Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 7

🔥Arranged Marriage👰‍♀️
💃complete 👰

👰 stranger👰‍♀️💙

By: worthy stories

Chapter 7

Hailey’s pov 🔥

An entire month passed with Nathan and Hannah being all lovey dovey.

They’d easily flaunt their relationship all over the house and never miss an opportunity to rub it in my face.

Nathan’s one night stands have stopped, but he spends every waking second with her.

He even tried to get her to move in with him, but I put a stop to it.

I might turn a blind eye to his infidelity, but I have enough self respect to never allow him to keep his mistress in the same house as I, in my house infact.

But he certainly doesn’t have that decency. I told him that it was either she leave or I leave, but we both were definitely not living under the same roof together.

However, she still stays over sometimes, sleeps in our bedroom, and has sex in our bed with my husband.

Nathan and I don’t talk. We have mutually agreed to ignore each other until the end of our lives.

Yes, end of our lives. Want to know a secret? Ok, so the contract our grandparents made us sign on the day of our wedding had a clause that said that we couldn’t get a divorce.

But Nathan doesn’t seem to know about it. He thinks he can divorce me after two years. But he can’t divorce me without losing half of everything he owns to me.

And no business man in their right mind would ever take that step seeing how much they stand to lose.

The only way we can be free of each other without losing much would be to have a child together. Wonderful right?

Hannah however didn’t get the ‘ignore each other’ memo. Everytime she sees me she has to pass snide remarks, say something insulting or straight up bully me.

But I just ignore her and pretend that she doesn’t even exist. That gets to her more than any of my words can.

Once she even had the audacity to ask me to make dinner for her and Nathan’s “date night” as she had given the maids off and she couldn’t risk messing up her recently manicured hands.

Me being me, agreed and she seemed shocked, but then smiled thinking she won. If only she knew.

Hailey Jane Anderson never loses. That night I cooked up an amazing dinner, but either added lots- and I mean lots- of salt or spice in it so that it was either super salty or really spicy.

Then for the icing on the cake, I dissolved salt in the jar of water that I placed on their table and kept a bowl of bitter chocolates in the middle of the table.

Watching them cough up and spit out and gag was really funny.

God, their faces and reactions! I regret not recording it.

That should teach the bitch to never mess with me.

You see, I was brought up like a proper lady, with proper manners and etiquette.

So if you throw a punch at me, I won’t punch back.

I’ll just kill you with kindness. But rest assured I will get back to you.


I was in my home office finishing up some paperwork when Nathan walked in.

In case you’re wondering, no Nathan didn’t give me an office, I just took it.

This mansion has so many rooms that I just converted one into my own office cause I really need it
And technically this is also my house so I don’t need his permission.

He didn’t even bother to knock. So I just ignored him.

As if I’m just going to let him walk all over me. He tried calling out to me to get my attention but again, I ignored him, not even sparing him a glance.

Didn’t one of his rules state that I never speak to him? He got frustrated and banged his hands on my table.

“God damn it Hailey, I’m talking to you!” He yelled.

I put my pen down, lean back on my chair and look at him, still not saying anything.

He clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth. He seemed to do that quite a lot.

” My parents have invited us over for dinner tonight. Be ready by seven.”

He waited for me to say something, but I just picked my pen up and continued with my work,

not bothering with him. He left my room furious, slamming the door on his way out.


I was ready by 6:30. It was the first time I would be having dinner with Nathan’s parents since our marriage and I wanted it to go well since they were now my family too.

I wore a casual but modest white dress with a small slit.

I paired it with matching white sandals and I was good to go.

I wore no jewelry except for my wedding ring and my engagement ring.

I came downstairs and Nathan was waiting for me in his black 2020 Ferrari 458 Italia.

He was dressed in a light green button down and brown trousers, and I dare say he looked good. I mean my husband is really handsome.

I’m not even going to deny it. I got in and he begin to drive.

