Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 11

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By: worthy stories

Chapter 11

As I headed to the law firm, I couldn’t help replay my last conversation with Nathan yesterday.

He wanted me to move back to the mansion with him.

It was obvious he didn’t want to get in trouble with his family and neither did I.

If my grandparents found out that I was not happy in this marriage then it would upset them and they would drown themselves in guilt, something I really didn’t want.

But then did I want to go back there? The answer was no.

There is no place for me in his life and as he said, I was an intruder.

Neither do I wish to be insulted by his mistress at every turn and for his infidelity to be rubbed in my face.

This whole thing is giving me a headache. And I have to go to dinner with him tonight. I wonder what’s left for him to say.

I reached the firm building and head to the conference room for the partner’s meeting,

where all the partners from my firm will be introduced to the top members of the firm we were merging with.

After greeting my fellow colleagues, I took a seat.

After a few minutes, the managing partner, Mr Brown and the name partner Mr Smith entered the large room followed by 3 men and a woman and…..Harry?

Ofcourse! Why hadn’t I guessed earlier. Partnering with a firm based in London, Harry was back from London.

It all makes sense now. I was dodging him because I wasn’t ready to talk to him yet and I wasn’t ready for all the questions. But now it would become difficult to do that.

His eyes met mine and he gave me a small smile which I returned.

They all sat down and the meeting began. We were introduced to Mr Kane, the man who owned the firm we were partnering with, and his trusted partners,

Harry among them. Now that his firm is going to have a base here, does that mean he will be moving back to New York?

What does that mean for me? For our relationship?

I’m already married now. Should I tell him that? How will he react?

My mind wasn’t on the meeting. It was swarmed with all different thoughts.

As soon as the meeting ended, I quickly exited the conference room and rushed to my office.

I sat on my chair and swirled around to take in the view of NYC that the French window provided.

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard a knock on my office door.

I turned to see Harry standing near the doorframe, flashing his million dollar smile.

“Come in.”

He strode towards me as I stood up to greet him and he engulfed me in a tight hug.

We had managed to stay professional during our meeting with Nathan in the hotel yesterday, but now I just couldn’t hold it.

He was back here after two long years.

I hugged him so tight that I was afraid I would crush his bones.

I breathed in his cologne. The masculine smell of him. Like always he smelled good.

His arms were warm and safe. God! I missed him so much.

After some time we pulled away and took some time to recover. We sat on the couch in my office.

“It’s good to see you again.” he said, truthfully. I just smiled at him.

“And you too”

“How have you been?” He asked me casually but there was concern in his eyes,

voice laced with protectiveness and seriousness. He really wanted to know.

“Good.” I replied. “Busy, but good.”

Harry was the only one besides my family who knew about my past incidents.

He is the only one, who isn’t my blood, but who knows my deepest secrets.

My only friend. And two years ago I messed that up too. But instead of cutting me off, he still remained my friend.

Complicated. That’s the best word to describe our relationship.

Like I said earlier, we attended Harvard law together.

We were rivals, competing academically. Though it wasn’t a intense rivalry with constant fighting, we weren’t friends either.

We just knew each other. Harry was a flirt, a playboy, a guy every girl wanted.

For my part, I was in a relationship which would later shatter me in pieces.

After graduating, we went our separate ways.

Then my relationship came to a disastrous end.

I was still picking up the pieces when I met Harry again.

We were working together as associates. Our rivalry renewed at our office, but we also found a way to work together.

Our colleagues knew us to be a deadly duo. So we were paired together often.

While working closely together we learnt to trust each other.

I realised I wasn’t the only one with trust issues, he had them too.

We were in our own ways, two broken goods. That made our bond stronger.

One night, after a big win, we decided to go and get drunk. That night, Harry ended up confiding in me.

The next day when we were sober enough, I made a decision to do the same, and told him everything there was about my horrendous experiences. He didn’t judge me.

Didn’t show false sympathy. But he stood by me. I knew I had made the right decision to let him in.

Then on another drunk night, we made a poor decision, in which we both ended up on the bed, naked.

We did it once, then twice then before we knew it, we were friends with benefits.

We both didn’t want to stop and neither did we want a serious relationship.

We both didn’t believe in love like the movies. We were just two people with sexual needs and were taking care of it.

