Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 9

🔥Arranged Marriage👰‍♀️
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By: worthy stories

Chapter 9

Hailey’s pov 🔥

It’s been a week since I left Nathan’s house. I hate to admit it but that man managed to claw at my walls and hurt me.

When I agreed to this marriage, I didn’t consider what I was getting myself into.

I was just happy that my grandparents were happy, that I was no longer burdening them.

But now I realised how much this has affected me.

My deep desire and hope for a family- something I lost a long time ago- is being abused,

by a husband who didn’t care about my wellbeing, didn’t even, didn’t even respect me.

On the first day of our wedding I realised my husband was a player and didn’t have any intention of having an actual relationship with me,

but I always thought that in the long run we would get to know each other and maybe even become friends,

or atleast live in a cordial relationship, where he would respect and understand me.

But that day, dinner with his parents, I realised that the man never respected me,

we could not be friends when he was looking forward to humiliating and insulting me.

That day I snapped because of how he treated me.

I couldn’t live with him any longer. For my own sanity and peace of mind, I need to separate my life from his.

I’ve been broken many times before because I was too careless, easygoing and naive and let people take advantage of me.

I can’t have that again. I must be cautious.

I’m on a plane to California, for a case along with my PA, Joshua and my associate, Claire Scott.

The entire week I was living separate, Nathan didn’t even bother to call or check on me.

What else was I expecting from him. So I didn’t bother to inform him that I was leaving the state either.

Why should I?


Nathan’s pov 🔥

One week has passed and Hailey still hasn’t come home.

She sure is one stubborn woman. Not that I mind it.

With her gone, Hannah has been here more often.

I still didn’t get why she left though. If this was a plan to get my attention, then she’s gonna be so disappointed.

As far as I can see mom said nothing that was wrong or offending.

She’s just overreacting. But then she had the nerve to insult mom in her own home.

I had to call her and apologize for Hailey’s behaviour.

She was so upset, it made me angry at Hailey.

Today my grandfather called. He and grandma wanted to have dinner with me and Hailey over at their place.

I just hoped it goes better than the last time. I called Robert,

my PA, and asked him to leave a message with Hailey’s PA, Jack, Jacob whatever his name was.

I came back home, expecting to see my wife as I told Robert to tell her to be here so we could go together. But there was no sign of her.

My phone rang and it was Robert.
What he told me left me furious.

Apparently, Hailey decided to take a trip to California and didn’t even bother to inform me.

Now what was I going to tell my grandfather? I already agreed to this in the morning.

If I showed up now, in the evening, telling them Hailey couldn’t make it,

then they’d get suspicious as to how I didn’t know my wife left the state.

Damn this woman! She just had to make my life harder.


I showed up at my grandparents place ready with an excuse for Hailey’s absence.

I wouldn’t tell them that she isn’t in the state. I’ll just say that she’s caught up with work.

I entered the house, surprised to see that my parents were also there.

My grandma came to greet me, pulling me in a hug.

“Where’s Hailey, Nathaniel?” My grandfather asked looking at the door for my wife.

“She couldn’t make it,” I told him “got caught up with some urgent work in the office.”

Dad and grandma seemed upset. My mom breathed a sigh of relief.

Couldn’t really blame here there. But grandpa simply narrowed his eyes, seemingly not believing me.

I gulped. My grandfather was a tough man to fool. Thankfully, he didn’t ask any questions.


After dinner, we were sitting in the verandah, enjoying family time.

I stood up to go for a small walk. I came to a stop near the garden and leaned against the railing there.

I heard footsteps and turned around to see my grandfather coming.

He stood next to me and we begin talking buisness. He then stirred the conversation towards a topic I was dreading.

“How are you and Hailey doing now?”

“Yea we are good. Still getting to know each other.” I lied.

“Hm.. good. I was worried about her. Sad she couldn’t make it.

She never turns me down you know. Always makes time.” He looked at me.

I was stuck. “Well, work is work. Being a lawyer is hard job, and being a famous one is even harder. She barely has time.” I chuckled nervously.

“Really? You seem to know so much about you wife?” He asked me.

“Wh… What do you mean, grandpa?” I stammered. I never stammer!


“What I mean Nathaniel, is that I know that Hailey isn’t in New York.

I called her about dinner before she left for California, yesterday.

