Badly Smelling Pu$$y – As A Man, What Would You Say To Her Next?

So you are about to knack this beautiful babe you’ve been trying to get for a long time, and them boom – her pu$$y smells really bad! What would you say to her?

Vaginal smell is a problem that all women face. While having a scent in your vagina is perfectly natural and acceptable, certain vaginal smell can indicate that something is wrong.

Now back to the scenario.

You are about to get down with the girl after preparing your mind and spending a lot for her that day.

You then dip your fingers into her, caressing her vulva and clitoris, all of a sudden, the bad stench hits you like a rotten fish/egg!

Your manhood then falls flat as all the strength in you disappear.

The odour of the room completely changes and the environments becomes uncomfortable. You are torn between telling her and chasing her out of the room like a thief.

Will you pretend like nothing happened or tell her straight away? Would you advice and encourage her on how to get better?

You are about to Knack a girl and her Pu&&y smells really bad – What Would You Do?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

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