Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Prologue

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?Arranged Marriage?‍♀️
?To a complete stranger?

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Nathan Rodriguez’s pov?‍♂️

I was sitting in my grandfather’s study room and opposite me was my father, William Rodriguez, CEO of the ‘Rodriguez corp.’ and my grandfather

I was sitting in my grandfather’s study and opposite me was my father, William Rodriguez, CEO of the ‘Rodriguez corp.’

and my grandfather, the famous Alexander Rodriguez, president of the company.

But what we were discussing wasn’t business. Or maybe it was, but not to me.

I was still trying to comprehend what they had just told me, or should I say, ordered me.

“Marriage? Me? Why?”, I asked, in a stunned tone.

“I’m not ready to get married, and that to, to a person I don’t even know!

I don’t want an arranged marriage!” I said trying to talk them out of this simple bizarre plan.

“You still have time to get to know her” my father responded.

“The marriage is set for next month, so you have a whole month to court her.”

“So you’ve set my marriage without my consent? This is insane!”

“Son, I’m sick of your ways” my grandfather added.

“All your partying, one-night-stands and playboy attitude, is ruining our name and reputation.

It’s time you settled down and become more serious about life.

Only then will you be taken seriously.”

“There has already been murmurs among the board members” my father warned.

“They think you’re neither capable, nor worthy enough to be CEO.

The media has done nothing to improve your reputation and if this goes on we’ll soon be facing a crisis.

If you want to be the next CEO after me, you need to show the board and our investors,

you’re capable of responsibility and mature enough to run such a firm.

The face of the company needs to be a strong and powerful leader,

someone to look up to, an inspiration, someone people respect and take seriously.

Not someone who is a regular face on front-page of celebrity gossip or someone whose credentials are being voted s**iest man.

This is corporate business not Hollywood.”

“What are you talking about dad? I’m much more than that!

I’ve worked so hard from a young age to earn my place at the top.

I’ve sacrificed a lot, you know it. I’m deserve to be CEO not because I’m your son but because I’m worthy of it.

I’ve proved myself in the business world multiple times and yet all you see me as is a s** symbol?”

“Its just the way things are honey,” dad replied. “When you’re on the top, every little action matters.

Everyone is watching you, judging you, measuring you.

Competitors are at every corner, plotting you’re downfall.

And you can’t give them any chance to make you seem weak.

Right now, your image isn’t the best. You are still perceived as the puppy after the dogs bone.”

“You should be glad that despite it all, the Andersons have agreed to this marriage.

Do you really want to ruin our friendship with them?” Grandpa chimed in.

Matthew Anderson was my grandfather’s best friend.

He was well known and respected as a brilliant businessman.

I personally had a lot of respect for the man, and even looked up to him as my idol.

His only son died years ago, and he had been at the helm of the ‘.Anderson corps.’

for a long time, but for the last couple of years his grandson,

Aaron Anderson had taken up the mantle and he took the already huge Anderson empire to a greater height.

We had quite a good relationship with them, and instead of being rivals we were friends, thanks to the friendship my grandfather had with Matthew Anderson,

which was also quite benefiting as they had been funding many of our projects.

If this marriage worked and our two companies could come together, then we would be a force to be reckoned with.

“Hailey Anderson is an intelligent, graceful and elegant young lady and she is someone you need by your side when you take over the company”

my father spoke trying to convince me. “But most of all, she knows how to handle family. You’ll be lucky to have her.”

But I didn’t want to have her. I was already in love with a gorgeous, most beautiful woman I’d ever know.

And she was in love with me. We had an amazing relationship.

But my grandparents didn’t like her. When I once talked about marrying her….


*? Really My dear play boy you need to settle down ❤️‍?

Well, find out yourself?

This story is full of drama you don’t want to miss.


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