But I’m intrigued to know why you didn’t know about it when I called you this morning.

She’s your wife and you’re supposed to be getting to know each other.”

There was an edge to his voice that made me want to run and hide.

This man could scare the living shit out of anybody.

I tried to come up with a response but my tongue and mind betrayed me.

“I….We…she” I couldn’t even think of what to say.

“Listen to me son, I am warning you, if you do anything to hurt her, anything, I will beat the living shit out of you.

This marriage is serious, she is your wife. Stop messing around and take responsibility.

Show me you are a capable and intelligent man, ready to handle buisness and family together.

Hailey is a gem you need by you. I’ve told you this before and I’m telling you again.

She is the one for you, not that stupid, selfish ex you couldn’t seem to get enough of.

Dating her was the stupidest decision you ever made, you should be thankful I fixed that for you.

Now focus on your wife and marriage and the next time I see you, I want to hear that you’ll are making progress.”

With that he left me standing there. I didn’t know how to feel at the end of his speech.

I found myself cussing that damn woman. She’s such a pain.

I can’t believe that my grandfather would prefer her over my gorgeous, smart, kind and loving Hannah.

He called Hannah stupid and selfish! How could he!

He didn’t even know her. If anything it’s Hailey who is rude, insulting and a bully.

Hannah told me how she would pick on her, everytime she saw her.

She was just jealous of my beautiful Hannah, and would try to hurt her.

She even called her a mistress. Hannah would cry and tell me all the mean things Hailey would say to her, but she never let me confront Hailey.

She said it was ok and would even defend her. Such a kind soul! She should be angry at Hailey for ruining our relationship, but she has nothing but kind words for her.

And grandpa dare call her selfish!
I can’t wait for the day Hailey’s true face comes before them.

Mom’s already seen it, now the rest need to see it too.

They’ll be so shocked. I wonder why she married me.

She must definitely have some hidden agenda. I’m going to find it and then expose her to everyone.

I officially hate you Hailey Jane Anderson! I hate how you have my family wrapped around your finger,

hate how you ruined my life and my relationship,

hate how you hurt my love, hate how because of you Hannah has to bear the title “mistress” instead of wife.


One week later🔥

Nathan’s pov 🔥

I was in the lobby of a hotel along with my attorney,

Harry Lawrence waiting for a business associate to show up.

I met Harry last year in London when I was there for business.

He is an excellent lawyer, one of the best actually and helped me with my business.

It was a shame he worked for a British firm and couldn’t represent me in New York.

Last month, I learnt that his firm was expanding to New York and he was moving here, where he belonged.

I didn’t waste any time to sign him up as part of my legal counsel.

My grandfather wanted Hailey to be my attorney but I couldn’t stomach being with her more than necessary.

It was bad enough to be living with her, I can’t work with her.

I managed to convince my grandfather, after a lot of difficulty, may I add, to let me sign Lawrence.

Jack Davis, my buisness associate whom I was partnering with on a new resort project, approached us.

He was a young and jolly person maybe early 30s but a good businessman.

Originally, we were both chasing the same project and land and so it led to conflict between our two companies.

Then, we broached the idea of partnering instead of fighting.

So here we are to settle the paperwork, draw up the final deal and also let our lawyers look over it.

“Mr Rodriguez” he greeted me. “It’s good to meet you again.”

“Likewise” I told him as I shook his hand. “This is Mr Harry Lawrence, my lawyer.”

“Nice to meet you Mr Lawrence.” They greeted each other.

“Shall we proceed to the conference room gentlemen?”

He asked and we agreed. He whispered something to his secretary, then led us to the conference room.

As we settled down and were served refreshments, Harry initiated conversation.

“Mr Davis, all the paperwork looks good,” he said as he went through some papers “now we have to draw up the contract, and finish the legal work and go over the details.

You know as they say, the devil’s always in the detail.” He chuckled and we joined him.

“I usually leave it to my lawyer, never likes to let me down.” Mr Davis said

“Does he always like to be late?” I asked, annoyed as we were waiting for his lawyer who wasn’t here yet.

“It’s ‘she’,” he corrected “and she just got off a plane from LA.”

Just then we heard heels clicking as someone entered the room. I turned my head towards the door.

“Hailey Jane Anderson?” Harry exclaimed.

To be continued……

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