Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger)

Arranged Marriage (To A Complete Stranger) Episode 1

🔥Arranged Marriage👰‍♀️
💃complete 👰

👰 stranger👰‍♀️💙

By: worthy stories

Chapter 1

Hailey Anderson’s🔥

I was in a New York cáfe waiting for my fiancee to show up. Today was supposed to be our first ‘date’

Fiancee. The word seemed foreign on my tongue.

I’m not the romantic sort. I don’t believe in love.

The only love I believe is true is the love of my family.

I do believe in relationships though. I’m not exactly the, love-at-first-sight,

happily-ever-after, kinda person, but I’d say marriage and starting a family has its own importance in my life albeit not my topmost priority.

Two days ago my grandparents brought a proposal for me.

A marriage proposal to their best friend’s grandson, Nathaniel Rodriguez.

My grandparents raised me and my brother after our parents died in a car crash when I was 7.

They were my rock, my shoulder to cry upon, by best friends, my everything.

They love me a lot. They’ve been with me through everything.

I know they worry about me after my past problems and want the best for me.

I never showed interest in marriage or even dating as I left my marriage upto them to decide as I know they’ll never choose wrong.

If they chose Nathan then he had to be the right choice.

Nathan Rodriguez was the grandson of Alexander Rodriguez who happens to be my godfather.

I’ve known him and his wife Sophia since I was a child and I absolutely adore the lovely couple.

Being close friends with my grandparents they’d visit us often and I had grown quite close to them.

I considered them to be family. And now we would actually be joint together as family.

I don’t know Nathan, and have never even met him but he was their grandson so he had to be something right. With all this in mind I agreed.

Our marriage is also to bring together two great businesses.

That’s what it was- a business deal.

But like I said earlier, I wasn’t thinking about love or anything.

Give me a good, understanding, trustworthy, honest and cooperative man and I’ll make do.

I don’t want gifts and roses. Just companionship and support.

I was a very independent and self made woman.

I don’t need my husband to push me up to great heights, just for him to be by my side when I make my way up.

So here I was waiting for my fiancee to show up.

It’s been nearly an hour since I was waiting and I was growing impatient.

I was a punctual person and I loathed those who were not in time.

I had asked for this meeting to get to know the man I was to marry, to see if it would work between us.

And also to clear everything before we entered each other’s lives.

Nathan had a reputation as a playboy and I wanted to know if he had anyone in his life.

But he still hasn’t shown up.

After waiting another 15 minutes, I got up and left.

To hell with him! I was fuming right now. I’m also a very busy person.

I am a lawyer, a junior partner at ‘Brown & Smith’.

I’m still 27 and I also manage some of my family business.

Time was very precious to me and he just wasted a lot of my time.

If he wasn’t going to show up, why agree? And if he was busy, he could have informed me.

I wouldn’t have waited for nothing. I can’t believe he agreed to marry someone and doesn’t even want to meet them?

Where was his mind at? I had heard that the young Rodriguez heir was arrogant,

but to stand up his future wife?

Who does that! And if he has no interest why agree to marriage?

I mentally cursed him and made my way out of the cafe.

Nathan Rodriguez p.o.v🔥

Sitting in a car opposite the coffee shop where he was supposed to meet his future wife,

Nathan looked out of the window and smiled cruelly as he saw Ms Anderson leaving the cafe in a rage.

He had intentionally stood her up to mess with her.

He was so angry when he found out she had agreed to the marriage without any hesitation despite not even knowing him or meeting him.

Just some spoilt little rich bitch who was happy to bag a rich and handsome man.

How pathetic! He rolled the window up and asked his driver to leave the place.

He was in his office when he’s secretary’s voice sounded through the intercom.

“Sir, there is a Ms Anderson on the line, wanting to talk to you. Should I put her through?”

“Yes please,” he replied. ‘This should be fun’ he thought to himself.

“Ms Anderson, to what do I owe this pleasure?” I put on the charming voice when in reality,

I was burning with hatred for the woman I would soon be marrying.

“Pleasure? You don’t say Mr. Rodriguez,” her smooth and beautiful voice startled me even though it was full of annoyance.

It was toned like a lady’s but firm and assertive, full of authority.

“I don’t enjoy being stood up. Its not a gentleman’s trait and not something I’d expect from someone who people speak so highly about.

And its not something I’d expect from Alex’s grandson either.”

“Ms. Anderson, I’m so sorry,” I said pretending to be sorry when actually I was gritting my teeth at her audacity.

“I’ve been so busy lately its quite possible my secretary slotted two appointments at the same time.

I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience I’ve caused you. Please, how can I make it up to you?”

“There’s no need for that. Perhaps we can work out a meeting when you have time.

I’ll ask my secretary to get in touch with yours,” she said.

“That’ll be great. I’ll see to it that there is no error this time,” I assured her.

After the call ended, I called my secretary and specifically asked her that should she receive a call from Ms Anderson’s representative,

she should in no way arrange a meeting. I asked her to stall, make excuses,

do whatever it takes but at no cost were we meeting.

I wasn’t interested in her in the slightest and had no intention of going on a date with her or even making our relationship pleasant.

My life had turned upside down ever since this marriage announcement and someone was going to pay.


* hmmm like seriously


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