Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 14

🔥Arranged Marriage👰‍♀️
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By: worthy stories

Chapter 14

Hailey’s pov 🔥

Since we were in a public place, I didn’t want to make a scene and got in the car.

He got in the driver’s seat and pulled out of the parking lot of the restaurant.

The car ride was quite but the tension in the air was palpable, much like our last car ride.

He was pissed and angry but didn’t utter a word.

I noticed that he took the road to the mansion instead of my penthouse.

I had already texted Mr Lewis to pick up my car from the restaurant.

“Nathan, you’re on the wrong road,” I told him. “This is not the way to my place.”

He grunted but didn’t say a word.


“Just shut up will you!” He snapped at me and hit the acceleration, driving faster.

I kept silent for a while. But he was driving fast and I was scared.

My parents died in a car crash and he was speeding like a lunatic.

I was having a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Nathan slow down!” I begged but to no avail. He ignored me and instead just went faster.

My heart was beating fast and my breathing got heavier.

I shut my eyes and slumped on the seat, begging for this to be over.

I reached over and turned on the radio to calm my nerves.

Tears were threatening to spill from my eyes as I remembered the officer at our doorstep with the news of my parents death, the reporter on the news, the funeral.

All the bad memories were coming back.

Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My head was spinning and I couldn’t see straight.

Luckily, the car came to a stop. My body jerked forward but the seatbelt pulled me back.

I looked out to see that we reached the mansion. I was still filling dizzy and there were unshed tears in my eyes.

Nathan looked in my direction. Anger radiated from him.

But as he took in my condition, all the anger disappeared from his eyes and they were instead filled with concern.

I unbuckled my seat belt and pushed my head in my hands with my elbows on my knees.

I took deep breaths trying to calm down from my near panic attack.

I fought to regain control of my body and found that I was shaking uncontrollably.

“Oh my Hailey, what happened?” Nathan’s voice was filled with concern but I couldn’t tell if it was genuine. I couldn’t answer him.

He pulled out a bottle of water from the dashboard, uncorked it and held it to my lips. One of his hand went around to grip my shoulder.

I was too weak or else I would have pushed it away.

I tried to hold the bottle but my hands were trembling, so I let him feed me the water.

“Are you ok?” Nathan asked but again I didn’t answer him.

I tried to pull myself together. I hated being weak infront of him, for him to see me vulnerable like this.

“Hailey…” He tried again. This time, I gave him an answer.

“My parents…” My voice came out in a whisper and I wondered if he could actually hear me. “They died in a car crash.”

“Oh.. I..I didn’t mean for you to…” He stammered, realising his mistake “I’m sorry Hailey. I..

Not knowing what to say, he sighed and wrapped his arms around me, giving my shoulder a tight squeeze.

I welcomed his warmth, but after a while pushed away.

I nodded at him and opened my door and got out. I walked into the mansion and he trailed behind me.

I went straight to my room and fell on the bed. After lying there for a while, I took a shower and changed into short pajama pants and t-shirt since I already had my clothes here.

I decided I needed a cup of coffee and went downstairs to the kitchen.

I entered the kitchen and saw Nathan bent over the island there and seating on a stool, wearing only sweatpants and sipping from a glass of whiskey.

I couldn’t tell if he was drunk or not, but he couldn’t get drunk so fast now could he?

I wanted to leave the kitchen since I didn’t want to be alone with him after the car ride where he saw me weak.

Also I remember him being angry earlier. But much to my ill luck, he turned around and saw me standing there.

He didn’t say anything but just continued to stare.

I moved towards the counter to make my cup of coffee but I could still feel his gaze on me.

I kept my back to him and continued to ignore him.

After a while, I felt a presence behind me and turned to see him standing there with the glass of whiskey in his hand. He was staring at me intently.

“That stunt you pulled by calling my grandparents?” He said.

“I don’t appreciate you trying to turn my family against me.”

His breath reeked of alcohol but he wasn’t very drunk. Maybe a little bit drunk, but very much in his senses.

“I’m not trying to turn your family against you, Nathan,” I told him honestly, “it’s not what I want.

The plan to eat with your grandparents was made way before.”

He finished his drink and set the glass on the counter.

“You could have warned me” he countered.
“To never talk to you was one of your own rules, remember?” I reminded him.

“Don’t play smart with me,” he snapped “I know you did it on purpose.”

“And I warned you, your actions would have consequences,” I was getting worked up.

I added sugar in my cup of coffee and stirred. Nathan was still behind me. He leaned in and whispered in my ears.

“If you do anything like that again…..” My breath hitched because of our close proximity and I could feel him smirk. “I’ll make damn sure you regret it.”

He picked up my cup of coffee and took a sip before I could even process what was happening.

“Nice,” he said and left with MY coffee! That bastard!!.


My alarm went off at 5 in the morning. We left for the airport at around 9.

I still hadn’t packed my bag. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and did my morning routine.

I sent a message to Josh who would take care of everything and inform at my workplaces.

I also sent a message to Harry, telling him about a trip to London with my husband and that I would be back in the office on Thursday.

I had a quick breakfast which Marie brought to my room and packed a bag with my clothes, toiletries and all the things I would need. I put my laptop in my carry bag.

Liam told me that we could take the private jet so I was hoping to get some work done on the flight.

After that I got dressed for a long 7 hour flight. I opted for a pair of light blue jeans and white t-shirt ticked in the waistband os the jeans.

I wore a light brown, long coat over it paired with black shades, gold hoop earrings and a pair of comfortable sneakers.

