Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 12

🔥Arranged Marriage👰‍♀️
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By: worthy stories

Chapter 12

Nathan’s pov 🔥

Today I was having dinner with my board members and shareholders.

After my disastrous dinner with Hailey, this was the last place I wanted to be, but I couldn’t help it.

These dinners were important in the business world.

Hannah was insistent that she accompany me as my plus one for the night.

I wasn’t really thrilled about the idea as I didn’t want to get in trouble with my grandfather,

but I couldn’t really say no as she was still pissed about me having dinner with Hailey, and I had to make it up to her, one way or another.

Hailey’s words were still ringing in my ears. She accused me of choosing buisness over love, and she was right.

But she just didn’t get it. It isn’t as simple as that.

I worked really hard to get where I am. This was my dream since I was a child and I spent my entire life trying to get here.

I just couldn’t throw it all away in the name of love.

“Ready?” I asked Hannah, as we were about to step into the room.

“Yes!” She squeaked. Hannah always loved these things, I never understood why. It was her time to dress up and shine.

We entered the room where dinner was taking place and they all stood up to greet us.

After pleasantries were exchanged we all sat down.

Hannah sat down by my side and there was an empty chair opposite me, reserved for the person this dinner was held for in the first place.

Ethan Knight. A few months ago, his company approached mine.

They were looking to invest in a company based in New York, since they were based in California.

He was a reputed businessman, and CEO of a tech company, Knight Enterprises Ltd.

Along with investing in the company, he was also interested in buying shares.

Now, he has around 18 per cent shares in my company and was the newest member of the board.

It was kind of strange that a person with a tech company wanted to buy shares in my company, and that to in such a large portion.

But I paid it little mind. We needed the funds and he was willing to pay.

I didn’t know much about the knights but I knew that partnering with them could be beneficial for me.

And since my grandfather transferred a portion of his share to my wife’s name, Ethan was now the largest shareholder after me.

I was livid when I found out what he did, that too without consulting me.

He couldn’t just go around, giving my company shares to anyone he liked.

When I confronted him, he said it was just a wedding gift to her and as my wife, she had that right.

Now Hailey has a good 7 per cent share in my company.

The double doors to the room opened and a rather handsome looking man strode in.

All eyes turned to him and many of the wives of the board members were openly gawking.

He was good looking I must admit.
I stood up to greet him.

“Mr Rodriguez.” He responded calmly.

Then I proceeded to introduce him to the men and women present there, before we took our seats and resumed dinner.

He took his seat opposite me.

“And this would be…” He asked, looking at Hannah.

I wanted to introduce her as my date for the night, as introducing her as my girlfriend would put me in a tight spot, but she beat me to it.

“Hannah Williams. I’m Nathan’s girlfriend.” She told him in a sweet voice, as she stretched out her hand across the table.

“I see.” His tone had an edge to it and an emotion passed over his face, but it was gone as soon as it came. I must have been seeing things.

I wanted to face palm myself. Why, just why? I had asked her to keep it low tonight as it would get me in trouble, but then she just went and spoiled everything.

But could I really blame her? She has to constantly take the backseat in my life, despite we being madly in love.

After all the years of dating, she can’t even be with me properly.

She even endured this scam of a marriage for my sake.

She understood that I had no other choice and how much my company means to me.

And yet Hailey had the audacity to paint her as the bully.

Soon baby, soon we’d be together.


Ethan pov🔥

Everything was going as planned. I was having dinner with Nathan.

That idiot really thought he could get away with what he was doing?

Hah! No one, I repeat, no one, hurts my baby sister and gets away with it! He is going to learn that the hard way.

A few months ago Aaron phoned me and filled me in about Hailey’s wedding and her poor excuse of a husband.

Yes, Hailey and Aaron were my cousins. Their mother was my father’s only sister.

And Hails was the little sister I never had. I’d do anything to protect her.

I couldn’t attend her wedding as I was in Japan on urgent business, so I hadn’t met her husband as yet.

When Ace (Aaron) called me and told me how he was treating her, I wanted nothing more than to disfigure his face.

And here again, he wasn’t shying away from flaunting his mistress in front of everyone, despite being a married man.

Girlfriend my foot! Seriously, who was his english teacher?

All through the night, ms Williams was trying to hit on me.

Being born in California, and with my looks I got that all the time, but this woman here was sitting right next to the man she called her lover and yet trying to flirt with me.

She would intentionally brush her fingers against my hand, bend a bit to show her cleavage, bat her eyelashes, send sugar sweet smiles and occasionally straight up flirt.

Nathan was oblivious to the whole thing.

Honestly, how could a man pass over a classy elegant lady like Hailey for a cheap woman like Hannah?

He seriously had to be brain-dead. My dear cousin deserved so much better.

But Hannah’s behaviour was interesting. I would have to report this back to Ace.

Our plan would perhaps be easier to execute than we anticipated.

