[A MUST READ] 7 Things Nigerian Girls Say Instead Of “I Love You”

If you are looking for the set of girls that are hard and very proud in the world, Don’t stress at all, it’s only in Nigeria you can find them.

Nigerian girls will hardly come out straight to you even if they can’t do without you, My fellow brother, you need this code in other to survive this Battle of Nigerian Girls.

Here are 7 Things they say “I Love You”

? ODE (Fool)

When 9ja Girls call you “Ode” It’s not an insult, it’s actually a Nigerian girl’s way of flirting with you, and If you like go vex one kind mumu vex, you just throw away a prospective babe!

? Don’t Want Your Girlfriend To Break My Head O!

This is just her subtle way of asking if you have a girlfriend. If you miss this opportunity, Bro, you are On Your Own Oooo! Better be guided! Anytime the question come, just be like “Shey you dey whine me ni, Which Mumu Girl” even when you have one, pretend, You dash me girl friend?

? Is There Light In Your House?

This means they want to come over to your house and hang out, but they’re looking for an excuse because they can’t tell you straight. Sharp guys can make that smart move. Better say there’s light even if you don’t have transformer in your area yet!

? You Can’t Even Call Somebody

This one is code for ‘I miss you’. Never sleep on it Bro, anytime she brings that up, always accept the fault and say you’re sorry in a romantic way that’s all.

? Won’t You Come And Take Me Out?

Her way of saying, ‘when are we going on a date? Bro invite her for a date, Na small trip she need as at that time because sheasked for the date, you didn’t beg her for it.

? Olodo

In the Nigerian Girls dictionary “Olodo” is the synonyms of ” My Baby“. If she calls you Olodo, just know that you getting there. Better don’t take it personal and tongue out with a big grin on your cheek.

? I Hate You

If she says this, then she’s in love with you. Even though this one is quite casted, for the younger ones. I Hate You Always Means that she ”Loves You”

So bear all this in mind and be warned

What Other Things Do Nigerian Girls Say Instead Of “I Love You”

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