The twenty minute drive seemed like hours due to the fact that none of us wanted to talk to each other.

Nathan was focused on the road while I busied myself playing candy crush on my phone. What? It’s addicting.

We pulled up at a beautiful and elegant mansion, bigger than ours.

The door opened and my in laws came out to greet us.

“Good evening Mrs Rodriguez,” I greeted my mother in law, since she was the first to walk up to us.

She just ignored me and walked past me to Nathan and pulled him in a tight hug.

“Oh my baby,” she cooed.

I didn’t know Evelyn Rodriguez, Nathan’s mother, but I got the feeling she didn’t like me.

I remember her giving me the cold shoulder on our wedding day.

I wasn’t able to ponder over her blatant disrespect towards me, as my father in law pulled me in a bear hug. I laughed and hugged him back.

“Oh my little hails, how have you been?” He asked

“I’ve been good Liam (short for William). How about you? How was Europe?” I asked the man who was like a second father to me.

Soon after our marriage, Liam and his wife, went on a long vacation to Europe. They just returned last week.

“Oh Europe was good, so good. You know I’ve been to London do many times before on business but I had never really as seen it.

It is so beautiful. And the pizza’s and pastas and latte of Italy are out the world.

We even went to a soccer match in Spain and don’t get me started on the French women.”

He winked at me and I chuckled, playfully swatting his arm. Evelyn finally acknowledged my presence.

Hailey” she said in greeting as she hugged me and her hands went to feel my abdomen.

Feeling uncomfortable I pulled away. I handed her the bottle of wine I had got for them since Nathan didn’t give me enough time so that I could make them something.

She accepted the bottle for my hand, thanking me and giving me a fake smile.

“You’ve gotten fatter since I last saw you, dear” she said leaving me shocked, while she dragged out the dear.

I knew she was lying because even though I may not have a body of a model, I was definitely not fat.

I was slim and worked out to stay healthy and in good shape and I loved my body.

Even though I was pissed at her statement, I said nothing while she seemed disappointed at my lack of response.

Sensing the tense atmosphere, Liam cleared his throat and said,

“Let’s go inside now shall we?” As we were heading inside, he added, “Oh and Hailey darling, I think you look gorgeous.

Love that dress.” He smiled at me and shot Nathan a cold look.

I smiled back at him, as he led us to the drawing room.

We chatted for a while, mostly Evelyn made conversation with Nathan while Liam told me about his time in Europe.

After awhile, a maid announced that the dinner was ready and we headed to the dinning room.

Liam and Nathan talked about business, while I remained quiet, only giving my two cents when Liam asked for my opinion.

Evelyn was completely left out in this talk which wasn’t surprising since she was a housewife and didn’t involve herself in business.

After awhile she seemed bored and decided to stir the conversation towards me.

“Hailey, have you met Hannah Williams yet?” Evelyn asked me.

My head shot up. Why was she asking me this? Does she know?

But she couldn’t right?
Yes,” I replied, confused, “I met her last month, for business.”

“Oh she’s such a classy and elegant lady don’t you think?” Classy and elegant? Hannah?

Never mind. “I wanted her to be my daughter in law, she and Nathan were so perfect together. But then, he got stuck with you.”

Wow this woman is something else. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind,

but then, she was my mother in law, I had to be polite and patient, and so decided to say nothing.

I didn’t want to argue and fight for no reason.

Liam gave me an apologetic smile, while Nathan just smirked.

Oh how I wanted to slap that smirk off his face.

After that we continued with small talk but my dearest mother in law wasn’t done with me.

“Hailey dear, you are so flat. Maybe you should consider getting a breast implant (boob job) done.

I know a doctor who does it really well. I mean, I wouldn’t want my son to be unsatisfied.”

I looked at her in horror. Is she for real? What’s wrong with this woman?

I looked at my husband to see if he would say something to defend me, but he continued eating like nothing was wrong.

Liam looked at his wife in utter disbelief. He opened his mouth to say something, probably tell her off, but I didn’t want them to fight on my accord so I beat him to it.