Nathan’s pov 🔥

This whole thing was boring me out. As dinner was coming to an end, one of the board members exclaimed,

“Isn’t that Mr Harry Lawrence, our new legal counsel?”

“It is. And that’s the young Ms Anderson with him.” Another member replied.

My head shot up towards them and my eyes followed their gaze.

And sure enough, there was my wife, enjoying dinner with my attorney.

They were seated down in the main hall. As I was seated on the balcony on top, I had a good view of them, but they couldn’t see me.

From their posture and the way they were talking and laughing together, it was apparent that it wasn’t a professional dinner.

More like dinner between two friends. Or two lovers.

She was laid back and relaxed. I had never seen her like this, in all the months that we had been married.

She seemed at ease with him. Maybe too at ease than she should. And for some reasons unknown, it was pissing me off.

Harry was looking at her fondly, his eyes trailing her body.

When she wasn’t looking, he was busy checking her out.

My eyes fell on what she was wearing and I almost flipped out.

It was a blush coloured, lace bralette with spaghetti straps and a deep neckline that exposed the top of her cleavage and paired with a pencil skirt with a high slit.

Her look was definitely not professional and more suitable for a date night.

How can she wear something like that while having dinner alone with another man.


She is married for god’s sake! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I really didn’t like this.

I didn’t like the way they were looking at each other, nor the way he was holding her hand in his. She was laughing at something he said.

I realised that I had never seen her laugh before, and wow!!! she have a cute laugh. Wait what?

Now I was getting really agitated. She wasn’t like this when we had dinner the other night. That day she was so uptight and guarded.

She said something witty which had him cracking and me fuming.

“They seem like a great couple,” Mr Knight spoke.

“I’ve heard about the wonders of Ms Hailey as a lawyer, but damn no one told me she was this pretty.

Too bad she’s already taken. That’s one lucky guy.”

He said pointing to Harry and I was about to yell.

Wait a second. Why is this bothering me? Didn’t I tell her that she was free to have a relationship outside our marriage?🤣🤣

Then why am I reacting like this? God, what’s happening!

Hailey’s pov 🔥

“I must say, fantastic food, great wine, almost enough to make up for the mediocre company,” I teased.

“Don’t beat yourself up, you’re not mediocre,” Harry said, getting back at me.
“Ah, and there it is, the famous Harry Lawrence wit.”

“What can I say, it came with the name.” He took a sip of the wine, giving me that smile that could melt any woman.

“And you’re never fully dressed without that smile,” I told him

“Being fully dressed is overrated.”

“It is, when you have a body like me,” I flirted. He chuckled.

“Can’t be too sure until I inspect it thoroughly,” he smirked. I know I was threading dangerously, but it felt good to bask in his attention.

As we chatted away, I realised that I hadn’t felt this good in a long time. He made me feel this good. It was amazing having him back.

I missed him and I realised I wanted him. Maybe not as a husband, but, I wanted his love and attention.

But how would he react when he found out about the wedding? Would we still be this close?

Would he still consider me his friend? I hurt him once when I rejected him. This is even worse.

I felt someone’s gaze on us, like we were being watched.

I looked around, but I couldn’t see anyone. Maybe I’m imagining things.

We left the restaurant, and headed for my penthouse in his Maserati.

“How about we go up and watch some movies?” I asked, not wanting to end the night.

“Sounds good,” he said. “But I get to pick the movie.”

“Then I get to pick the ice Cream.”

He groaned but agreed.

I changed into sweatpants and hoodie and when I came out, I saw Harry had discarded his suit jacket and was only in his white dress shirt and grey trousers.

He looked good. Wait, no. I shouldn’t be thinking like this.

I’m already married.
I get the bowls and ice cream and go out in the living room to see that Harry has already picked a movie and is waiting for me.

“Die hard?” I ask even without looking at the TV.

“You know me,” he said.

Die hard was his all time favourite movie and he ended up making it my favourite movie too. It was our ritual to always ring in the weekend or any special day with die hard.

We snuggled in the couch, eating ice cream and enjoying the movie, commenting every now and then, and arguing and bickering playfully.

It felt good to have a friend again. I hadn’t had these moments in a long time. I’m so happy that he came back.

As the movie ended, I moved from my position in the couch to clear the ice cream bowls and chips packets.

But I was stopped by Harry pulling me back and smashing his lips on mine.

I found myself kissing him back. He tasted as good as I remembered.

Those soft plush lips moving again mine. What started as a slow, passionate kiss soon began escalating and turning into a hot, needy make out session.

This was wrong. I couldn’t do this. An image of Nathan flashed in my mind and I abruptly pulled back.

Harry seemed startled. I felt sorry. I should have told him earlier, not led him on. This is all my fault. I’m no better than Nathan.

“Hailey I-” Harry begin to say something but I cut him off.

“I’m married.” There I said it.

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