to cheap ladies so you had better apologise for bumping into me or I’m gonna teach you how to be nice to people.”

God! How rude of him to say that to me? What does he think just because he’s wealthy or what? I wish my uncle hadn’t warned me, I would have given him a piece of my mind.

“Since you keep insisting I bumped into you then I’m sorry mister but I’m not a cheap lady like you proclaimed.”

“Still rude and mean young lady, do you know who you’re talking back to?”

“I don’t wanna know. Excuse me mister.” I added and walked away but still felt his glare behind me.

After using the restroom, I head back to the party but I couldn’t take off the incident with that stranger outta my head. It was like in the movies where someone praises the most beautiful lady in the presence of everyone to make her feel cherished and wanted.

I gotta remove the thought outta my head because this is reality.

Less I forget, who is the man I bumped into? I couldn’t see his face but I was sure he’d seen mine. He sure is a wealthy man, no wonder he was asking if I knew him.

He was so grumpy yet had a sexy voice. He’s so lucky I didn’t want to get myself in trouble because my uncle had cautioned me or I will be asked to scrub the whole floor of the mansion and also be starved.

“Where the hell have you been bitch?” Lora cussed in a low tone dragging me to a corner.

“Mum, I don’t know what took her so long in the restroom, who knows if she went to meet a man.” Annie accused.

“What the hell are you saying Annie? Do I look like someone who can do such a thing?”

“Well no one knows, why did the man say all those words to you?”

“Obviously it was on my looks.”

“Watch your words Bella or am gonna help you shut that filthy tongue.” Lora objected, keeping her words down from creating a scene.

“I can’t keep watching her talk to me in that manner so you need to caution her as well.”

I just can’t sit back and watch their family keep tormenting my life at every little thing that doesn’t make sense at all.

“I can see you have grown wings since you’re allowed to attend this party. Let get home first and you’ll see what am going to do to you little monster.” She stated with pure disgust on her face and turned to Annie.

“Honey, I know you’re angry and same as I but your dad strictly instructed us not to cause any trouble for him. But once the party is over and we leave for home, we’re going to torment her life so hard until she cries and beg for our mercy.”

I know she’s planning to starve and lock me up in the dark room which looks so creepy and dark. The room has been locked for years because it was confirmed a strange guest visited the house and was offered the room and not quite long the guest left but every night, creepy sounds were always heard from the room and ever since then, the room was locked and bandaged.

But Lora opened it two weeks back and had me stay inside to punish me and miraculously nothing happened to me but the state of the room alone was enough to have you tumbling on your feet. The room was covered with cobwebs and little insects flying all around. It really is a scary place which I don’t ever want to be again.

“Yes mum, I really love the way you keep coming up with brilliant ideas to deal with this lowlife bitch.”

“Aunt, you can give me any punishment but please don’t lock me up in the dark room.”

“Well my mind is made up.” She chuckled along with Annie.

I hope I survive staying in the dark room today because the previous one that happened was a luck but today I really don’t know how it’s gonna be.

“You’ll be alright like always Casa.” A voice said to me outta nowhere.

“This is where you all have been while I was searching for you three. Casabella come over, my board members want to see how I’ve been looking after you and first let me warn you, you mustn’t speak to anyone how we’re treating you or you’re gonna find yourself on the street begging for food and shelter and I hope you won’t like that, would you?” He smirked.

“I don’t want that uncle. I promise I won’t say a thing about that to them.”

“That’s good. Honey, you and Annie can hang around a bit before we get back.”

“Sure darling.” She responded as they both hugged each other before he gestured me to trail behind.

We got to a spot where five old men were laughing and taking a toast.

“She’s here everyone.” My uncle uttered and they all turned to stare at me.

“She’s so beautiful.” The one with bald hair crowded as the rest nodded in response.

“Good evening everyone.” I greeted.

“Her voice is just like her father’s but with so much melody.” Another man with grey hair uttered.

For some reason I found myself smiling within me but my uncle’s face was all sore and bitter.

“Well gentlemen, this is my late brother’s daughter, Casabella.”

“What a beautiful name you’ve got dear.” The same man with bald hair stated.

“Thank you sir.”

“Andrew, why hasn’t she taken over her father’s rightful companies and properties?” The man with grey hair enquired.

“Um, you see she isn’t old enough and lacks experience in the business. That’s why I’m still running the company. She was the one who brought about the idea, I should continue running the companies.” He lied.

“I see but dear, why don’t you undergo a program based on business to expand your knowledge in the field.” Err… Hmm… I actually…” I was trying to reply when my uncle cut in sharply.

“I’ve enrolled her for one which she’s already improving.”

“Oh, that’s good. You’re a good man Andrew, for looking after your late brother’s daughter. Kelvin was a great business man and a good friend.”

Good man my foot. He’s only a demon with a nice appearance and never loves or even cares about me.

“After all, my late brother was so good to me so taking care of his daughter and handling his wealth was the least I could do for all he has done for my family and I.”

That doesn’t help, it’s called betrayal. He has always been envious of my father from the beginning and wished him death and to accumulate his wealth which he finally succeeded.

“You’re indeed a man with good intentions. Here is a toast to you, Andrew.” The bald man entreated my uncle, handing him a glass of red wine.

Never will I toast to him over my father’s wealth instead I’ll toast for his downfall.

“I’m sorry, I badly wanna use the restroom. It was great meeting you all. Please excuse me.” I announced and left their presence in a rush.

“Thank goodness!” I breathe out after finding a quiet space outside the party.

I know my uncle is so pissed with me for trying to expose him out and will definitely beat me up when we get back home.

“This is where you’re dear. I’ve been searching everywhere for you.” Mr Henry, the man from the party who admired my beauty, uttered out of nowhere startling me.


“Oh, I’m sorry I startled you like that. I need to see you before the party is over.” He added.

“It’s fine. I’m right here also thanks for the compliment earlier.”

“Your beauty is worth it. Here is my business card, if you’re in need of anything just give me a call. I know deep within, you’re not happy how Andrew and his family are treating you.” He declared stretching his business card.

How did he know my uncle has been treating me unjust? Could it be, my uncle told him? No, I can’t say anything to anyone no matter what.

“I never said they’re treating me badly or anything. Why would you think of that sir?”

“It is written all over your face. I can see the pain in your eyes dear but don’t be scared I won’t say a word to anyone.”

There is no doubt he’s telling the truth. What should I say to him now?

“Err… Hmm… Okay!” I uttered and took the business card from him.

“I’ll be waiting for your call anytime. Good night!”

“Good night sir!” I responded and took my leave walking back inside the hall to meet Lora and Annie waiting for me at the door.

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