But somewhere down the line, our fierce friendship combined with the protectiveness we had of each other and our bedroom activities, led to something more.

He wanted more, wanted a chance. I liked him too.

I knew I had feelings, but was too scared. He didn’t push, gave me space.

But I was too scared of my own self. Too scared of what I was feeling.

So I ran away from it. I begin avoiding him. It put a strain on our friendship, but yet he was always there for me.

Then he got a job offer in London and decided to take it.

I remember our last conversation where he told me he wanted me. It was the day before he left for London.

He told me to take a chance. But I was too craven. Afraid of getting hurt. If only I had listened to him.

But now that ship has sailed.
“I missed you,” his voice had a lot of emotion.

“So did I” I found myself answering.

There’s so much I want to talk to you about, so much to tell you” he exclaimed, “and I want to know everything about you too. What’s been going on, everything.”

Now I was nervous but this was Harry and I could hardly refuse him. I laughed and said,

“We are going to need a whole day together for that.”

“I’m moving back to New York. I’ll be here, so we’ll be in the same office, working together. We’ll have a lot of time.

Are you free this weekend? We could spend the whole weekend together. Like the good old days.”

“I’d love that!” I told him.

“Great then! Hey I’ve got some work to do, so see you tomorrow?”

“Huh? Tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is Saturday. I’ll pick you up in the evening for dinner, then we can be together all Sunday.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Oh it is a plan.” And with that he left, but not before flashing his perfect white teeth.


I arrived at the restaurant where Nathan had made reservations for our dinner.

It was a well known and expensive restaurant that he owned.

I handed my car keys to the valet and headed in to meet the hostess.

“Reservation for Hailey Anderson” I told her.

After checking on her tablet, she smiled and said,

“This way ma’am.” She led me to a VIP area, which had just a single table with two chairs.

It was separated from the main hall with one glass wall, giving us a look at the people sitting in the restaurant.

I sat there waiting for my husband to show up. He better not stand me up like how he did all those times before our wedding.

He wouldn’t like the consequences.
After a while, Nathan arrived.

He was dressed in a grey suit. The murmurs in the restaurant died down and all eyes were on him.

He looked good as always. Some women were even drooling and some were fixing their dresses.

He entered the VIP section where I was waiting for him and took his seat.

No words of greetings were exchanged, but I caught his eyes as they roamed my body, checking me out.

I was in a blue halter dress that ended a few inches above my knees and hugged my body well.

When even after a few minutes he didn’t say anything, I cleared my throat.

That seemed to snap him out of his daze. He too cleared his throat and nodded at someone.

A male waiter walked up to us with a bottle of wine and poured two glasses.

“So why did you call me here?” I asked. “I mean, it clearly wasn’t just to have dinner.”

“No, it wasn’t.” He answered, a bit annoyed. “Like I told you yesterday, you’ll be coming back home with me, so before that, we need to clear the air and set somethings straight.”

“When did I agree to come back home with you?

And what else is there to be set straight? I thought you covered everything on our wedding night.”

I said, remembering how I came home to find him with another woman on our wedding night right before he threw a document in front of me, stripping me of all my marital rights.

“Hailey-” he was cut short by a blonde waitress who approached our table for our order.

As he ordered, the waitress kept flirting with him, bending to give him a good look at her cleavage and smiling seductively.

All this was annoying me. This was supposed to be a top-notch restaurant and the staff here were behaving so unprofessional.

I hated this kind of behaviour. Couldn’t she see he had company.

And Nathan…ugh forget that man! He was as shameless as they come.

“Can I get you anything else, sir” she asked seductively, twirling a lock of her dirty blonde hair.

“Yes,” I spoke and her eyes shot to me as if she just realised that I was also present there. She shot me an annoyed look.

“What do you want?” She asked in a gruff tone, rolling her eyes at me as if I were inferior to her. Hmm, let’s see how long she lasts.

“To have a word with the manager,” I told her and her eyes widened in horror.

“I’m not pleased with the service of this restaurant. Could you fetch him for me?”

“M..Ma’am, pl…plea-” she stammered.
“Please do hurry, I don’t have all the time in the world.” I told her and she rushed away.

“What did you do that for?” Nathan asked me, but I just shot him a look to shut up.

He should have been the one rebuking her, but he just led her on. It’s his fault too.

Soon the manager arrived.