I pulled my hair in a messy bun.

I went downstairs with my handbag as Mr John brought my luggage down and handed it to the chauffeur.

I sat on the couch and went through my emails, waiting for Nathan to come down.

After a while he came down, dressed in blue jeans, white t-shirt and brown leather jacket…we were both matching.

But he was too busy to notice as he was talking on the phone.

“… I’ll miss you too babe…. I’ll be back before you know it…. anything for you…. love you too babe.”

I just rolled my eyes at that and got up. His eyes fell on me and it took him a moment before he realised our outfits were twinning. He didn’t seem too happy about it.

“Change,” he growled.

“Feel free to,” I retorted. He didn’t really think I was going to go change because of him now did he?

Well I’m not that petty that I’ll change my outfit because it’s matching with


“I’ll be waiting in the car,” I told him and left the room.

I got in the car and after few minutes he got in as well. I looked to see that he hadn’t changed. We drove to the airport in silence.

When we reached the airport, I got out of the car along with Nathan.

I noticed paparazzi lurking around and snapping pictures of us.

Second time now. We are definitely going to make it to the gossip columns of magazines.

I shuddered and followed Nathan to a private plane with “Rodriguez” written on the side in bold.

There was a man and woman waiting for us when we boarded the plane. They seemed to be the flight attendants.

“Welcome aboard, Mr Rodriguez,” they greeted. “Ms Anderson.”

I smiled at them. The female airhostess went to remove Nathan’s coat and I could see the seductive glances and smiles she sent Nathan’s way. Here we go again.

When the male attendant stepped towards me to take my coat, I stopped him politely and told him I was fine.

I didn’t want that kind of attention even though I knew he was just being polite.

I took a seat on the plane, far from Nathan and prepared for take off.

When we were in the air, I took out my laptop and started working.

Since the trip was so sudden, I didn’t get time to finish off pending work.

I assigned my associate, Claire my pending legal work and all the paperwork I needed ready by the time I returned.

Thank God I didn’t have a court hearing or a deposition this week.

I also went through all the files from the event management company and the publication house and made sure that everything would be running smoothly without me.

After a couple of hours I finished my work and closed my laptop.

I leaned back on my seat and felt my tummy rumble, begging me for food.

I looked around and saw the female air hostess was busy flirting with my husband and he was shamelessly entertaining her.

He had a wife and a mistress who he claimed to love, for heaven’s sake. And yet here he was!

I cleared my throat and called out to the air hostess.

She seemed annoyed when she came to me. But I didn’t care.

It was not her job to be flirting with passengers but to adhere to their needs.

I told her to get me something to eat and prayed she didn’t poison it.

While still on the plane, I decided that I wanted to enjoy my vacation.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a holiday and I really needed one. So I planned what I wanted to do in London, where I wanted to go and everything.

I checked out the things to do in London, places to visit and things to try out and came up with a rough plan for my trip.

No idea about Nathan but I was going to enjoy.


We landed at almost 10:00 pm London time. It was a long 7 hour flight and I was drained.

We got in a black SUV that was waiting for us and left for the hotel.

I was so tired I was literally struggling to keep my eyes open.

Nathan wasn’t much better. He was disheveled, his eyes were bloodshot and he kept yawning.

Somehow we managed to make it to the hotel. We had to check in.

I left Nathan at the reception to do the necessary work and let a hotel staff show me the suite.

When I got in the room, I didn’t think anything, just stripped out of my clothes and hopped into the shower.

After a quick shower, I wrapped a bathrobe around myself and walked out of the bathroom.

The luggage had arrived but there was no sign of Nathan. I picked out a nightdress and pulled it on me.

And then I dragged myself to bed. As soon as my body touched the bed, I fell asleep.

I didn’t think about how Nathan and I would be sharing the same room or how there was only one bed in the room. No I was too tired to think.

I was in a deep slumber but somehow I felt someone’s grip on my body.

My eyes flew open and I woke up with a start. I tried to sit up but realised I was held down by a strong arm on my waist.

I started to panic. It was 3:00 in the night and someone was in bed with me!

I turned to see who was it that was holding me only to calm down when I saw the familiar face of Nathan.

But my relief was short lived when I realised I was in bed with Nathan.

He was sound asleep, wearing only a pair of grey sweatpants and no t-shirt.

His one arm was around me and his head was buried in my hair. We were under a single duvet.

I tried to snuggle out of his grip without disturbing him but he was too strong for me.

Then I tried to wake him but he didn’t budge, he slept like a baby.

I tried to use force to get out of his hold but it was useless. He was holding on to me like a vice.

After struggling for a few more minutes, I gave up. It was useless trying.

I took the time to study him. He seemed so peaceful when he slept, so innocent. Like a child without a worry.

His muscles were well defined and he had a hard chest and toned abs like someone who worked out everyday.

His dark hair fell on his face and I brushed them away, running my hand through those smooth, silky hair of his like I always wanted to. Somehow, I liked it in his arms.

I felt warm… and safe.

How long has it been since someone held me like this.

I traced my fingers over his nose and jaw and leaned into his embrace. It felt so good to be like this.

Wait… what am I doing? No, no I can’t do this, I can’t get close to him, I can’t feel anything for him.

I quickly removed my hand from his face. No I’m just being horny because I have not been with a man in a long time.

But I couldn’t deny that I liked being in his arms and this was the first.

I’ve never felt safe in any strangers arms like this.

But before I could sort it out, I felt my eyes closing and sleep consume me.


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