Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 2

?Arranged Marriage?‍♀️
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By: worthy stories

Chapter 2

Hailey’s pov?

Today was the day I got married to a complete stranger.

Yes I hadn’t even seen my future husband in person, much less speak to him.

I had tried reaching out a couple of times but there had been no response.

I sighed and straightened my dress again. The wedding would be a small affair with only close family and friends and absolutely no media, just like I wanted it to be.

At least he was on the same page with me on that.

I had left the wedding preparations to Nathan’s grandmothers, and they had gone all out with it.

Simple but elegant and rich. And jaw-dropping beautiful. The wedding dress was the only thing of my choice.

My grandfather walked me down the aisle. I felt no excitement or joy, no tears of happiness, just plain curiosity for this new chapter of my life.

Like a brand new book that I’m waiting to read. I looked at the man awaiting me on the altar, and I must admit, he was a really handsome man.

He had dark hair and eyes, with a well defined jaw and a slight tan.

He wore a sleek black suit and his hair was neatly done to give him a look of a Disney Prince, but if they were more on the sexier side.

But I had learnt a long time back, not to judge a book by its cover.

Evil people often have the prettiest faces. His eyes were on me as I walked towards him,

trailing down and taking me in.

His face was stoic, void of any emotions. He didn’t seem too excited about the wedding. Well, the feeling was mutual.

My approach to the marriage and new husband would be completely civil until I’m aware of the person he truly is.

Since I didn’t get a chance to know him before the wedding,

I’ll have to spend some time after marriage estimating him.

If he is enough to be my partner and to start a new life with, it’ll be a blessing if we can have a friendly relationship.

But if I can’t trust him or we don’t get along well then, it’ll be a cordial relationship, where we meet once a while and make small talk and put on a farce for the sake of our families.

But if he turns out to be a rude monster, then I’m sorry, but I’m going to get up and leave.

I know you must be thinking, “Who the hell will think of all that while walking down the aisle?”

Well let’s just say, I learnt my lesson early on. I’m not going to put my heart and hopes out where it can be trampled on. Again.

The whole ceremony passed on in a blur, and we exchanged our vows.

When the priest declared, ‘you may now kiss the bride,’ that was the first time we looked at each other, like really looked.

His piercing eyes met my gaze. There was a challenge there, looking to see if I’d look away.

But to his dismay, I didn’t. I held his gaze and gave him an equally cold look, like the one he was giving me.

Still looking at me, he leaned forward, so that his head was towards the crowd.

But just as he was about to kiss my lips, I tilted my head a little bit to the side,

so that his kiss landed on the side of my mouth.

He quickly pulled back and glared at me.
The crowd, oblivious to the whole situation,

began cheering and clapping. He took my hand in his and we walked out of the church together.

The car ride was quite with neither of us bothering to speak.

Not that I minded. He just sat there in a brooding silence, but I could tell he was fuming.

Whether it was because of the kiss situation or otherwise I couldn’t tell.

I didn’t bother to ask but continued looking out of the window.

I know that this was a bad start, but I was not what ready to make the first step.

Why should it always be me making the first move?

When we arrived at the reception he seemed a little relaxed, but he was still giving me the silent treatment.

We danced to ‘Anyone’ by Justin Bieber and it just felt wrong.

That was my favourite song, but it just didn’t fit our situation.

I didn’t speak to him all through the night. We were both engaged in greeting the guests that had been invited.

From my peripheral vision, I would see him talking to some men, looking very professional.

Good, I always endorsed professional behavior.

Our grandparents looked elated, as they hugged me telling me just how happy they are.

Seeing them so full of joy, brought the first real smile on my face.

They were happy and that’s all that mattered. My brother however, was a different story.

He wasn’t onboard with the whole thing, but I managed to convince him.

Me and my brother had a great relationship and due to my lack of many friends, he was my closest and best friend.

To the world he was a ruthless billionaire and cold boss, but to me he was the epitome of warmth and love.

“Oh dear! Don’t you look beautiful!” Mrs. Sophia Rodriguez, Nathan’s grandmother said giving me a huge hug.

“Thanks, Mrs. Rodriguez” I replied politely.

“Oh hush now,” she said in a stern voice, “it’s grandmother to you. You can call us Sophia and Alex.”

I gave her a bright smile. Mr. Alexander Rodriguez was standing there with a proud look on his face.

“Where’s that silly grandson of mine, now” he asked.

“He was just here, greeting some guests” I looked around,

searching for my husband, but couldn’t find him.

Alex had an annoyed look on his face. He called out to someone and suddenly a man was standing before him with his head bowed I a respectful stance.

“Where’s my grandson, Robert?” Alex asked him in a cold voice.

“He left, sir” Robert replied in a scared voice.