“I’m not happy with the service one of your waitress provided.” I informed him in my buisness tone. “Please, appoint a different one to our table.”

“Sure Ms Anderson. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.” He said bowing.

I nodded my head and he scurried away.

“Now where were we?” I turn to Nathan. “Yes, I was telling you that I wasn’t interested on returning to your mansion.”

“Well you have to,” he told me. “You’re my wife and you must be living in my house.”

“Your paper wife, Nathan. We aren’t-”

I was cut short by his phone ringing. Why were people so keen on interrupting us?

He took it out from his suit jacket and without even sparing me a glance, answered it.

Didn’t anyone teach him manners? From the other side I could hear a woman shouting. Correction.

I could hear the most annoying woman screaming her lungs out, while Nathan tried to calm her down.

Seriously what was Hannah’s problem? You don’t have to scream so loudly for the other person to hear you over the phone.

As they were talking, our food arrived and I began to dig in.

This meeting was going horrible and I regretted coming but at least I got to have good food. Oh yeah, I’m a huge foodie.

Food is my weakness. I’m not one of those girls who survive on salad and grass for the sake of figure.

I eat and I eat a lot.
As I was enjoying my food, I felt eyes on me and looked up to see Nathan looking at me.

He had finished his phone call with his beloved, and was watching me with an amused look in his eyes and a smirk on his face.

I raised my eyebrows at him and he just shrugged.

“It’s safe to say, this is the first time in my life, I have seen a woman eat so much so whole heartedly and that too something other than salad.” He smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him and from my peripheral vision I caught someone snapping pictures of us. Paparazzi.

They saw us. I felt nervous. This would definitely end up on the papers. The public still didn’t know about our marriage.

Perhaps it’s a good thing. When we announce that we are married, it won’t be completely unexpected.

“Yea so about our conversation…”

“Hailey, you’re coming home with me and that’s it!”

“Who said I had to listen to everything you say? You’re not the boss of me!”

I was irritated by his authoritative tone. He had no right to boss me around.

“Is this because of your affair?” He asked in a monotone voice.

My eyes shot up to him. What was he talking about.

“Because if it is about spending time with your lover, then we could work something out.” he continued.

I couldn’t believe my ears! I just scoffed at him.

This is not about anything other than me not wanting to live in the same house as you where you flaunt your infidelity in front of me.” There, I said it. I was letting it all out now.

“I need to have peace in my life and that I can’t have with your mistress hot on my tail. The less I see her the better. I-”

“That’s enough!” He was seething in rage but so was I. “Her name is Hannah and that is what you’re going to call her.”

Where was this attitude when Hannah was calling me names, that too much vulgar ones? Oh yeah, he was turning the deaf year then!

“Besides she has every right to be angry!” Nathan continued. ”

You ruined her as well as my life. If it weren’t for you, we would have been married by now. You snatched her place, her man!

You wrecked havoc in her life and now you’re playing the victim?

“Tell me, why did you marry me? Was it for the money or was it for the glory? Or did you just want the fame? What was I, a conquest to you?

A trophy on your case, to say that you are married to the most wanted bachelor in NYC?”

I was furious right now! He had just called me an opportunistic gold digger, and a homewrecker!

I wanted to strangle him! But you wouldn’t be able to say so if you looked at me.

I stayed calm and collected on the outside. And that seemed to drive him over the edge all the more.

“Get this straight Hailey, I will never accept you in my life. You will always be that woman, because of who I cannot be with my true love.”

“Enough with the blame game, Nathan.” I finally snapped at him, but still managed to keep my voice calm and restrain from yelling.

“I wasn’t the only one who married you. You married me too. I’m not responsible for your life, you are.

I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend. You chose to marry me over her, that was your choice. I will not bear the blame!”

“I was forced to marry you!” He snapped back.

“At gunpoint?” I scoffed.

“No, but I had a lot to lose if I chose not to marry you.” He responded. “My inheritance was on the line.”

“So you did have a choice,” I shot back. “Your inheritance or your girlfriend, and you made it. YOU chose money over love.

YOU made the decision to give her up, not me!” I stared him in the eye.

“So don’t. You. Ever. Put. The. Blame. On. Me.” I gritted out every word.

He seemed dumbstruck at my outburst. But I didn’t have any more patience for his arrogant ass or his rants.

I picked up my clutch and stormed off from there.

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