“I’m not changing my body for anyone” I told her in a matter-of-fact kinda voice, with my poker face on.

“And don’t worry Mrs Rodriguez, you’re son is well sated.”

I said which wasn’t a lie. I’m sure Hannah met all his needs perfectly well. But I wasn’t done with this bitch.

“But do you know the doctor well? I mean ever met him, maybe even had an appointment with him?” I asked her in a sugar sweet voice.

She gasped in surprise, while Nathan seemed furious. Poor Liam looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but here.

“Hailey!” My dear husband gritted out.

“Nathan” I said giving him an innocent look and daring him with my eyes to say something.

Liam, decided to change the topic, and looked at me.

“Hailey darling, I heard from your grandfather that your quite the tennis player” Liam asked in a cherry voice.

“I used to play in high school and college. My dad taught me when I was four” I responded reminiscing on those sweet days.

“That’s great! Next month my friend is having a charity tennis tournament.

I was wondering if you would like to join me. We could be a team.”

He seemed so eager that I was ready to give in, but as always evil Evelyn had to butt in.

“I can’t understand how anyone’s parents can be so careless to allow their child to play sports in school and college. That’s just poor parenting.

They should have been teaching you how to be a good wife and daughter in law instead.

Now look how we have to suffer from their incompetence. What did they even teach you?”

Now, to say I was furious would be an understatement.

All night long she was insulting me, but now she had to drag my parents into this?

Did she even teach her son to be a proper husband first?

But she still has the audacity to taunt my dead parents? Sorry, but that, I won’t tolerate.

To hell with being polite. You asked for this, woman.

“My parents taught me how to be an independent woman, to be self dependent, and to stand up for myself.

You know my mother too was a working woman.

She did not condone being a trophy wife and leeching your husband for money and name.” I told her, taking a dig at her.

She was seething at my remark but I couldn’t care less. She opened her mouth but I cut her off.

“And yes Liam I’d like to play with you.” I smiled at him as he looked at me proudly. “Just let me know the date and place.”

“Great, oh I can’t wait to show my daughter off infront of my friends.”

He said happily as he threw a meaningful look his wife’s way.

I chuckled at his enthusiasm. He looked at me again and cleared his throat.

He wanted to say something but he seemed nervous.

“Hailey, I would love it if you would call be dad. I mean if you want to… like you’re allowed to. I mean you are my daughter… you know”

I felt my heart warm at his request. Finally I found something in this awful marriage.

Liam went to school with my dad and were good friends.

I really adored him and respected him like I would my own father.

He had the same warmth, same love. He was even ready to defend me against his wife.

“I would love to” my voice came out in a whisper, as I placed my hand over his and he gave it a slight squeeze. “But I’d prefer papa” I told him teasingly.

“Really? I’d prefer papi.” He teased back and we both laughed.

Evelyn was shocked at our exchange but there was nothing but anger in Nathan’s eyes.

“You know our marriage isn’t public knowledge yet” Nathan said, breaking our fun atmosphere.

“You can’t show her off infront of your friends, because she is not your daughter.”

Once again he managed to hurt me with his words. But me being the queen I am, played it cool.

“Well of course she is” Liam told his son. “She is my best friends daughter which made her my daughter from the day she was born.

And now I can legally call her my daughter.”

We finished our dinner on a good note, or at least I did. Thank God for Liam.

After dinner, we sat down for a little talk, while Liam showed me his record collection.

I chose to plainly ignore the woman who was my mother in law as I had nothing good to say to her.

While we were leaving, Liam pulled me into a hug and told me to keep in touch. He even told Nathan to treat his babygirl well.

“Goodnight papa” I said as I kissed his cheek.

“Goodnight hails, call me when you reach home.”

I smiled at him. I didn’t bother saying goodnight to Evelyn as I straight up walked to the car with Nathan at my heels.


Go girl 🤣🤣🤣

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