There was anger in Alex’s voice when he spoke again,

“What do you mean, he left! This is his wedding for god’s sake!”

Not wanting the situation to escalate, or to ruin their joyful mood, I quickly stepped in.

“It must have been a really important thing then,” I said giving them a convincing smile “it’s not like he would leave if it wasn’t.”

I didn’t know anything about him but I still said that to pacify his raging grandparents.

They seemed to calm down, but oh, I was far from calm.

I was internally fuming that he left me in the middle of our reception like this.

Oh wait till I get home and get my hands on him.


As the driver pulled up in the driveway, I took a while to admire Nathan’s house.

Now mine too. Not a home, but a house. It was a modern mansion and it was beautiful.

Smaller than my grandparents or my parents old mansion, but more than comfortable for the two of us.

Nathan’s driver, Mr Taylor, who drove me here, opened the door for me as I stepped out, thanking him.

The doors to the mansion opened and there stood a man in his late 50s, dressed in a suit and tie, with a wide grin on his face.

He had grey eyes and a balding head, there was kindness in his eyes and he seemed to be an amiable fellow.

He bowed his head as I approached.

“Welcome Mrs. Rodriguez, we’ve been waiting for you” he said in a slight British accent.

“My name is Edward John and I am the butler here.”

“Thank you Mr. John.” I said giving him a smile, I had a feeling I was going to like him.

“I’m tired and would like to rest. Would mind showing me to my room.”

“I understand Mam, but sir has requested your presence in his study as soon as you arrive,” he said apologetically.

So he was already home? I wonder why he left earlier without saying a word.

“Ok. Take me to him”

He led me inside and I must say the interior designer did a fantastic job on this place.

The intricate designs were precise and gave the mansion an edgy modern look.

The whole decor screamed money.

We stopped infront of a double door and Mr John knocked twice.

From the other side, I could hear sounds of…moaning? which stopped as soon as the knock was heard.

Then there came some ruffling sound, some hurried movements and after a minute or two I was starting to get impatient, and lifted my hand to knock again when I heard the deep voice of my husband say “Come in”.

Mr John shot me an apologetic and guilty look, which I couldn’t understand, before he pushed the door open.

I stepped in and was shocked by the sight in front of me.

There stood my husband, leaning against a huge table and buttoning up his shirt.

There was lipstick stains on his collar and before him stood a blonde girl wearing a very revealing dress, if you could call it that, and excessive makeup.

She straightened her dress and leaned forward to place a lingering kiss on my husband’s cheek. His hand snaked around her waist as he pulled her closer.

“Wait for me in my room” he told her, completely ignoring my presence in the room. “I’ll be there soon, so we can continue.”

She gave him another quick kiss, this time on the lips, and purred in a seductive tone, “don’t take too long.”

She then walked out of the room but not before shooting me a smug look.

The door closed behind her, leaving me alone with my so called husband.

I quickly composed myself and put on my poker face not showing any emotions. So this is what he left to do?

He left me in the middle of our wedding party to go and have sex with a random chick? The nerve of this guy!

He handed me an envelope and took a seat on the sofa and proceeded to make himself a drink.

I sat down on the seat farthest from him and pulled out some papers from the envelope.

I looked up at him and he motioned for me to read it.

We sat there in silence as I flipped through the obscure clauses of our marriage.

1. This is a meaningless wedding and you’re only my wife on paper. You have no rights over me.

2. Don’t talk to me unless necessary, don’t question me or my decisions.

3. You can’t disclose our marriage to anyone.

4. Don’t interfere in my business.

5. Never question my affairs or whoever I’m with.

6. You’re free to have an affair with whoever you want.

7. Don’t get pregnant with another man’s child.

8. We must stay married for two years.

9. When this marriage is made public, you must accompany me to all functions and events.

10. Our families can’t know of this arrangement.1

I was trying hard to control my rage. But if you were looking at me you would never be able to tell. I had trained myself to not let my emotions show, from early on as it is crucial for any good lawyer. I. put the papers down and fixed my husband with a cold gaze. He set his glass of whiskey aside then looked up at me.+

“This isn’t legally binding, you know,” I told him.

“I know,” he said. “But you’ll follow it all the same if you know what’s good for you.”

“Or else?” I challenged him.

“Or else there’ll be consequences,” he said standing up.

“I don’t know you and I don’t plan on getting to know you either,” he said.

“I was forced into this marriage by my family but no one can compel me to accept you as my wife.

I don’t care about you or this marriage. It’s meaningless. So let’s stay our separate ways and carry on with our lives like we did before today.

We’re nothing but strangers and I plan for it to remain that way.”

He then paused and tried to gauge my reaction but didn’t get any.

“I hope everything is clear” he spoke again.

“Crystal” I gritted out. It was official.

I was married to a jerk.


???? big wahala
a jerk indeed?

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